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Acoustics & Audio Technology (Archives)
(6 issues/year) Covers the field of sound recording, sound reproduction, and sound abatement.

Additive Manufacturing (Archives)
(3 issues/year) Provides market overviews, discuss global and regional trends, highlight specific product and material development and deliver the latest news on the industry

Aerospace Technology (Archives)
(28 issues/year) Covers new technologies impacting the aerospace industry.

Alternative & Renewable Energy (Archives)
(12 issues/year) Focuses on energy savings and the environment, and explores new ways to generate electricity.

Appliance Technology (Archives)
(6 issues/year) Serves manufacturers of consumer, commercial, business, and medical appliances, as well as the design and engineering firms, product development, and industrial design firms supporting this industry segment.

Automotive Technology (Archives)
(20 issues/year) Keeps engineers up-to-date with the latest components, materials, and manufacturing tools needed to stay competitive.

Building & Design (Archives)
(15 issues/year) For architects, general contractors, roofers, electrical and specialty contractors, interior designers, and other professionals associated with building design and construction.

Building Blocks for the IoT (Archives)
(3 issues/year) Covers the most critical issues affecting developers of next-generation connected devices for the Internet-of-Things, Industry 4.0, and consumer products, including embedded systems in applications

Chemical Manufacturing (Archives)
(12 issues/year) Covers design, construction, and operation of plants and machinery for making such products as acids, dyes, drugs, plastics, and synthetic rubber by adapting the chemical reactions discovered by the laboratory chemist to large-scale production.

Coatings & Surface Engineering (Archives)
(12 issues/year) Covers new products and developments in materials, applications, and processes for surface engineering.

Commercial Transportation (Archives)
(4 issues/year) Covers materials, components, motive power, and subsystems for rail and light rail locomotives and rolling stock, buses, over-the-road trucks, and marine vessels of all types.

Components for RF & Microwave (Archives)
(2 issues/year) Covers the most recent developments in discrete semiconductors and ICs, passives, cables, connectors, enclosures, and other specialized components and devices that are designed into microwave and RF systems.

Construction Tools & Equipment (Archives)
(12 issues/year) Covers the trucks, cranes, earth moving equipment, tools, and safety equipment used to build the world's highways, bridges, infrastructure, civil and major structures.

Creative Engineering (Archives)
(24 issues/year) Creative Engineering covers creative ideas, inspiring stories, products and people in the electronics industry and maker space.

Data Acquisition (Archives)
(12 issues/year) Includes information about acquisition of signals and waveforms, and processing of the signals to obtain desired information.

Defense & Security Technology (Archives)
(24 issues/year) Updates subscribers with the latest developments across all technology sectors relevant to defense and security.

Design & Analysis Software (Archives)
(6 issues/year) Keeps subscribers up to date on four main categories of design and analysis software: Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Manufacturing, Computer Aided Engineering, and Product Lifecycle Management.

Display Technologies (Archives)
(6 issues/year) Offers subscribers a wealth of information on man-machine interface methods, including LED and LCD displays, flat panels, touch screens, panel meters, imaging workstations and analysis, and computer workstations used to monitor manufacturing processes.

Electrical Components (Archives)
(21 issues/year) Offers subscribers a wealth of information for design engineers and other technical professionals using electric components as their primary building blocks in consumer and commercial products.

Electronic Components (Archives)
(26 issues/year) Offers subscribers a variety of information on electronic design products and processes for application in computers, communications equipment, consumer electronics, and industrial systems.

Electronic Device Design (Archives)
(9 issues/year) Examines the enabling technologies and material advances behind the latest generation mobile and handheld electronics, from cell phones and pico-projectors to global positioning systems and MP3 players.

Electronic Product Design (Archives)
(18 issues/year) Offers subscribers a wealth of information on products and services such as: adhesives, coatings and sealants, computers and computer software, contract manufacturing, electronic components, embedded systems, motors and motion control, plastics/elastomers, pumps, valves, and filters, and test and instrumentation.

Electronic Test Equipment (Archives)
(12 issues/year) Keeps subscribers up-to-date on the field of electronic testing, from test instruments and PCB test to test and inspection strategies.

Electronics360 (Archives)
(50 issues/year) Drawing from the trusted analysis and unmatched editorial content of, The Electronics360 Weekly Current features the top stories, latest news, charts, insights and more on the end-to-end electronics value chain.

Engineering Knowledge & Insight (Archives)
(2 issues/year) Provides engineers with news and developments concerning engineering references, technical standards, scientific journals, courses and seminars, engineering degree programs, technical conferences and symposia, and more

Engineering Management (Archives)
(4 issues/year) Offers valuable information on tools and strategies used to keep all engineering departments within an organization “on the same page.”

