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Aalborg Instruments

Aalborg Instruments has promoted these products/services:

Aalborg Instruments - PSV proportional solenoid valve

Aalborg Instruments - for continuous control of liquids and gases, respond to variable power inputs. Normally closed when being de-energized, PSVs are available in five sizes accommodating flow ranges from 3.5 sL/min.-100 sL/min. air and 125mL/min.-2.85 L/min water. They also serve as "On/ OFF" valves. Optional PSVD Driver Module is available (read more)

Aalborg Instruments - TPV Pump Heads... with 3 rollers

Aalborg® Instruments' - economical TPV Pump models, which consist of a pump head with 3 rollers, are variable speed pumps powered by a brushless 24 V DC motor that can be user-set from 0 to 300 rpms. Pumping direction is reversible. Units are built for safety and long life. (read more)

Aalborg Instruments - Vortex Flow Meters.. 4 Inch To 12 Foot Pipes

Aalborg Instrument - Model iVX Insertion Vortex Shedding Flow Meters simultaneously indicate volumetric and/or mass flow rates of gases, liquids, or steam. Constructed of 304 or 316 ss, the units accommodate inside pipe diameters of 4 inches to12 feet allowing a wide range of insertion or call 1-800-529-4180 or 1-845... (read more)

Aalborg Instruments - Flow Meters... Digital Paddle Wheel

Aalborg®'s - Password/TamperProof multi-parameter PWE Enhanced Digital Paddle Wheel Flow Meters offer cost-effective solutions to medium flow liquid or call 1-800-529-4180 or 1-845-770-3000(German: ) (read more)

Aalborg Instruments -  Flow Meter..New Multi-Parameter Paddle Wheel

Aalborg®'s Multi-Parameter Paddle Wheel Flow Meters offer cost effective, high-accuracy solutions to low flow liquid applications. Simple in design with only one moving part, the units are easy to install and operate. Call 1-800-529-4180 or 1-845-770-3000. (read more)

Aalborg Instruments -  Variable Flow Tubing Pumps....NEW

Aalborg®'s - NEW Model TPU Variable Flow Tubing Pumps are ideally suited for liquids of low to high viscosity. Chemically resistant tubing materials and new peristaltic pump head technology combine to meet the demands for reliable, long-term pump operation. Call 1-800-529-4180 or 1-845-770-3000. (read more)

Aalborg Instruments -  Rotameters...Select-a-Scale Direct Reading

Aalborg® - introduces the Model xV multi-gas glass tube Flow Meters. These units feature unique rotatable scale drums for displaying flow rates of 5 routine gases (argon, carbon dioxide, helium, nitrogen, and oxygen). Call 1-800-529-4180 or 1-845-770-3000. (read more)

Aalborg Instruments -  Needle Valves...Corrosion-Proof 6mm Orifice PTFE

Aalborg®'s - VT6 6mm orifice PTFE Needle Valves' simplicity of design (only 6 components) assures minimal sources of leakage, quick disassembly, and easy maintenance. Ideal for relatively high flow ranges while maintaining linear, repeatable flow rate performance. Call 1-800-529-4180 or 1-845-770-3000. (read more)

Aalborg Instruments - Digital Flow Meter- Optional Profibus Interface

Aalborg®'s - aluminum and stainless steel XFM "Smart" Digital Flow Meters with Optional Profibus Interface are designed to be used only in clean gas applications. Call 1-800-529-4180 or 1-845-770-3000. (read more)

Aalborg Instruments - Vortex Meters... steam, liquid, gas applications

Aalborg®'s Vortex Meters for steam, liquid and gas applications have no moving parts to wear or fail. In-line (wafer or flange mounting) and Insertion (fixed or retractable mounting) models are available. Electronics can be remote-mounted.Visit Aalborg®'s online catalog. Call 1-8... (read more)

Aalborg Instruments - Mass Flow Meter...measures gas flow rates

Aalborg®'s GFM Gas Flow Meter is accurate, measures (non)corrosive gas flow rates, has SS or aluminum construction and a Totalizer option. Individually tested/NIST traceable calibrated meters, which can be used as portable devices, also have circuit protection. The tiltable LCD readout module is removable for remote easy-reading installations. (read more)

Aalborg Instruments - Mass Flow Controller's - medium/high flow range

Aalborg's - economical GFC Mass Flow Controllers' instrumentation, accuracy, and advanced straight tube sensor provide versatile, economical flow control. Aluminum or 316 SS models, designed for medium or high flow ranges, accommodate non/or corrosive gas applications and offer long-term reliability. Setpoints can be conveniently controlled either local... (read more)

