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Alstom has promoted these products/services:

Alstom - High Performance Gas Pipe Ignitor

ALSTOM's LIMELIGHT™ ignitor is an upgrade to conventional 3" eddy plate gas pipe ignitors and provides increased capacity and turndown capabilities. (read more)

Alstom - High Performance Gas Side Ignitor

This LIMELIGHT™ Ignitor is an upgrade for Alstom’s conventional 6" eddy plate gas side ignitor and is for use on tangential firing systems. This product incorporates state-of-the art technology to provide increased capacity and turndown capabilities. (read more)

Alstom - High Energy Ignitor with Retract (HEIR)

High energy arc technology has proven to provide one of the most reliable methods of igniting fuel oil. This LIMELIGHT™ Ignitor with its retract design offers state-of-the-art performance. (read more)

Alstom - Flame Scanner for Boilers


The LIMELIGHT™ Exacta™ Flame Scanner is an upgraded design for several generations of legacy scanners. It can be provided as an in-kind component upgrade for existing equipment or as a new complete flame scanning system. (read more)

Alstom - Flame Spectrometer

Alstom offers the LIMELIGHT™ Perfecta™ Flame Spectrometer for wall mounted burner and tilting tangential fired applications.The LIMELIGHT™ Perfecta Flame Scanner is an upgrade to existing flame scanners and incorporates all signal processing electronics in one self-contained housing. (read more)

Alstom - Diagnostic Flame Indicator

ALSTOM's DFI is a state-of-the-art diagnostic flame proving device that can be used with oil or gas ignitors. It records ignitor operational history to allow for easy assessment as to when maintenance is required and is an upgraded replacement for Limelite 2000 and IFM flame devices. (read more)

Alstom - LIMELIGHT™ Exacta Flame Scanner Remote Head Assy.

The LIMELIGHT™ Exacta Flame Scanner Remote Head Assembly incorporates a Fiber Optic Cable along with the proven technology of the LIMELIGHT™ Exacta Flame Signal Analyzer to evaluate the flame signal. It is offered as an alternate to close coupled electronics when space or temperature concerns are present. (read more)

Alstom - Gas and Oil Firing Equipment for Utilities

Alstom offers a line of Gas and Oil firing equipment for all types of utility, pulp and paper AND industrial boilers. In addition, Alstom offers ignitors and scanners to upgrade your fuel firing system. (read more)

Alstom - Non-Contact Coal Flow Monitoring System

The LIMELIGHTTM Coal Flow Monitor is a direct replacement for the Combustion Engineering and ABB coal flow detection devices found on Combustion Engineering and Stock® Equipment Company coal feeders. (read more)

Alstom - Pulverizer eTool Mill Monitoring System

The Pulverizer eTool™ Mill Monitoring System helps power plants reach higher levels of availability and performance through better predictive maintenance. (read more)

Alstom - Upgrades for Boilers Using Stock® Feeders

Over 2000 replacement parts for STOCK® coal feeders

As the alternative OEM for STOCK Feeder parts, the Alstom/Merrick team is well positioned to support your need to improve performance, availability, and reliability as well as safety.

Any of the parts described below can be supplied individually, as part of a kit, or included in an Inventory Program. (read more)

Alstom - PV-PRO™ Upgrade for MPS89 Pulverizers

PV-PRO™ 89 System – Superior Performance is just weeks away.As the world's leading supplier of services for coal pulverizing systems, Alstom is qualified to help you extend your operating hours and increase pulverizer performance. The PV-PRO 89 System is an integrated Performance, Recovery and Optimization (PRO) system for your MPS®-type pulverizers. (read more)

Alstom - Alstom Products and Services for B&W Plants

As the world's largest Engineering and Manufacturing OEM for the power generation industry, Alstom understands your needs and your equipment. We have been providing our customers quality parts and services for B&W plants on time and at market competitive prices for many years. (read more)

Alstom - Pulverizer Access Doors

Access to power plant equipment is important for efficient inspections, adjustments, and maintenance. EZ ACCESS™ Pulverizer Doors are designed for the easy and safe access of people and equipment to support these activities and help keep systems on line. (read more)

Alstom - Alstom Parts/Services for Detroit Stoker Equipment

Grate-fired boilers, also known as stoker-fired boilers, have the capability of
generating power from a variety of fuels - including coal, wood waste, bagasse, and your everyday trash and refuse. (read more)

Alstom - Alstom Bottom Ash Parts, Upgrades and Systems

Alstom's SSC's bottom ash solution greatly reduces maintenance costs commonto conventional ash handling systems. A well-engineered SSC replaces existing systems with a cost effective and less risky bottom ash solution. (read more)

Alstom - Allen-Sherman-Hoff Fly Ash System Parts

As a boiler and environmental systems OEM, Alstom is well positioned to support your need to improve the performance, reliability and availability of your Allen-Sherman-Hoff® fly ash components. (read more)

Alstom - Recoverey Boiler Vent System

Alstom has developed a Recovery Boiler Vent System (Patent Pending) that will assist in reducing your outage costs. (read more)

Alstom - Custom Pressure Parts for Utility Boilers

Alstom has been a leader in steam generation for over 100 years. We understand boilers and we understand how to keep them running and keep you generating power and revenue. When it comes to boiler pressure parts, we have the inventory, purchasing power and fabrication capacity to keep you on line, regardless of boiler type. (read more)

Alstom - Griz-SAW Grinding Zone for Atrita Mills

Alstom's Griz-SAW allows Atrita users to extend the time between scheduled maintenance cycles by using a patented state-of-the-art design and upgraded wear materials. (read more)

Alstom - Gearbox Rebuilds and Repairs

Alstom rebuilds and repairs all types of gearboxes throughout the plant, providing a low cost alternative to purchasing a new gearbox. (read more)

Alstom - Products and Services for Foster Wheeler Plants

As one of the world's largest Engineering and Manufacturing OEM for the power generation industry, Alstom understands your needs and your equipment. We have been providing our customers with Alstom parts and services for Foster Wheeler plants for many years. (read more)