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Aerzen USA Corp.

Aerzen USA Corp. has promoted these products:

Aerzen USA Corp. - Alpha Blower available in 2-lobe or 3-lobe design.

Advantages 2-lobe blower technology
•High efficiency in negative pressure operation
•Low investment costs
•Pulsation reduction due to soft inlet as well as multi-flow principle and optional AirSilence

Advantages 3-lobe blower technology
•Low pulsation in the piping
•Reduction of shocks
•High efficiency... (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - Modular system for large blowers

Modular system for large blowers for process air applications (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - Innovative modular system for large blowers

Process air with system-AERZEN develops an innovative modular system for large blowers (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - Highest efficiency with revised 4 + 6 profile

The VMY-compressor is a machine with downward delivery. The rotors are positioned horizontally in the housing, the profile is a 4+6-profile. The male rotor directly drives the female rotor; there are no timing gears. (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - Ideal for process gas & industrial applications

AERZEN Screw Compressors VMY are oil injected and the ideal choice for a whole range of process gas and industrial applications, where reliability and low operating costs are prime requirements. The oil injection makes the compressor insensitive to fluctuating volumes, temperatures and pressures (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - 3 technologies for waste water treatment plants

Aerzen provides three technologies for waste water treatment plants - Positive Displacement Blowers (PD blowers) Hybrid Blowers and High Speed Turbo blowers (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - Compressed-air technology

AERZEN SYSTEMS offers selection and combination of the compressors, the drying process, the necessary filters, the pipings and the superordinated control. After handing over to current operation AERZEN’S after-sales service is available for you. Consequently your compressed-air station is always well-supplied. (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - Chemical and process technology

Efficient compressors and blowers from AERZEN – proven in numerous operating environments, suited for almost all media, unrivalled in their reliability, and adaptable to individual client specifications. (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - Designed to handle unsolved energy problems

This is the key unit in the most efficient combination design – and the power behind every municipal or industrial waste disposal facility: the Aerzen Turbo Generation 5 (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - Blower Technology For Wastewater Applications

How To Select The Most Effective Blower Technology For Wastewater Applications (read more)