AC&E Inc. - Machine Simulation Experience

AC&E provides a complete range of simulation services that includes world leading design and manufacturing simulation software, training and support, and custom simulation services. (read more)

AC&E Inc. - Robotic Simulation Services

AC&E offers a range of simulation services, including machine programming, custom software development, training and support services. We team with robot vendors and machine designers worldwide to drive sophisticated simulations of complex workcells. (read more)

AC&E Inc. - Manufacturing Simulation Software

AC&E Inc. - Working with world leading manufacturers like ABB, Boeing and Nissan has positioned ac&e at the leading edge of manufacturing simulation, bringing about step-change improvements in speed to market and cost reduction. (read more)

AC&E Inc. - StruCIM® Software for Steel Beam & Plate Cutting

Steel beam and plate cutting for multi-purpose manufacturing plants is transformed by StruCIM® software. (read more)

AC&E Inc. - Adding Intelligence to Automation

Add intelligence to your automation and open up new possibilities for your system by bringing together targeted applications-orientated simulation and off-line programming. (read more)

AC&E Inc. - High Fidelity Simulation Solutions for Engineering

AC&E provides high fidelity simulation solutions for engineering and technical organizations. (read more)

AC&E Inc. - StruCIM® robotics software for beam/plate cutting

ac&e’s StruCIM® robotics software is the key to a major collaboration with REIS Robotics of Germany to provide a powerful cutting solution to CIMTAS of Turkey. StruCIM® drives the REIS robot oxy-acetylene cutting system and enables CIMTAS to fully automate its structural steel beam and plate cutting. (read more)

AC&E Inc. - CT Robotics Assembly Webinar Series

AC&E and CT Robotics hosted a webinar highlighting the use of simulation to speed production, assembly, and packaging operations. The use of vision-driven automation and robotic systems has greatly improved production capacity. (read more)

AC&E Inc. - Simulation Solutions For Robotics

AC&E, INc. - CimStation Robotics is the most comprehensive and easy-to-use robotic simulation tool available and works completely off-line, eliminating the risk of damage to equipment and freeing robots and other equipment for round-the-clock production. (read more)

AC&E Inc. - Automated Welding Solutions Software

AC&E Inc. - Using the StruCIM environment, engineering models can quickly be converted to welding instructions and sent directly to robotic workcells for fast and accurate welds. Reduce errors and improve the profitability of your jobs by leveraging the speed and accuracy of StruCIM. (read more)

AC&E Inc. - StruCIM® Delivers 250% Improvement in Throughput

One of Canada's top developers of automation for the structural steel industry is now providing robotic cutting solutions powered by AC&E Inc's StruCIM® software, improving throughput by 250% on specific cutting tasks. (read more)

AC&E Inc. - Robotic Simulation Software

The use of carbon fibre composite materials is spreading wider than its traditional motoring base, to aerospace and beyond. As a result, new, powerful methods of non-destructive inspection (NDI) or non-destructive testing (NDT) are required to ensure that materials have the necessary strength to perform effectively in their expanding roles. (read more)