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Aerovox Corp.

Aerovox Corp. has promoted these products:

Aerovox Corp. - Pulse and Custom Capacitors

Aerovox offers aluminum foil, paper and polypropylene capacitor construction as well as single-sided metalized polypropylene for use in pulse-forming and DC filtering applications. (read more)

Aerovox Corp. - High Reliability UPS Film Capacitors

Aerovox’s line of UPS capacitors are constructed with metalized polypropylene film technology using the latest design techniques and testing methods to assure high quality and long life. Our unique testing protocol ensures the reliability you need for UPS applications. Available in round or oval, oil-filled aluminum cases, 240-660 VAC, 15-120 μf. (read more)

Aerovox Corp. - High Voltage AC & DC Film Capacitors

Aerovox high voltage capacitors are constructed with metalized polypropylene film and are available in round or oval, steel or aluminum cases with a variety of terminal options. The higher voltage ratings and rugged construction make these capacitors suitable for applications beyond the capabi... (read more)

Aerovox Corp. - High Temperature Polypropylene Film Capacitors

Aerovox has announced the availability of UltraTherm™, a unique, patent pending technology that promises to have significant impact on high temperature applications (>105°C) in the automotive, aviation, downhole oil and other advanced power applications. (read more)

Aerovox Corp. - New Ultratherm Technology from Aerovox

New Aerovox Technology Addresses Capacitor Performance in High Temperature Power Electronics Applications (read more)

Aerovox Corp. - Motor Run & General Purpose AC Capacitors

Aerovox's line of SuperMet™-brand motor run and general purpose capacitors are constructed with metalized polypropylene film technology using the latest design techniques. All SuperMet capacitors are built to UL 810 standards, and contain a proprietary pressure sensitive interrupter system.... (read more)

Aerovox Corp. - IGBT Snubber Capacitors for Power Electronics

Aerovox snubber film capacitors are designed for the high peak current operation required for protection against transient voltages. Such voltages are caused by the high dI/dT generated in switching power electronics applications. (read more)

Aerovox Corp. - Lighting Capacitors for HID and Sign Ballast

Aerovox produces both oil-filled and dry capacitors for the HID and sign ballast lighting markets. Constructed with film designed to withstand the rigors of the application, these units are built to operate up to 105ºC. HID lighting capacitors are built with a ±3% tolerance on cap... (read more)

Aerovox Corp. - Power Factor Correction Capacitors

Aerovox manufactures both single and three-phase power factor correction capacitors up to 4,800 Vac. These capacitors are designed for high reliability applications, and have a life rating of over 200,000 hours. Aerovox capacitors are all manufactured to withstand harmonic currents, w... (read more)

Aerovox Corp. - Euro-Style Power Factor Correction Capacitors

Aerovox's Euro-Style Power Factor Correction (PFC) Capacitors feature a vacuum-impregnated metalized polypropylene, round aluminum case with M12 mounting studs and a three-contact metric terminal block. Available in over forty standard configurations, with ratings from 240 to 600 VAC, 50 Hz and 60 Hz, including versions for high harmonic applications. (read more)

Aerovox Corp. - Defibrillator Capacitors

Aerovox defibrillator capacitors are designed specifically to meet the reliability demands of a Class III medical device. These capacitors are housed in round or oval metal, oil-filled cases; or in a dry, epoxy-filled plastic housing version. Plastic cases offer excellent design flexibility, and can be customized to specific requirements. (read more)

Aerovox Corp. - Dual-Level HID Lighting Capacitors

Aerovox Corp. is encouraging use of dual-level (bi-level) HID lighting in parking and other exterior applications as well as indoor warehousing to enhance performance and reduce energy consumption. HID lighting systems are a significant portion of the lighting load in the commercial and industrial sectors. (read more)

Aerovox Corp. - Microwave Capacitors for Industrial Applications

Aerovox Microwave capacitors are used in voltage doubler circuits in high voltage microwave oven transformers. The robust Aerovox design makes these units ideal for withstanding an AC voltage equal to two times the peak voltage of the transformer output voltage in industrial or commercial microwave applications. (read more)

Aerovox Corp. - Application Guide for Power Factor Correction

Aerovox Corp. has published a Savings and Application Guide for Power Factor Correction and Harmonic Solutions. The comprehensive application note covers power factor analysis, benefits in use, and guidance for calculating, specifying and applying power factor correction capacitors. (read more)