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Analtech, Inc.

Analtech, Inc. has promoted these products:

Analtech, Inc. - New website for chromatography

We're proud to announce the launch of our new and improved webiste for all things chromatography. (read more)

Analtech, Inc. - XTRX Extraction Columns

The XTRX ™ columns can be used for everything from drug testing to environmental pollutants screenings and is designed for use in the Dupont Prep ™ 1 Automated Sample Processor, the XTRX ™ 4 Automated Sample Processor or any vacuum box. (read more)

Analtech, Inc. - Whatman comparable TLC Plates

Recently, GE Healthcare announced the discontinuation of the Whatman TLC product range. We have comparable TLC Plates available. (read more)

Analtech, Inc. - TLC SpotON

SpotON is a semi-automated device used to apply samples on Thin Layer Chromatography plates. The instrument eliminates the need for manual sample application and can be used to apply up to 18 samples at a time. The unit has been designed for use custom SGE brand TLC syringes with blunt Teflon tipped needles. (read more)

Analtech, Inc. - HPLC Columns

Our HPLC Columns utilize propietary bonding technologies that result in bonded phase coverages that approach 100%.

Superior HPLC Columns from the people who have been manufacturing chromatography supplies for more than 50 years. (read more)

Analtech, Inc. - Cyclograph Deluxe Centrifuge Chromotography Device

The CycloGraph system is a centrifugally accelerated device for performing preparative thin layer radial separations. The separations occur quickly (within 20 minutes) with no need for scraping separated bands as with traditional Thin Layer Chromatography. (read more)

Analtech, Inc. - Channeled Chromatography Plates w/ Preadsorbent

These are the most rugged silica gel Thin Layer Chromatography plates available. They not only ease handling and sample application, but also permit the use of up to 80% water in the developing solvent without loss of adherence of the adsorbent layer to the glass plate. (read more)

Analtech, Inc. - Tapered TLC Plates

The UNIPLATE-T Taper Plate, invented and patented by Analtech, is a unique preparative TLC plate that provides unusually high resolution for a preparative layer. It has a wedge-shaped adsorbent layer, progressing from 300 microns (bottom) to 1700 microns (top.) Below the silica layer is a 700-micron-thick preadsorbent zone provided for easier sample application and higher sample resolution. (read more)

Analtech, Inc. - Avicel Microcrystalline Cellulose

These plates are coated with AVICEL microcrystalline cellulose manufactured by the American Viscose division of FMC Corp. The adsorbent consists of regenerated alpha cellulose particles of nearly spherical shape and 50 micron mean diameter. (read more)

Analtech, Inc. - Book:

The Book "Plant Drug Analysis" - by H. Wagner & S. Bladt - is currently out of print. However, we have access to a supply that is not available in the US. This is a very popular book for natural products analysis by TLC. Get a copy while you can. (read more)