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Advanced Technology Products - The TechniCut™ Premium Hose and Tubing Cutte


  • Suited for Production Settings
  • All-Metal Design
  • Soft Grips Ensure User Comfort
  • Replaceable Blade
  • Made in USA
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Advanced Technology Products - Keep Your Workspace Free from Clutter
  • Shock-Resistant Plastic Housing
  • Steel Wall-Mounting Bracket
  • Automatic Spring Rewind System
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Advanced Technology Products - TechniReel™ Hose Reels

Setup a workspace for efficiency and safety with TechniReel™. TechniReels enable a workspace to be kept clear of potentially dangerous trip hazards by storing its unused polyurethane air hose. (read more)

Advanced Technology Products - TechniCut™ Premium Hose and Tubing Cutter

The TechniCut™ Premium Hose and Tubing Cutter features a patented design that provides straight, repeatable cuts up to 1″ O.D. (read more)

Advanced Technology Products - ATP Safety-Slide™ Full Flow Air Coupling

The Safety-Slide™ features a compact, lightweight design that reduces user fatigue when compared to a traditional coupler design. The Safety Slide™ eliminates the valve and spring often seen in traditional couplers, providing unrestricted flow and maximum tool performance. (read more)

Advanced Technology Products - Striper™ PVC-Rubber Reinforced Hose

Striper™ Reinforced Hybrid PVC Hose is a lightweight, flexible, abrasion resistant hybrid PVC hose intended for the toughest of work environments. (read more)

Advanced Technology Products - Pneumatic & Fluid Hoses, Tubing and Fittings

Our name says it all! We offer advanced technology and are the industry leader in ergonomically correct designs with added safety features to support assembly and automation applications worldwide. (read more)

Advanced Technology Products - Fluid Couplers & Plugs

These fittings combine the features of both a quick disconnect and push-to-connect fittings. Offered in both valved and un-valved configurations, these fluid couplers and plugs are suited for equipment that requires frequent disassembly for cleaning or maintenance. (read more)

Advanced Technology Products - Push-to-Connect Fittings

ATP Advanced Technology Products Technifit™ Push-to-Connect Fittings are available in a multitude of threads, styles, and materials. This ensures that Advanced Technology Products will have the right configuration for your needs (read more)