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Aerzen USA Corp.

Aerzen USA Corp. has promoted these products:

Aerzen USA Corp. - Aerzen Delta Hybrid - Rotary Lobe Compressor

The unique combined experience from the worlds of rotary lobe blowers and screw compressors is the foundation upon which the new groundbreaking and futureoriented Delta Hybrid technology has been developed – the first series of Rotary Lobe Compressors! (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - Vacuum blowers with ATEX certification

Aerzen vacuum blowers, series HV are designed to convey air and neutral gases. These machines are especially used in industrial vacuum technology, such as for coating gases and foils, packing technology, metallurgy and many other applications. (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - Blower for Landfill, Biogas and Natural Gas

The Aerzen Blower is known for its performance and reliability. There is no secret: Aerzen combines sound engineering, precision machining and good practice to enhance key features of the blower through the design of the accessories. (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - Designed to handle unsolved energy problems

Aerzen Turbo Generation 5
Intake Volume Flows from 1.200 m³/h to 16.200 m³/h
Designed to handle unsolved energy problems (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - Turbo Blower.. centrifugal compressors

Aerzen USA - Turbo blowers are highly efficient low pressure centrifugal compressors for oil-free compression of air. The high-speed turbo blower consists of a single motor-impeller assembly with unique bearings lubricated by air. Ideal for waste water treatment applications. (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - Compressor...Rotary Lobe

Aerzen - the groundbreaking Delta Hybrid Rotary Lobe Compressor, is the result of a synergy between the rotary lobe blower and the screw compressor technologies offering new possibilities for generating positive pressure or vacuum by combining the technical advantages of both concepts. (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - Units VMT Compressor

The construction of the double-stage VMT-compressors is based on our proven, single-stage compressor series VM.37. (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - Screw Compressors - Oil Injection

Aerzen VMX-screw compressors with oil injection are designed for intake flow volumes from 70 up to 3180 m³/h at driving speeds of 50 resp. 60 Hz and an overpressure - single-stage - up to 13 bar (higher pressures or admission pressure operation upon request). (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - Screw Compressor VR

Aerzen Screw Compressors VR for process gas technology in modular system single- and multi-stage for dry compression of process gases. The Screw Compressor stage is available in 13 sizes with swept volume flows from 600 m³/h to 120.000 m³/h. Differential pressures between 7 and 12 bar are standard at single-stage compression. (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - Delta Screw Compressor Generation 5

Delta Screw Generation 5 stands for the new series of screw compressor units made by Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH. This is the synthesis of the known and successful characteristics of the previous generation with technical innovations. (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - Aerzen iAir Pneumatic Control System

Aerzen iAir Pneumatic Control System provides all pertinent operating data, trends and real-time status for positive displacement blowers, screw compressors and vacuum pumps.

iAir Pneumatic Control is available as a front mounted controller in the Aerzen G5 Delta Blower or Screw Compressor or as stand-alone panel for side and wall mount. (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - Units Delta Twinn Screw Compressors

The DELTA TWIN series is designed for the oil-free compression of air and neutral gases and is applied especially in industrial compressed-air production. The double-stage units cover motor ratings from 75 to 200 kW and differential pressures up to 10 bar. (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - G-5 Delta Blower

Aerzen Introduces the 5th Generation Delta Blower. The G5 is the new series of blower units made by Aerzen. Delta Blower Generation 5 represents the successful combination of tradition and innovation. This new series offers five main advantages for customers. (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - Blower - Positive Displacement

Aerzen - Positive Displacement Blower patented 3-lobe blower stage with integrated pulsation reduction, a base support with integrated silencer. Unit extremely compact with hinged motor plate as tensioning device, flexible machinery mountings, suction silencer and more. (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - Refrigeration Compressor - Variscrew

Aerzen VARISCREW is the new generation of Aerzen refrigeration compressors, especially developed for the various requirements in the industrial and commercial refrigeration technology. (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - Blower-Landfill, Biogas, and Natural Gas

Aerzen - Positive Displacement Blowers for Landfill, Biogas and Natural Gas.

For the biogas application, the blower stage features a gastight driveshaft seal with grease barrier. Depending on the humidity content of the gas conveying chamber seals and corrosion inhibiting Chem-Coat coating of the process wetted parts is availible. (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - VMY-Screw Compressors

Aerzen VMY-screw compressors with oil injection and integrated volume control have been designed for intake volume flows from 500 m³/h up to 8900 m³/h and for an overpressure – single stage - up to 20 bar (higher pressures on request). In vacuum operation, intake pressures up to 1 mbar abs. can be reached in a single stage. (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. -  Blowers Vacuum Booster - Positive Displacement

Aerzen's Vacuum booster blowers are available from 50 to 56000 cfm in either direct drive, with or without variable speed drive, or belt drive configurations. Rugged drive arrangement for high delta P applications and O-ring construction for leak tightness at High Vacuum conditions. (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - Positive Displacement Blower - Exhausters PreInlet

Aerzen - Zur For pre-inlet cooling the housing is equipped with an additional third socket on the suction side. The lube oil supply is effected by splash oil lubrication. The conveying chamber is sealed by a sealing system. Driving shaft by double radial seal rings with grease barrier. Direction of flow vertically from top to bottom. (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - Positive Displacement Blower - Pressure Boosters

Aerzen USA GM-cz Series Pressure Boosters are capable of differential pressures up to 30 psi (2 bar) and are equipped with a 360 psi pressure rated casing (PN 25); inlet flows to 3,500 cfm (6,000 m3/h). (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - Process Gas Blowers

Aerzen GQ Series Process Gas Blowers contain a cylinder with noise reducing chamber on the discharge side, housing with connections for injection, water flushing, and lubrication, and purge oil supply systems. (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - Positive Displacement Blowers - Type GM

Aerzen patented 3-lobe blower features integrated pulsation cancellation for inlet flows from 20 cfm (30 m3/h) to 38,000 cfm (65,000 m3/h) and, depending on the sizes, pressures up to 15 psi (1000 mbar). (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - Process Gas Blower- GR Type

Aerzen - Process Gas Blower, Positive Displacement Blowers (of the "Roots Blower" type design) have been manufactured since 1868 and today are highly developed standard production machines designed and adapted for a broad range of applications. (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - Bulk Vehicle Blowers

Aerzen Bulk Vehicle Blowers are manufactured in two- and three-lobe design.Aerzen develops and continuously refines positive displacement blower packages for a full
range of applications. (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - Vacuum Pump - Pre-inlet Cooling

Aerzen - The pre-inlet cooling allows this vacuum pump to operate continuously at a higher vacuum than standard blowers: Flow up to 9,500 cfm and 80% or 24"Hg vacuum and up to 30,000 cfm (50,000 m3/h) at 60% or 18"Hg vacuum. (read more)