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Andantex USA, Inc.

Andantex USA, Inc. has promoted these products:

Andantex USA, Inc. - Turntable Drive Solutions...speed gearboxes

Redex-Andantex MSR 2- speed gearboxes offer ready-to-use drive technology for either continuous rotation(turning) or accurate positioning(C-Axis) of vertical lathe turntables. Combining a MSD 2-speed gearbox with high quality spiral bevel gearbox, eliminates the need for a complex & expensive gearbox with a clutching mechanism for C-Axis. (read more)

Andantex USA, Inc. - Turnkey high class planetary Servo-Gearhead

The new benchmark for electrical preload on demanding machine tool applications! KRPX is the new version of REDEX ANDANTEX rack & pinion high-tech planetary reducers, offering cost effective, easy to implement and high performing solutions for moving column or gantry machine types as well as many other applications. (read more)

Andantex USA, Inc. -  Automatic Lubrication System for Racks & Pinions

A new high performance system to automatically lubricate racks and pinions, open gearing, linear guideways, ballscrews, and chain drives is available from Andantex, USA. (read more)

Andantex USA, Inc. - Zero-backlash, DRP+ Rack and Pinion Drive

Andantex DRP+ planetary gearboxes are the dedicated solution to zero-backlash rack & pinion and rotary table drive applications.

They consist of two top quality planetary reducers mounted in parallel inside of a super rigid universal housing. (read more)

Andantex USA, Inc. - Rack and Pinion Drive - Planetary Reducers

Andantex USA, Inc - KRP+ planetary reducers are the single drive components in a family of reducers dedicated to rack and pinion and rotary table drive applications. They can be used alone as a single drive or combined with a second unit to create a zero-backlash rack and pinion axis. (read more)

Andantex USA, Inc. - Industrial Rack & Pinion Gears

Andantex Industrial Rack and Pinion gears are the primary building block of a linear axis drive. This system consists of a standard range of straight ( spur), circumferential pitch, and helical racks and pinions. (read more)

Andantex USA, Inc. - Preloaded Double Pinions - eliminates backlash

Andantex USA Inc.-Preloaded Double Pinions (PDP) a cost effective method of eliminating backlash between the rack and pinion in high precision linear motion application. (read more)

Andantex USA, Inc. -  Servo Reducer - Planetary Gearbox

Andantex SRP is not just another simple planetary gearbox, but a true integrated concept,including several functions combined together to offer a complete machine sub-assembly. (read more)

Andantex USA, Inc. -  Servo-Worm Reducers - Precise Positioning

Andantex line of servo-worm reducers were specifically developed for use with the latest servo motor technology in applications that demand precise positioning and repeatability. Typical applications include traveling gantries,horizontal & vertical axis drives,pick & place robots and replacements for long ball screw axis drives. (read more)

Andantex USA, Inc. -  Machine Tool Spindle Drives - two speed

The Andantex two-speed Machine Tool Spindle Drive gearboxes are designed for in-line integration between a water cooled motor and a spindle inside a RAM. (read more)

Andantex USA, Inc. - Spindle drive - conventional design

Andantex Spindle Drive MSD two speed gearboxes are used in conventional design applications where the motor and the gearbox are mounted outside of the headstock. (read more)

Andantex USA, Inc. - Planetary Epicyclic Differential Drives

Andantex Planetary Epicyclic Differential Drives SR Series is based on a compound epicyclic gearing system offering a high torque capacity and a wide range of reduction ratios in a very compact space. (read more)

Andantex USA, Inc. - Right Angle Differential Phase Shifters

Andantex right angle differential phase shifters, DR Series, allow accurate adjustment of the output shaft's angular position, relative to the input shaft (generally the machine's main shaft), while the machine is in motion, or even at rest. (read more)

Andantex USA, Inc. -  In- Line Differential Phase-Shifters

Andantex in-line differential phase shifter, DLO series, allows accurate adjustment of the output shaft's angular position relative to the input shaft, while the machine is in motion, or even at rest. (read more)

Andantex USA, Inc. - Spiral-Bevel Gearboxes - Z-Series

Andantex Z-Series product line offers 7 different sizes, 6 model types, and 9 ratios, with various input-output arrangements including solid shaft or hollow bore options, as well as universal mounting capability.

All of these options are made possible by a modular design concept that starts with a cubic housing. (read more)

Andantex USA, Inc. -  Right Angle Drive

Andantex Anglgear®, the original right angle drive, is widely recognized and is in use worldwide. The Anglgear provides manual or power transmission of rotary motion in a compact, standardized right angle unit.

Our standard line is available in both an Inch and Metric series. (read more)

Andantex USA, Inc. -  Single-Position Jaw Clutch - BD-Series

Andantex Clutches are used whenever different sections of a machine need to be first disengaged from the drive train and then re-engaged while maintaining the same phase or angular relationship which existed prior to disengagement.They are often used in a line-shaft,between printing units on a offset-printing presses. (read more)

Andantex USA, Inc. - Multispeed Gearbox: BVI Industrial Series Gearbox

Used for speed adjustment at constant power level, this range of heavy duty industrial multi-speed gearboxes are designed for continuous operation. (read more)

Andantex USA, Inc. - Multispeed Gearbox: MVI Industrial Series Gearbox

Standard range is used for balancing the speed and torque on a motorized system. This range of heavy duty industrial gearboxes are designed for continuous operation. (read more)

Andantex USA, Inc. - Digital Web Tension Controller

Designed for both closed loop and open loop tension control, Merobel's® DGT 300, sold exclusively thru Andantex USA Inc. in North America, is the solution for unwinding, rewinding and intermediate tension control applications on converting machinery. (read more)

Andantex USA, Inc. - Electromagnetic (EMP) Particle Brakes and Clutches

Merobel® brakes and clutches, sold exclusively thru Andantex USA in North America, provide torque proportional to the electric current,independent of the slipping speed,with low residual torque. They are easy to integrate into any type of system,achieving fast response time,linear,smooth,clean/dust free,silent operation with low wear and long life-reduced maintenance. (read more)

Andantex USA, Inc. - Cartridge-Style Load Cells

Andantex Ultra Cartridge-Style Load Cells provide a highly responsive linear output signal for measuring, monitoring and controlling web tension in continuous processes. (read more)