Arkalon Chemical Technologies, LLC - Electronic Grade Polymerization Initiator

AIBN has been widely used as an initiator for free radical polymerization reactions. Polymers formed by this method are used for photolithography [USAPPL20130040238] , adhesives [USAPPL 20130126090], and potting materials [USAPPL20100010133] across many industries. (read more)

Arkalon Chemical Technologies, LLC - TMC for Water Purification Membranes

Arkalon manufactures high purity 1,3,5-benzenetricarbonyl trichloride (TMC) for the production of polyamide membranes for water purification. TMC is available in bulk quantities as a glassy solid in HDPE drums or bottles. (read more)

Arkalon Chemical Technologies, LLC - Ammonium Hydroxide in Convenient-sized Containers

Arkalon provides all grades of ammonium hydroxide packaged in safe, easily handled HDPE containers. We routinely provide 30% solutions of ACS and USP Grade product. We typically package in DOT approved 5-Gallon plastic pails. (read more)

Arkalon Chemical Technologies, LLC - Custom Purification for Electronic Grade Liquids

ACT provides custom purification services, mainly aimed a producing compositions with low levels of trace element contamination. (read more)

Arkalon Chemical Technologies, LLC - Products for CVD, ALD and Spin-on Films

Arkalon Chemical Technologies, LLC ("ACT") is a dynamic, young company dedicated to helping its customers develop robust supply chains for their chemical requirements in industrial manufacturing processes. (read more)

Arkalon Chemical Technologies, LLC - Inorganic Materials

Consistent with the mission to support advanced industrial technologies, Arkalon Chemical Technologies provides a range of inorganic salts, especially rare earth and related compositions. The materials are available in custom purity grades and particle sizes. (read more)

Arkalon Chemical Technologies, LLC - PWB and Related Technologies

ACT offers products for PWB and related technologies, including Sodium Sulfite, Alcian Blue, Phenylsuccinic Acid, Pinacol, and more... (read more)

Arkalon Chemical Technologies, LLC - Chemical Supply Chains for Emerging Technologies

The foregoing comments notwithstanding, Arkalon recognized that significant differences also exist between the fine chemicals market and technology-driven industrial markets. In an effort to provide a higher level of focused service for our customers engaged in fine chemicals and pharmaceutical initiatives, we launched Aspiron as a separate division. (read more)

Arkalon Chemical Technologies, LLC - Important Ingredients for Pharmaceutical Building

Propargylamines are building blocks in the production of some pharmaceutical active ingredients. For example, anti-Parkinson propargylamine-containing MAO-B inhibitor drug, rasagiline, has neuroprotective properties. In industrial processes propargylamine-containing compositions are used for the synthesis of brightening additives for nickel plating and as corrosion inhibitors (read more)

Arkalon Chemical Technologies, LLC - Products for Photolithography

Photolithography and Nano-imprint Patterning

  • Tosic acid
  • Tosyl chloride
  • Cinnamic acid derivatives
  • Functionalized anthracenes (e.g., 9-anthracenemethanol), and related poly-nuclear aromatics
  • Norbornyl derivatives
  • HMDS
  • 2-Methyl-1-butanol and related alcohols.
  • Sudan Orange
  • Violet PR
  • B....
(read more)