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Acrolab Ltd. - Tubular Immersion Heaters for Fluids

Acrolab's tubular immersion heating elements are a reliable and economical means of supplying heat directly in liquids. These heating elements can be formed into various shapes and are found in many different industries. (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - Split Sheath Cartridge Heaters

Acrolab can assist you with your split sheath cartridge heater needs. From supporting you with design, recommending wattages, to supplying the heater itself. Acrolab has over 65+ years of thermal engineering expertise to ensure your design is optimized for your application. Our engineers have designed exclusive multizone control "split heaters" into tooling which has never been done before. (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - Thermocouples & RTDs

Acrolab's high quality thermocouples and RTDs are suitable for plastic injection, medical/pharmaceutical, chemical, food, dairy, agricultural, oil and gas, automotive and general industrial applications. (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - Cartridge Heaters

Megawat high-density cartidges are round tubular heaters with electrical terminations on one side. These dependable heaters are made to withstand tough industrial usage. With a tolerance of ±0.002" on their outside diameter to secure a tight fit inside receptacle holes, and rock hard compaction of MgO insulation through swaging, these heaters can attain 1500°F sheath temperature. (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - Thermal Pin Isobar® Heat Pipe

Isobar® Heat Pipe are super-thermal conductors have the capacity to transfer large amounts of heat at high speeds in both heating and cooling applications. In fact, Isobar® Heat Pipes have, in some applications and orientations, a thermal conductivity in excess of 20,000 times the rate of a solid copper bar of the same geometry. Isobar® Heat Pipes are also high-speed superthe... (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - Electrical and Mold Connectors [4000 types]

Acrolab Ltd. is an official stocking distributor for Epic-Contact Electrical connectors. The Epic range of products includes more than 4000 electrical connectors commonly found in the injection molding industry. (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - Isopaste - Thermally Conductive Bridging Compound

Isopaste is a high-temperature thermal bridging compound used in Acrolab's Isoplatens and Heat Transfer Tools to act as a heat conductor in the Isobar Heat Pipe channels. Isopaste comes in three stock sizes ...4oz., 8oz., and 16oz. cans. Larger quantities can be arranged with your Acrolab inside sales agent. (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - Isomandrel® - New technology for composites

New technology, the isomandrel® from Acrolab Ltd. with a super thermal heat transfer characteristic significantly improves both cure consistency and cure rate for heat cured, filament wound, composites ... (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - Thermocouples, Thermcouple Wire

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Acrolab currently supplies thermocouples, and thermocouple wires used to monitor the internal temperature of precast and poured in place concrete. (read more)