Anaren, Inc. - New AIR BoosterPack eases ZigBee development

The A2530E24A-LPZ is an AIR Module BoosterPack kit for the MSP430™ Value Line or Stellaris® LaunchPad development kit. This kit (only $99 USD, excluding taxes, shipping, etc.) eases the development of products intended to wirelessly communicate in compliance with the ZigBee Standard. The kits features the A2530E24AZ1 AIR module (based on TI’s CC2530 low-power-R... (read more)

Anaren, Inc. - Xinger-III subminiature components

Xinger®-III subminiature components are Anaren's latest generation of couplers, power dividers, baluns, A-to-D baluns, and RF crossovers sized for today's wireless consumer electronic devices and/or compact base station equipment. (read more)

Anaren, Inc. - Xinger-brand Subminiature Directional Couplers

Introducing Anaren's new line of Xinger®-brand, subminiature directional couplers measuring only 2 x 1.25 x 0.7 mm (0805 footprint). The new components offer significant performance advantages for low power implementations in wireless infrastructure and wireless consumer electronics. The line includes eight part numbers, which collectively cover bands from 0.7 to 6 GHz. (read more)

Anaren, Inc. - High Power Brazed RF Resistor

G400B50W5 Ideally Suited for High Reliability, Pulse Power Applications

Richardson RFPD, Inc. announces availability and full design support capabilities for a new ultra-high reliability, 400W, flanged RF resistor with brazed construction from Anaren. (read more)

Anaren, Inc. - Miniature, high-frequency resistors

Anaren's new, thick-film ceramic resistors suited to high-frequency military or point-to-point radios. (read more)

Anaren, Inc. - Xinger Subminiature Components

Sized for both compact wireless infrastructure applications (e.g. A-to-D converters, receivers, transceivers, and amplifiers for pico or home base stations) and wireless consumer electronics applications (e.g. handhelds, digital/analog conversion, broadcasting, Bluetooth® devices) (read more)

Anaren, Inc. - New AIR module with Bluetooth SMART coming Fall 13

The Anaren AIR team will be launching an AIR module family featuring Bluetooth® SMART technology in Fall 2013. Those interested can register to be notified when the module is on distributor shelves and other updates. (read more)

Anaren, Inc. - Low-cost, thick film circuits for RF to Fiber Apps

Anaren Precision Etched Ceramic Substrates (APECS) from Anaren Ceramics, Inc. (Salem, NH) is an advanced thick film technology that's a more cost-effective solution than traditional thin film. The process also reduces gold and/or silver waste due to precision circuit drawing, offers better RF performance through improved conductivity, and allows for embedded components like resistors. (read more)

Anaren, Inc. - Femto sized Xinger-brand couplers from Anaren

Anaren has just introduced a Femto-sized family of Xinger®-III hybrid and directional couplers – ideally suited for today’s low-power, micro base station applications. (read more)

Anaren, Inc. - Achieve remote control via a smart-phone, with AIR

Anaren's new AIR modules with Bluetooth® SMART (BLE) let your customers connect to -- or control -- your embedded application via a smart phone app. (read more)

Anaren, Inc. - Hi-rel, hi-temp modules from MS Kennedy & Cissoid

Cissoid, the leader in high-temperature and extended lifetime semiconductor solutions, and M.S. Kennedy, a leader in high-temperature and extreme environment modules, jointly announce today they have signed a long-term collaboration agreement to develop high-reliability (HiRel) and high-temperature electronic modules. (read more)

Anaren, Inc. - Space-qualified RF power dividers & couplers

Introducing Anaren's new space-qualified couplers and power dividers, built and tested to the demanding requirements of satellite manufacturers. (read more)

Anaren, Inc. - AIR with Bluetooth SMART for embedded applications

Download this free informational presentation on how Bluetooth Low Energy can add "mobile control" to your appliance, equipment, or other embedded application. (read more)

Anaren, Inc. - New BoosterPack for Tiva C helps with ZigBee

The A2530E24A-LPZ is an AIR Module BoosterPack kit for the MSP430™ Value Line or Tiva® C LaunchPad development kit. This kit (only $99 USD, excluding taxes, shipping, etc.) eases the development of products intended to wirelessly communicate in compliance with the ZigBee Standard. (read more)

Anaren, Inc. - Ultra-low profile, 0805 3dB 90 deg Hybrid Couplers

Anaren has introduced three Xinger-brand subminiature 3dB 90 deg hybrid couplers, covering 1000-1700MHz and 5000-6000MHz. These ultra-low profile parts are ideal for balanced power and low noise amplifiers, plus signal distribution and other applications where low insertion loss and tight amplitude/phase balance are required. (read more)

Anaren, Inc. - AIR radio module for ZigBee standard applications

Developing a wireless product intended for compliance with the ZigBee® standard? Anaren now offers an AIR module that simplifies the task. (read more)

Anaren, Inc. - Xinger®-III Doherty Combiners

Richardson RFPD Introduces Xinger®-III Doherty Combiners from Anaren

New Surface Mount RF Combiners Simplify Doherty Amplifier Implementation

Richardson RFPD, Inc. announces immediate availability and full design support capabilities for the Xinger®-III line of components from Anaren. (read more)

Anaren, Inc. - Xinger-III brand hybrid and directional couplers

At 1/4 the size of our still popular Xinger-II components -- but offering the SAME power handling, lower insertion loss, higher isolation, and numerous other advantages! -- Anaren's all-new Xinger-III components are a must-see option for today's base station equipment designers! (read more)

Anaren, Inc. - Military & Instrumentation Resistive Products

High-reliablity, high-power terminations and attenuators for military and instrumentation duties. (read more)

Anaren, Inc. - Build-to-print or design-to-spec LTCC packaging

Custom-designed or BTP LTCC packaging, components, and substrates suitable for high-complexity, high-tolerance defense or areospace applications -- supported by Anaren's renowned RF/microwave engineering team. (read more)