Environmental Technology (Archives)
(12 issues/year) Covers pollution control, waste management, hazardous waste disposal, and sanitary engineering.

Fastening, Joining & Assembly (Archives)
(12 issues/year) Covers includes information about fasteners and materials that hold parts together (screws, rivets, bolts, adhesives, etc.), the tools and systems that automate application/dispensing of fasteners/adhesives, and new assembly/disassembly techniques integrated into system design.

Fibers & Fabrics (Archives)
(12 issues/year)

Fluid Power Systems (Archives)
(12 issues/year) Involved with the design and installation of hydraulic and/or pneumatic systems, Fluid Power Solutions covers equipment, components, and networking technologies

Food & Beverage Technology (Archives)
(18 issues/year) Read by engineers and managers involved in the processing, plant construction and operation, sanitation, packaging/storage/preservation, quality inspection, handling, and distribution of food and beverage products internationally.

Food Safety (Archives)
(2 issues/year) Keeps readers informed of the latest advances in smart packaging, including the use of sensors and RFID tags to track parameters such as temperature; new detection techniques and inspection protocols for contaminants and microbes; plus improvements in clean equipment design.

Glass & Ceramics (Archives)
(12 issues/year)

Glass, Ceramics, Fibers & Fabrics (Archives)
(6 issues/year) Covers a variety of products and solutions from the four materials categories named in its title.

Green HVAC & LEED (Archives)
(1 issues/year) Delivers the latest information on how advances in HVAC systems and components are helping architects, engineers, and building owners achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.

Healthcare Technology (Archives)
(4 issues/year) Written for engineers, managers, and consultants involved in healthcare facility design, building, renovation, and operation.

High Performance HVAC Technology (Archives)
(1 issues/year) Covers the latest advances in HVAC technology that aid engineers and designers in creating more energy-efficient buildings and homes.

HVAC (Archives)
(14 issues/year) Covers all areas of the climate control discipline, including heating, ventilating, and air conditioning.

Industrial Automation (Archives)
(24 issues/year)

Industrial Automation (Archives)
(26 issues/year) Covers the components and systems that enable automated manufacturing, assembly, and inspection.

Industrial MRO (Archives)
(8 issues/year) Offers a wealth of information for professionals working in maintenance, repair, and operations of industrial plants.

Industrial Processing Equipment (Archives)
(25 issues/year) Covers products and solutions used in large-scale manufacturing of fluids, gases, and powders.

Lab Equipment (Archives)
(12 issues/year) Covers the products, equipment, and solutions used in clinical and research laboratories for the preparation, separation, and analysis of samples.

Light & Laser (Archives)
(12 issues/year) Covers materials and components used in the creation, detection, or manipulation of light.

Light Aviation (Archives)
(4 issues/year) Covers new developments impacting the design and use of lightweight aircraft – from drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), to airships and single-engine planes

Machine Tools & Metal Working (Archives)
(26 issues/year) Offers information relevant to the shaping, drilling, grinding, cutting, and other “metal working” processes that are generally carried out with machine tools or multi-tool machining centers.

Manufacturing Technology (Archives)
(8 issues/year) Manufacturing Technology e-newsletter is for engineers involved with the design and installation of robotics, automation, sensors, controls, mechanical systems and electromechanical equipment. Manufacturing engineers are not only tasked with producing the products created by design engineers, but bringing those products to market quickly at reasonable cost

Material Handling (Archives)
(19 issues/year) Covers the systems, equipment, software, and components necessary to convey, sort, store, and track goods and inventory.

Material Handling & Supply Chain Technology (Archives)
(12 issues/year) Technologies Covered: Design & Analysis Software; Display Technologies; Drives; Electrical Components; Industrial Automation; Material Handling; Mechanical Components; Mechanical Power Transmission; Motion Control Components; Motors; Networking & Communications; Robotics Systems; Sensors & Switches; Wireless Technology

Materials Solutions (Archives)
(12 issues/year) Informs engineers of the latest developments in ferrous and nonferrous metals, specialty alloys, glass, ceramics, fibers and fabrics, as well as plastics and composite materials.

Mechanical Components (Archives)
(14 issues/year) Offers information on a range of mechanical components, systems, and solutions.

Mechanical Power Transmission (Archives)
(4 issues/year) Offers information on a range of systems that may use combinations of belts and chain drives, gears and gear drives, couplings, clutches and brakes, and other components.

Medical Equipment Design (Archives)
(30 issues/year) Tracks trends and product news in the medical equipment field.

MEMS Technology (Archives)
(12 issues/year)

Metals & Alloys (Archives)
(6 issues/year) Keeps subscribers up-to-date on the news and trends in the metals market including precious metals, ferrous metals, and nonferrous alloys.