Aalborg Instruments - Digital Flow Meter...microprocessor-driven

Aalborg®'s - microprocessor-driven DFC "Smart" Digital Mass Flow Controllers program, record, and analyze flow rates of gases with a computer via an RS-485 interface (optional RS-232 is available.), and can be programmed for various control functions.Contact: Call 1-800-529-4180 or 1-845-770-3000.(German: www.aalborginst... (read more)

Aalborg Instruments - Thermal Mass Flow signal

Aalborg - DFM programmable thermal mass flow meter with digital signal processing. The analog interface provides 0 to 5Vdc or 0 to 10Vdc or 4 to 20 mA outputs for flow, pressure and temperature (jumper selectable). (read more)

Aalborg Instruments -  Rotameter... high purity applications

Aalborg®'s - Model F In-Line Single Tube Rotameter, made entirely of PTFE, PFA, and PCTFE, excels for high-purity applications or for use with corrosive liquids. Low Range and High Range F Style Models are individually tested on a Mass Spectrometer Leak Detector and certified.Contact: Call 1-800-529-... (read more)

Aalborg Instruments -  Mass Flow Controller...flow rates of gases

Aalborg®'s Model AFC Mass Flow Controller, designed to indicate flow rates and to control set flow rates of gases, incorporates an advanced straight tube sensor in conjunction with flow passage elements constructed of Stainless Steel. Command Module LED readouts are supplied with 0 to 100 percent calibrations.Contact: or call 1-800-... (read more)

Aalborg Instruments - Flow Meter or Controller...two in one

Aalborg®'s - TIO Totalizer converts analog Mass Flow Meters and Controllers into precision digital units via RS 232 or RS 485 interfaces (multi-drop capacity up to 64 devices). Local or programmable Set-point control for flow controllers requires no host PC presence. (read more)

Aalborg Instruments -  Flow Meters...Enhanced Direct Reading Scales

Aalborg®'s - Direct Reading Flow Tube Scales for Models P, S, and T Flow Meters are designed exclusively for a specific gas or liquid at a given temperature and pressure valid only for the associated units of flow. These units offer solutions to low flow range measurements.Easy to read flow rates for a specified set of parameters are clearly indicat... (read more)

Aalborg Instruments - Rotameter with Optical Sensor Switch

Aalborg®'s 150mm High/Low Alarm Rotameter with Optical Sensor Switch is a non-invasive means for detecting HI or LOW flow. This sensor is ideal for signaling an alarm, cutoff valve, or other device when the float passes the detector (alarm, valve, etc. not included). or call 1-800-529-4180 (German: (read more)

Aalborg Instruments - Digitale Durchflussregler für Gase

Mikroprozessorgesteuerte, Strömungsregler bieten dem Anwender die Möglichkeit, mit einem Computer Durchflussraten verschiedener Gase zu programmieren aufzuzeichnen. (read more)

Aalborg Instruments - Model P Meters for Low Flow Rates

Designed for low flow rates, Aalborg®'s Model P Flow Meters offer simplicity, versatility and economy. These units are particularly suitable for metering carrier gases in chromatography, indicating and controlling gases in manufacturing processes, and measuring liquids and gases in laboratories. All meters are shipped completely assembled. (read more)

Aalborg Instruments -  Multi- Flow Tube Gas Proportioner Rotameter

Aalborg®'s Model G Multi-Tube Gas Proportioner Rotameter is unsurpassed in convenience and economy for blending two or three gases in homogeneous infinitely variable concentrations directly at the end use point. Gas proportioners pay for themselves since they eliminate the need for expensive custom blended gas mixtures. (read more)

Aalborg Instruments - Barstock Valves...controlling very low flowrates

Aalborg®'s - Designed for controlling very low flowrates of liquids and gases, MFV™ Barstock Valves are available in six conveniently overlapping orifice-needle sizes. Offered in straight (T) and 90 degree (L) flow patterns, the MFV™ Barstock Valve includes a "non-rising stem" design. or call 1-800-529-4180 (Germa... (read more)

Aalborg Instruments - Flanged Rotameter ....Industrial

Aalborg®'s expanded M Meter line includes the Flanged M Style Industrial Rotameter.


· Solid Body - No screws or welding.

· Thick polycarbonate safety shields.

· Fluted or plain tapered tubes.

· Direc... (read more)