Acromag, Inc. - New VPX Carrier Cards for PMC/XMC Modules

Acromag's two new VPX boards route power and bus signals to a plug-in XMC or PMC mezzanine module with an 8-lane PCIe interface to enable a wide variety of I/O processing and FPGA computing options. (read more)

Acromag, Inc. - New Rugged COM Express Type 6 Modules

Acromag’s new XCOM-6400 is a ruggedized COM Express module offering high-performance, low-power multi-core processors and a unique SODIMM hold-down that allows users to upgrade memory (read more)

Acromag, Inc. - New BusWorks XT Ethernet I/O Modules

BusWorks® XT Ethernet modules feature dual Ethernet ports and pluggable front-facing terminals for easy wiring. These compact Ethernet I/O modules are ideal for process and automation applications. (read more)

Acromag, Inc. - New XMC 10-Gigabit Ethernet Modules, SFP+ or XAUI

New XMC Modules Interface 10-Gigabit Ethernet to PCI Express with Ultra-fast TCP/IP Offload Engine Acromag’s two new mezzanine modules provide a multi-channel 10GbE interface with an ASIC-based TCP offload engine (TOE) via SFP+ fiber/copper or XAUI ports for high-speed embedded computing applications. (read more)

Acromag, Inc. - New Rugged COM Express Type 6 Carrier Cards

Acromag’s new ACEX-4600 COM Express carrier cards greatly reduce system design time by providing a rugged host for Type 6 CPU and PMC/XMC modules that is ready for use in extreme conditions. (read more)

Acromag, Inc. - New 16-Channel Analog Ethernet Modules

New Analog Input Ethernet Modules Pack 16 Channels Into An Inch-Wide Unit To Save Space and Costs

Acromag expands their line of reliable Ethernet I/O modules to include sixteen-channel single-ended analog input interface units. (read more)

Acromag, Inc. - New 2-Wire Frequency/Pulse Measurement Transmitter

New 2-Wire Transmitter Offers Frequency/Pulse Measurement Options with Precise Software Control

Acromag expands their line of USB-configured transmitters with a model that provides a process current output proportional to the frequency of a pulse or waveform input signal. (read more)

Acromag, Inc. - New 8-Channel Differential Analog Ethernet Modules

New 8-Channel Ethernet Modules Provide a Reliable Interface for Analog Current or Voltage Inputs

Acromag expands their line of Ethernet I/O modules to include differential analog input units for reliable measurements regardless of noisy signals or network traffic. (read more)

Acromag, Inc. - Acromag’s New 2-Wire and 4-Wire Transmitters

Offer Additional Temperature and Resistance Measurement Options

Acromag expands their line of versatile USB-configured signal conditioning transmitters to include RTD/resistance and potentiometer/thermistor input signals. (read more)

Acromag, Inc. - New PMC Module Carrier Card Features PCI Express

Bus Interface for PC-based Embedded Systems

Acromag’s new APCe8670 is a PCIe bus adapter board that allows a PC to control and communicate with the hosted PMC module for use in high-performance computing or laboratory prototype systems. (read more)

Acromag, Inc. - New XMC Module with Configurable Spartan-6 FPGA

Targets Cost-Sensitive Embedded Computing Tasks

Acromag's new XMC module employs Xilinx's cost-optimized Spartan-6 FPGA to help engineers with tight budget and time constraints solve high-speed DSP, logic, and algorithm computing challenges. (read more)

Acromag, Inc. - Temp. Transmitters Receive ATEX Certification

for Use in Zone 2 Hazardous Locations

ST130 series head-mount transmitters with thermocouple or RTD inputs are now ATEX-approved for use in potentially explosive atmospheres with flammable gases present. (read more)

Acromag, Inc. - New VPX Mass Storage Module Boots over SATA/SAS

and PCI Express for Use with Any CPU

Acromag’s new Xembedded XVPX-9756 storage solution supports both standard and customized backplanes with the ability to boot over SATA/SAS or PCIe signals. (read more)

Acromag, Inc. - New Carrier Cards Interface XMC

New Carrier Cards Interface XMC Mezzanine Modules to PCI Express Bus for PC-based Embedded Systems

Acromag’s new APCe8675 card routes power and PCIe bus signals to an XMC mezzanine module for high-performance signal processing in a desktop computer or laboratory prototype system. (read more)

Acromag, Inc. - New Ethernet I/O Module combines three functions

in one model with a mix of analog inputs, analog outputs and discrete I/O channels

Acromag's new remote I/O modules feature analog inputs, analog outputs, and bi-directional discrete I/O channels on a compact, low-cost unit with a choice of three Ethernet protocols. (read more)

Acromag, Inc. - FPGA Computing

Acromag's user-configurable FPGA mezzanine modules are ideal for embedded computer applications and high-performance control systems. Select from a variety of modules with FPGAs from Altera and Xilinx. To help simplify your development, Acromag offers and engineering design kit with example programs to get you started quickly. (read more)

Acromag, Inc. - New PMC Module Uses Economical Spartan-6 FPGA

to Reduce Cost of Complex Embedded Computing Tasks

Acromag's new PMC module features a reconfigurable Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA to offer a cost-sensitive solution for advanced computing applications requiring custom logic, DSP, or algorithm acceleration. (read more)

Acromag, Inc. - New 32-Channel Analog Input Module

Interfaces Wide Variety of Sensor Signals to Ethernet Control Network.

Acromag's latest addition to their EtherStax Ethernet I/O series captures data from high-level analog current and voltage signal inputs or from 7B/ 8B signal conditioner modules interfacing low-level sensor signals. (read more)

Acromag, Inc. - Signal Conditioning

Acromag signal conditioner products include process transmitters, 4-20mA signal isolators, limit alarms, panel meters, and math computation modules. (read more)

Acromag, Inc. - New I/O Server is the Only Compact, Industrial PC

with Truly Integrated I/O for Monitoring and Control.

Acromag's new I/O Server is a rugged, fanless computer, designed specifically for mobile or embedded I/O applications, featuring a built-in carrier card that holds up to four mezzanine I/O modules. (read more)

Acromag, Inc. - New Ethernet I/O Has Both Analog Inputs & Outputs

Interface Virtually Any Sensor or Instrument to a Control Network.

Acromag introduces high-density I/O block with a 48-channel combination of analog inputs and outputs for its EtherStax Ethernet I/O series. Units interface DC current or voltage signals and connect to 7B or 8B isolated signal conditioner modules. (read more)

Acromag, Inc. - New Low-Cost Thermocouple Transmitters

Feature Fast and Easy PC-based Configuration via USB

Acromag expands their line of USB-configured head-mount temperature transmitters by releasing new thermocouple/millivolt input models with very high accuracy, linearity, and environmental stability. (read more)

Acromag, Inc. - 900EN Series -- 958EN Ethernet Analog Input Module

958EN-4016: Industrial-grade units
958EN-4C16: Commercial-grade units

These modules interface high-level analog input signals to an Ethernet control network. A high-performance design ensures reliable measurements and dependable operation. (read more)

Acromag, Inc. - New XMC Module links Configurable Virtex-6 FPGA

to High-Speed PCIe, SRIO, and Gigabit Ethernet Interface

The new XMC-6VLX modules are designed for applications requiring a powerful co-processor tightly integrated with Gigabit Ethernet communication or other high-speed serial interfaces. (read more)

Acromag, Inc. - New Industrial-Grade USB Isolator Shields

Acromag's new compact USB-Isolator provides a protective barrier between connected USB devices to prevent equipment damage or errors from ground loops, high-voltage spikes, or conducted noise. (read more)