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Acrolab Ltd. - Stoner Products: Mold Sprays, Rust Inhibitors

Acrolab is the Master Distributor of Stoner Products for CANADA. We offer a complete line of Stoner products - Mold releases, rust inhibitors, lubricants Meets all Clean Air Act Regulations and contain no CFCs, or Class I (ozone depleting) chemicals. Better yet, they contain no methylene chloride. (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - Thermocouples & Heating Elements

Acrolab's high quality thermocouples, heating elements and accessories are suitable for plastic injection, medical/pharmaceutical, chemical, food, dairy, agricultural, oil and gas, automotive and general industrial applications. (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - Nozzle Band Heaters: same day shipping!

Acrolab stocks a wide variety of diameters and widths in 1/2" increments in both 120V and 240V to suit your needs. Custom designs are also available and can be added to our unique Customer Dedicated Inventory program if the item is in high demand. Acrolab's nozzle band heaters are in stock and ready to ship the same day! (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - Cartridge Heaters

Megawat high-density cartidges are round tubular heaters with electrical terminations on one side. These dependable heaters are made to withstand tough industrial usage. With a tolerance of ±0.002" on their outside diameter to secure a tight fit inside receptacle holes, and rock hard compaction of MgO insulation through swaging, these heaters can attain 1500°F sheath temperature. (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - Electrical and Mold Connectors [4000 types]

Acrolab Ltd. is an official stocking distributor for Epic-Contact Electrical connectors. The Epic range of products includes more than 4000 electrical connectors commonly found in the injection molding industry. (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - Acrolab's MEGAFLEX Ceramic Insulated Band Heaters

Acrolab's Megaflex heaters are ceramic insulated band heaters for medium to high temperature ranges and have 1200° F as a maximum working temperature. These durable heaters have built-in ceramic fiber jackets that make them energy efficient.

MEGAFLEX heaters are available with different terminal styles, are fully flexible, and can accommodate holes and cut-outs. (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - See Video: Unique Sprue Curing Solution

An ingenious improvement in the injection/compression thermoset molding process by Acrolab has provided a unique solution to the challenge of predictable high speed curing of the sprue section that now allows for faster cycle times, improved mold cycling, better quality, less waste and lower maintenance costs. (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - The Isostep™ - Custom stepped heat pipes

Acrolab manufactures a unique stepped heatpipes, the Isostep™. These unique stepped heatpipes are designed to get into difficult and challenging geometries.

Widely used in composite molds and dies in the medical industry the Isostep™ has many other uses where uniform intimate thermal connection energy transfer is required. (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - Isobar® Heat Pipe

Isobar® Heat Pipe are super-thermal conductors have the capacity to transfer large amounts of heat at high speeds in both heating and cooling applications. In fact, Isobar® Heat Pipes have, in some applications and orientations, a thermal conductivity in excess of 20,000 times the rate of a solid copper bar of the same geometry. Isobar® Heat Pipes are also high-speed superthe... (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - Platens - Electric/Oil/Steam Heating

Acrolab's Isoplatens® can be designed for electric, oil and steam heating platens (the standard Isoplaten is electrically heated)and provide high levels of thermal stability to press platen applications. (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - Isopaste - Thermally Conductive Bridging Compound

Isopaste is a high-temperature thermal bridging compound used in Acrolab's Isoplatens and Heat Transfer Tools to act as a heat conductor in the Isobar Heat Pipe channels. Isopaste comes in three stock sizes ...4oz., 8oz., and 16oz. cans. Larger quantities can be arranged with your Acrolab inside sales agent. (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - Isomandrel® - New technology for composites

New technology, the isomandrel® from Acrolab Ltd. with a super thermal heat transfer characteristic significantly improves both cure consistency and cure rate for heat cured, filament wound, composites ... (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - The Isoball™ - Ball Radiused Heatpipes

Acrolab manufactures a unique ball radiused heatpipe, the Isoball™. These unique ball radiused heatpipes are designed to be installed in holes with matching ball radii. Not only does the radius prevent stress cracks from forming but it offers a more intimate transfer of thermal energy allowing for optimum energy flow. (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - Digital K type Thermometer from Acrolab

This digital thermometer has a 3 ½ Digit (LCD) with max reading value of 1999. It offers rapid test temperatures, offset adjustments, low battery indicator and much more. (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - Oil & Gas Temperature Sensors Thermocouples & RTDs

The need for continual and accurate temperature monitoring throughout the entire oil and gas production process has given rise to the need for more reliable and longer lasting sensors. (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - All Natural Citrus Cleaner / Degreaser

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A500 Citrus Cleaner/Degreaser is a Powerful, Fast-Acting, All Natural Cleaner which is made from 100% refined Citrus Extracts. It is guaranteed to clean fast and save you time! (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - Annealed Small Diameter Coil & Cable Heaters

Acrolab's HIGHWAT Series are reliable high performance, small diameter coil and cable heatersheaters used whenever a large amount of heat is required in a confined space. These heaters are fully annealed and can be formed into various shapes and forms. (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - Tubular Immersion Heaters for Fluids

Acrolab's tubular immersion heating elements are a reliable and economical means of supplying heat directly in liquids. These heating elements can be formed into various shapes and are found in many different industries. (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - Flanged Immersion Industrial Process Heaters

Acrolab supplies a variety of Industrial Process Heating Products that are rugged, reliable and efficient heating units, made for tough and demanding applications. Our Industrial heaters are used in a wide variety of applications from Electric Boilers, Steam Generation, Mining, liquid heating, HVAC & Commercial Duct Heating, Chemical Heating, Hydraulic Heating, and many... (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - The Isobaffle™ - Finned Heatpipes

Specialty heatpipes, Isobaffles™ allow the mold designer greater flexibility for positioning cooling lines in locations remote from complex core and cavity inserts, thus simplifying tool design and eliminating seals required to prevent coolant leakage. (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - Resistance Temperature Detector RTD Assemblies

Acrolab's Resistance Temperature Detector RTD Assemblies utilize wire wound platinum elements and are of the "filled tube" or "MgO" construction, providing long operating life in high vibration and/or temperature applications. Acrolab offers standard and custom manufactured temperature sensors that are suitable to any industry. (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - Thermocouples, Thermcouple Wire

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Acrolab currently supplies thermocouples, and thermocouple wires used to monitor the internal temperature of precast and poured in place concrete. (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - Acrolab Heating & Cooling Mold Design Systems

Acrolab's amazing Isobar® Heat Transfer Systems solve the challenges of translating design to the manufacturing process when utilizing today's more advanced materials (which increase product life) for the manufacture of more intricate and complex medical equipment molding applications. (read more)