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Andantex USA, Inc.

Andantex USA, Inc. has promoted these products:

Andantex USA, Inc. - MSR VTL Turntable Drive Solutions

MSR dramatically simplifies the VTL turntable mechanical transmission system. In many cases, it is also much more economical. (read more)

Andantex USA, Inc. - For applications that demand precise positioning

Modular aluminum housing design allows for easy machine integration, light weight and excellent heat dissipation. Input flanges and couplings are readily available to allow easy mounting of servo-motors. Output pinion options make the AE Servo-Worm Reducers ideally suited for rack and pinion axis drive applications. (read more)

Andantex USA, Inc. - MEROBEL’s EMP-SC series

MEROBEL’s EMP-SC series are mostly dedicated to the applications where slipping speed and slipping torque needs to be controlled in an independent way. (read more)

Andantex USA, Inc. - Heynau Variable Speed Drives - H Drives-Mini Drive

The Heynau H-Drive is one of the most well known mechanical variable speed drives. The simple construction of this all steel drive with only a few components, meets the highest requirements for quiet operation, precise speed holding, high efficiency and durability. (read more)

Andantex USA, Inc. - DLA - Narrow Band Speed Control Differentials

The DLA line of differential transmissions provide a narrow band of variable output speed ( +/- 0.50 to 10% of output speed) while at the same time insuring that any speed set within this band will hold as well as fixed gearing ( i.e. less then +/- 0.005% deviation).

The DLA provides the accurate speed setting and precise holding required to insure web or strip tension control. (read more)

Andantex USA, Inc. - Differentials - Rotomission - H or HA Series

This line of planetary differentials has been replaced by the SR models, which employ the latest generation of Rotomission technology. (read more)

Andantex USA, Inc. - Servo Reducers - 2SR84

In a compact package, these servo reducers feature minimum backlash, low input inertia, high torsional stiffness and precise repeatability.

Backlash correction insures that the original backlash value of the reducer can be maintained for the life of the unit. (read more)

Andantex USA, Inc. - DLS - Cycloidal Differentials

The differential series 2SRD and DLS consist of a nearly zero-backlash cycloidal gear train. They provide dynamic motion profiles including rapid acceleration rates, high speed and precise repeatability.

Therefore, 2SRD and DLS differential drive systems combine the reliability of mechanics with the precision of servo-electronics. (read more)

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