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Advanced Abrasives Corp.

Advanced Abrasives Corp. has promoted these products/services:

Advanced Abrasives Corp. - Nanodiamond Plating Additives

The use of functionalized nanodiamond in plating applications have been significantly improved over the last 2 years. Advanced Abrasives in offers an enhanced line of nanodiamond plating additives for the Hard Chrome and Electroless Nickel Plating markets. The use of these products will increase wear and corrosion resistance while maintaining, or in some cases improving, friction propert... (read more)

Advanced Abrasives Corp. - Vivace for Hard Chrome Plating

uDiamond® Vivace has been developed to meet the needs of tomorrow, enabling more durable products, with greater efficiency through lowered friction, and is used throughout industries including automotive, power generation, aerospace, industrial and marine. (read more)

Advanced Abrasives Corp. - Pre-Wetted Sub-Micron Diamond Powder

Advanced Abrasives diamond powders are available in numerous standard abrasive size selections from 25 nanometers up to 30/40 mesh, each with a tightly held particle size distribution. And for specific applications requirements, we are able to provide non-standard sizes and customized particle size distributions. (read more)

Advanced Abrasives Corp. - Abrasive product for silicon wafer fabrication

Advanced Abrasives Corporation has an extensive abrasive product line suited to the silicon wafer fabrication industry. From diamond slurries for lapping the wafer surface in the planarization stage, to our slow - soft drying colloidal silica suspension for the chemical - mechanical planarization stage. (read more)

Advanced Abrasives Corp. - Ensure a perfect finish!

Specialist companies performing precision optical lapping and polishing operations choose Advanced Abrasives Corporation for their critical supplies to ensure a perfect finish. (read more)

Advanced Abrasives Corp. - Diamond & cBN Tool Manufacture

Our superabrasive powder and mesh products are globally valued by a variety of companies manufacturing diamond and cBN tools for industrial and medical end use. (read more)

Advanced Abrasives Corp. - Diamond Grinding Wheels

Companies in the business of manufacturing metal and resin bonded diamond grinding surfaces choose Advanced Abrasives as their preferred supplier of diamond powder. (read more)

Advanced Abrasives Corp. - Polycrystalline Diamond Powder
  • Tight, customized particle size distribution
  • Blocky particles
  • Stringent oversize control
  • Low scratch count
  • High material removal rate
(read more)
Advanced Abrasives Corp. - For temporary mounting of semiconductor wafers

Advanced Abrasives has various products for mounting devices, wafers, work pieces and samples. For the temporary mounting of semiconductor wafers for dicing or grinding and for temporarily mounting electronic devices, ceramics, crystals, ferrites, optical lenses and gemstones for grinding, lapping, polishing or other machining operations we offer Blanchard Wax and Quartz sticky wax. (read more)

Advanced Abrasives Corp. - Grinding papers, lapping films & polishing cloths

Advanced Abrasives Corporation provides a wide selection of grinding papers, lapping films and polishing cloths in the common sizes of 8", 10" and 12" diameter discs to fit the various makes of grinding and polishing machines on the market (read more)

Advanced Abrasives Corp. - Aqua-Pol Diamond Polishing Compound

The Aqua-Pol compound base has been formulated to provide the proper consistency for application and retention on the polishing surface. (read more)

Advanced Abrasives Corp. - For high pressure/high temperature sintering

Advanced Abrasives Corporation offers a premium line of superabrasive powders customized for high pressure/high temperature sintering applications in PCD and PcBN tool production. Seen here is an example downhole drill bit with polycrystalline diamond cutter inserts (PDC's) as used in the oil and gas exploration industry. (read more)

Advanced Abrasives Corp. - The highest quality superabrasive formulations

The highest quality diamond and cubic boron nitride superabrasive formulations in the industry with a broad selection of tightly held micron particle sizes to choose from in our standard water based, oil based or universal based carrier mediums available in slurry, suspension or compound formats. (read more)

Advanced Abrasives Corp. - Extenders and Lubricants from Advanced Abrasives

Advanced Abrasives has developed unique extenders and lubricants to compliment their complete line of Slurries, Suspensions and Compounds. (read more)

Advanced Abrasives Corp. - Premasol Alumina Suspensions

Premasol Alumina Suspensions are permanently suspended products with a pH of 5-7. They are manufactured using high purity Alu-mina powders. (read more)

Advanced Abrasives Corp. - Conventional Abrasives for LED Technologies

Our goal is to minimize costs and maximize consistancy and efficiency in all things. Our focus is directed toward the ultimate and lasting satisfaction of our partners. In this way, we enable you to maintain a leadership position in your respective industries (read more)

Advanced Abrasives Corp. - Metal Bond Diamond Powder Superabrasives

Advanced Abrasive Corporation offers the highest quality diamond superabrasive powders in the industry. Every powder is tailored to our customer’s unique application or process. These same high quality powders are the backbone to our superior line of slurries, suspensions and compounds. (read more)

Advanced Abrasives Corp. - Low Viscosity Diamond Slurry / Suspension

Regardless of your process, Advanced Abrasives has the right solution. Our slurries have a very low viscosity for ease of application using dispensers and sprayers. Our suspensions are ideal when continuous stirring or shaking is not an option but homogeneous dispersion of diamond is required. (read more)

Advanced Abrasives Corp. - High Purity Premasol Cerium Oxide Slurries

Cerium Oxide Slurries are made from a mixture of our Cerium Oxide Powder and a proprietary blend of ingredients.Our slurries are of the highest purity available, delivering the best quality, regardless of application. (read more)

Advanced Abrasives Corp. - Premasol APol 80, Colloidal Silica Suspension

Medium sized spherical colloidal silica manufactured to provide excellent final finish on hard, brittle substrates. Ra finishes of one angstrom (atomic force micro-scope) have been achieved on many substrates. (read more)