Military & High-Reliability Electronics (Archives)
(4 issues/year) Covers components designed specifically for harsh environments and mission-critical applications in systems for military, aerospace, medical, and industrial end-users.

Motion Control Components (Archives)
(12 issues/year) Provides current news on products designed to precisely control movement of machinery.

Motors & Drives (Archives)
(12 issues/year) Addresses engineers responsible for the design and application of motion control and machine automation solutions

Nanotechnology (Archives)
(2 issues/year) For engineers and other professionals involved in building materials and devices on a nanoscale – molecular or atomic structures measuring less than 100 nm.

Networking & Communications (Archives)
(12 issues/year) Focuses on networking hardware and software used to manage digital communication networks.

Oil & Gas Technology (Archives)
(33 issues/year) Informs subscribers on everything from exploration and drilling to product processing and tank filling.

Packaging & Labeling (Archives)
(6 issues/year) Tracks trends and products for the packaging and labeling industry.

Plant & Facilities Engineering (Archives)
(25 issues/year) Covers industry trends and events, equipment, and techniques related to plant and facilities engineering (also known as maintenance engineering or reliability engineering).

Plastics & Resins (Archives)
(6 issues/year) Focuses on new materials, from engineered thermoplastics to plastic films and composites.

Plastics Fabrication (Archives)
(6 issues/year) Covers new methods for making parts out of plastics as well as improvements to “tried-and-true” methods, such as molding, extrusion, and machining.

Power Generation & Distribution (Archives)
(26 issues/year) provides the latest news on electrical power generation, transmission, and distribution, as well as cogeneration.

Power Supplies & Devices (Archives)
(6 issues/year) Reports on advances in power supplies and the components and devices used in power conversion, power management and distribution for electronic systems of all types.

Process Technology (Archives)
(8 issues/year) The Process Technology e-newsletter is designed to deliver timely and relevant content to readers interested in the large-scale manufacture of fluids, gases, and powders which requires a wide range of products and technology solutions.

Pump Technology (Archives)
(14 issues/year) focuses on products in two pump categories: hydraulic pumps for liquids and pneumatic pumps for air or gas.

Quality Control (Archives)
(6 issues/year) focuses on products, technologies and methodologies for optimizing operational performance by eliminating and preventing defects in products and associated processes.

Quality, Test & Measurement (Archives)
(28 issues/year) Spans the enterprise improvement methodologies that use data to prevent and eliminate defects in products and processes, as well as the tools for the measurement, inspection, non-destructive test, and compliance testing used to develop products, to verify their performance and to inspect products and monitor processes.

Robotic Systems (Archives)
(12 issues/year) reports on all of the components that go into constructing robots and robotic systems, as well as the software used to program them.

Scientific Instruments (Archives)
(4 issues/year) provides industry news on instruments, apparatus, software, detectors, and techniques in experimental measurement.

Semiconductor & MEMS Fabrication (Archives)
(12 issues/year) focuses on silicon-based technologies and manufacturing processes.

Semiconductor Fabrication (Archives)
(12 issues/year)

Sensors & Switches (Archives)
(26 issues/year) focuses on sensor and switching devices that are ubiquitous throughout all industry.

Shock, Vibration & Noise (Archives)
(4 issues/year) provides subscribers with up-to-the-minute news on industry trends and events and product information.

Solutions for Industrial Computing (Archives)
(12 issues/year)

Specs & Techs (Archives)
(50 issues/year) covers all the technologies engineers need for new product development: from mechanical, electrical, and electronic components to engineering software, fluid power, materials, and more.

Supply Chain Integration & Technology (Archives)
(12 issues/year) covers new developments in the area of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), as well as related technologies such as smart labels and RFID.

Test & Measurement (Archives)
(6 issues/year) covers industry trends and events, as well as product announcements in the area of mechanical, electrical, and electronic test, measurement, and inspection.

The Marketing Maven (Archives)
(12 issues/year)

Unconventional Oil & Gas (Archives)
(4 issues/year) Informs readers about technologies and tools used to explore, drill, and refine "unconventional" energy sources such as shale gas, shale oil, and oil sands

Valve Technology (Archives)
(12 issues/year) focuses on proper selection, application and uses of today's smart positioners, controllers, and valve actuators, as well as the maintenance, repair, and replacement of valves.

Water & Wastewater Systems (Archives)
(12 issues/year) serves engineers, managers, consultants, contractors, and operations professionals both in industrial and municipal water/wastewater industries.

Wire & Cable Technology (Archives)
(12 issues/year) presents new technology and information for manufacturers, distributors, and users of all types of electrical, communication, and mechanical wire and cables and cable assemblies, cable testing, and installation.

Wireless Technology (Archives)
(12 issues/year) reports on widely used applications in computer networking and communications.

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