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Arjay Engineering Ltd. has promoted these products:

Arjay Engineering Ltd. - Ideal for monitoring oil contamination

The HydroSense 3410 offers a high accuracy approach to monitoring low concentrations of free and soluble oils in water. Combining many unique design features into a compact package makes this an ideal solution to monitoring for oil contamination in your water system. (read more)

Arjay Engineering Ltd. - 2852-IFA Liquid Interface Alarm

Arjay Engineering Ltd. - Reliable interface monitoring for alarm between two liquids. (read more)

Arjay Engineering Ltd. - 4300-PG Gas Monitor System

The 4300-PG is specifically designed for monitoring exhaust gases in parking garages, maintenance bays, arenas, warehouses and loading docks. Zone control for relay and VFD outputs allow for direct interface with fan equipment or the outputs may be interfaced with building automation systems. (read more)

Arjay Engineering Ltd. - FluoroCheck II - Benchtop ppm Oil in Water Monitor

The FluoroCheck II is a benchtop and transportable unit for discrete sample measurements of ppm hydrocarbons in water. Direct water samples for screening or an EPA approved hexane oil extraction method may be used. (read more)

Arjay Engineering Ltd. - Open Channel Flow Monitor - 4100 OCF

Using a capacitance level technology in conjunction with a primary flow device, the Open Channel Flow monitor provides continuous on-line monitoring. Features include flow rate indication, flow totalization, high flow and level alarms, and a pulsed totalization alarm. (read more)

Arjay Engineering Ltd. - Interstitial Tank Leak Alarm - 2852-ILA

Leaks from above or underground storage tanks can be costly, dangerous to worker health, and environmentally unsafe. Arjay provides sensors to monitor for leaks and spills. Probe variations can extend these applications to meet your specific needs. (read more)

Arjay Engineering Ltd. - Plugged Chutte Detector - 2852-PCD

Non-intrusive monitoring of chutes and hoppers for bulk material detection. (read more)

Arjay Engineering Ltd. - A Probe with a lot of Sense

Imagine a robust process sensor that has no moving parts, is simple in design, and is low cost. Capacitance probes step up to the plate. (read more)

Arjay Engineering Ltd. - Foam Control Monitor

The 2852-FCM Foam Controller monitors tanks and sumps for the presence or accumulation of foam. (read more)

Arjay Engineering Ltd. - Process Capacitance Monitor

The 2852-CAP and 4100-CAP monitor the dielectric and capacitance changes in a process during blending, reactions, and process variations. (read more)

Arjay Engineering Ltd. - Floating OIl Thickness Monitor

The 4100-HCF monitors the surface oil thickness on water in tanks, sumps and open ponds. (read more)

Arjay Engineering Ltd. - Open Channel Flow Monitor Model 4100-OCF

The 4100-OCF provides an economical means to monitor the flow within defined open channels and streams.

The control unit can be mounted safely remote from the stream channel up to 1 km away using inexpensive 2-conductor shielded wire. (read more)

Arjay Engineering Ltd. - Floating Oil Alarm

The 2852-HCF floating sensor monitors the surface level of water in sumps and containments for the accumulation of oil.

The control unit can interlock to pumps or alarms to alert personnel and shut down equipment. (read more)

Arjay Engineering Ltd. - 4100 Series Level-Ease Monitor

Over 40 years of Arjay's field proven HF capacitance technology has been applied to the Level-Ease 4100 series monitors. This unique level system provides complete flexibility for one or more tank levels in one package.

• capacitance technology does not foul or require cleaning

• no moving parts (read more)

Arjay Engineering Ltd. - Dry Pump - Dry Run Monitor

The 2852-DPM is an in-line flange sensor used to alarm on a dry condition within a pipe.

The unique sensor design does not intrude into the pipe flow making it ideal for pump alarm monitoring in industrial and sewage applications. (read more)

Arjay Engineering Ltd. - HydroSense 3420 Oil in Water Alarm

The HydroSense 3420 offers a low cost approach to monitoring ppm concentrations of free oils in clean water. Combining many unique design features into a compact package makes this an ideal solution to monitoring for oil leaks in your water system. (read more)

Arjay Engineering Ltd. - Area Leak Alarm

The 2852-LPS area leak monitor is used for industrial and commercial applications where area monitoring of liquid leaks is required.

The unique capacitance pads can sense any type of liquid and can be Intrinsically Safe for Hazardous Locations. (read more)

Arjay Engineering Ltd. - 2852-LS Two Point Level Switch

Over 40 years of capacitance experience stands behind the 2852-LS level controller. The sensing probe continuously monitors the level changes in a vessel to alarm at user defined setpoints. It is typically used to control pumps and valves, alarm of high or low product conditions, or alert to potential overflow and dry conditions. (read more)

Arjay Engineering Ltd. - HydroSense 3410 ppm Oil in Water Monitor

On-line monitoring for ppm petroleum oil in industrial filtered water and cooling water (read more)

Arjay Engineering Ltd. - Plugged Chute Detector

Over 40 years of Arjay's field proven HF capacitance technology has been applied to the 2852-PCD plugged chute detectors. The flush mount sensor continuously monitors the change from a normal material chute condition to a plugged condition. (read more)

Arjay Engineering Ltd. - Hydrosense 2410 PPM Oil in Water Monitor

On-line monitoring for 0-5000 ppm concentrations of petroleum oils in effluent and produced water

The HydroSense 2410 provides a non-contacting optical design for turbid and unfiltered waters. This unit is designed for harsh environments and is available for use in hazardous classified Div 2/Zone 2 locations. (read more)

Arjay Engineering Ltd. - EC-Gold Dual Gas Detector

Stand alone gas monitoring for commercial and light industrial applications (read more)

Arjay Engineering Ltd. - Gas Alert-Toxic Gas Monitor

Economical monitoring and control for ventilation oftoxic gas in parking garages, warehouses and maintenance facilities (read more)

Arjay Engineering Ltd. - Capacitance Probes Sense Many Process Variables

Standard applications for capacitance probes include high, low and continuous product level monitoring in tanks. The NEW high resolution Model 2880 from Arjay extends applications well beyond this traditional use. (read more)

Arjay Engineering Ltd. - Oil in Water Monitor - Benchtop ppm Monitor

FluoroCheck II Benchtop ppm Monitor - Arjay Engineering.

The FluoroCheck II benchtop monitor uses the selective technology of UV Fluorescence to target the aromatic hydrocarbons in your sample. A simple site calibration correlates this a to a total ppm oil reading of your sample. (read more)