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Aerzen USA Corp. - Blower Technology For Wastewater Applications

How To Select The Most Effective Blower Technology For Wastewater Applications (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - 3 technologies for waste water treatment plants

Aerzen provides three technologies for waste water treatment plants - Positive Displacement Blowers (PD blowers) Hybrid Blowers and High Speed Turbo blowers (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - Don’t Fear the Turbo (Blower)

Since the introduction of the high speed turbo in the wastewater treatment industry, there have been some installations that have cast a shadow over an otherwise awesome technology. What happened? Are the rumors true? (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - VMY .36 for process gas and refrigeration industry

The VMY is the ideal choice for a whole range of process gas and industrial applications, where reliability and low operating costs are prime requirements. The VMY-compressor is a machine with downward delivery. The rotors are positioned horizontally in the housing, the profile is a 4+6-profile. The male rotor directly drives the female rotor; there are no timing gears. (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - Housing flanges with O-ring-seals, vacuum-tight

Housing flanges with O-ring-seals, vacuum-tight. Lube oil supply is effected by splash lubrication. Shaft seals by combined oil slinger-piston ring labyrinth seals. The driving shaft is sealed by double radial seal rings with grease barrier. Direction of flow vertical from top to bottom or horizontal clockwise (when looking on the driving shaft.) The direction of flow depends on the size. (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - VMY .56 for process gas and refrigeration industry

AERZEN is known the world over for premium quality and trailblazing development work.The main impetus behind this has always been the search for sustainable solutions with measurable added value. For both our clients and for the environment. No accident that our pioneering achievements since 1864 have had a decisive influence in advancing compressor technology (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - Housing compression-proof for PN 2,5/PN 6.

Cylinder with noise reducing chamber on the discharge side, housing with connections for injection- and water flushing, as well as for lubrication - and purge oil supply systems. (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - Highest energy efficiency, up to 30% savings

Intake Volume Flows from 1.200 m³/h to 16.200 m³/h (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - The groundbreaking Rotary Lobe Compressor

Delta Hybrid, the groundbreaking Rotary Lobe Compressor, is the result of a synergy between the rotary lobe blower and the screw compressor technologies and offers completely new possibilities for generating positive pressure or vacuum by combining the technical advantages of both concepts. (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - Engineer's Mini-Guide To Blower Technology

Choosing the right blower technology can be confusing. Download the Mini-Guide to help you properly select:

  • Turbo Blowers
  • Hybrid Blowers
  • Positive Displacement Blowers
(read more)