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Assured Automation has promoted these products:

Assured Automation - VA Series: "Valve + Actuator" On-Off Valves

The VA Series “valve+actuator” is a compact pneumatically actuated valve for oil, water, gas and other clean services. The VA is an economical alternative to pneumatically actuated ball valves. Available in 3/8” to 2” and comes in double acting, spring to close and spring to open configurations. Excellent for water and compressed air systems.............. (read more)

Assured Automation - Stainless Steel, 3 Piece Ball Valve 36 Series

Assured Automation announces our 36 Series full port ball valve. It is a 3 piece ball valve constructed of 316 stainless steel. It is available with threaded, socket weld and quick clamp ends. The 36 Series can be equipped with a manual handle or with pneumatic or electric actuators......... (read more)

Assured Automation - PFA Lined Full Port Ball Valves

The 911 is a PFA lined, Ductile Iron, ANSI Class 150 flanged full port ball valve. (read more)

Assured Automation - 101 Series Actuated Ball Valves

The 101 is a full port, brass, NPT threaded end actuated ball valve. It can be equipped with a manual handle or with direct mount pneumatic or electric actuators. The direct mount actuators eliminate the valve-actuator mounting kit, which adds unnecessary height and expense. (read more)

Assured Automation - High Performance Butterfly Valves-HP Series

The HPW/HPL is a high performance soft seated, metal seated, fire safe butterfly valve. Body material is either Carbon steel or 316 SS. Connections are either wafer style (HPW) or lug style (HPL) and are either 150 or 300 lb. ANSI rated. It can be equipped with a manual handle or with pneumatic or electric actuators. (read more)

Assured Automation - 3-Way CS/SS Flanged Ball Valve-MPF Series

Assured Automation's new MPF Series features one piece stem/ball trunnion support design which provides for precision operation and positioning of the ball. This precise ball positioning is often not possible in more common multi-piece stem ball design.

Size one up using our Valve Configurator, or call us at 800-899-0553. (read more)

Assured Automation - Ares & Zeus Series: Angle Seat Valves

Our Angle Seat Valve is a 2/2-way pneumatically actuated piston valve suitable for liquids, gases and steam. The superior design of the piston is unique to the market, enabling the plug to retract farther from the flow path, ensuring the highest flow capacity. The dual packing design and a large diameter self-aligning stem ensures the highest cycle life. (read more)

Assured Automation - FK Series Polypropylene Butterfly Valves

Polypropylene Butterfly Valve Description
The FK Series Polypropylene Butterfly Valves offer superior strength and chemical resistance in highly corrosive environments and process flow conditions............ (read more)

Assured Automation - Industrial Grade Electronic Digital Flow Meter

Assured Automation's industrial grade electronic digital meter displays both flow rate and totals and offers durable, compact, high precision fluid measement.
(read more)

Assured Automation - 33D Series 3-Way Multiport Ball Valves

Configure, Spec & Quote 33D Series 3 Way Ball Valves

The 33D is a full port, 3-way, 316 stainless steel, NPT threaded multi-port valve. It can be equipped with a manual handle or with direct mount pneumatic or electric actuators. (read more)

Assured Automation - PTP Series PVC 3-way Diverter Ball Valves

The PTP Series 3-Way Ball Valves can be used for flow diverting, mixing, or on/off isolation. They will replace a Tee + 2 valve linkage assembly at reduced cost and space, along with shorter installation and maintenance time......... (read more)

Assured Automation - FE Series PVC Butterfly Valves

Actuated and Manual Wafer Butterfly Valves

PVC Butterfly Valve Description
The FE Series PVC Butterfly Valves incorporate many features of our industrial FK valve, yet the all PVC construction and EPDM liner make this valve the perfect choice for water and light industrial applications. (read more)

Assured Automation - Stainless Steel Ball Valves-21 Series

The 21 Series- Full port, 2-way, Stainless Steel Ball Valve featuring an investment cast 2-piece body, blow-out proof stem, and manual handle with a locking device. (read more)

Assured Automation - Lead Free Bronze Water Meters : WM-LF Series

WM-LF Series Lead-Free Bronze water meters use the widely accepted multi-jet principle, as a gear train drives the register totalizer dials. For pulse output meters, a reed switch sensor is attached to the outside of the lens and detects a magnet arm that has replaced one of the dial pointers. The reed switch output is a dry contact closure and does not require power. (read more)

Assured Automation - 2-way Solenoid Valve J Series

The J Series is a general purpose 2-way solenoid valve with NPT end connections that can be used in a wide variety of applications. (read more)

Assured Automation - Firechek Heat-Activated Pneumatic Shut-off Valves

When FireChek® senses excessive heat from a nearby fire it immediately vents the pneumatic actuator and closes the actuator air supply line. FireChek triggers quickly, securing pneumatically operated process line valves. The FireChek is FM Approved and is easy to test and reset. It can be manually reset for routine testing. (read more)

Assured Automation - Assured Automation offers new YouTube Channel

Assured Automation offers new YouTube Channel. Product videos highlighting the features and benefits of some of our product offerings include in-depth information on PVC digital water meters, angle seat valves and the VA Series-Compact automated on-off control valve that has been tested to well over 1,000,000 cycles. The channel features our unique online Valve Configurator video as well... (read more)

Assured Automation - TM Series Plastic (PVC) Flow Meter

The TM Series Flow Meter is a high output digital flow meter that offers durable, compact, high precision fluid measurement at a fraction of the price you'd expect to pay for comparable systems with similar features and benefits. (read more)

Assured Automation - New Polypro Series Butterfly Valves

The FK Polypropylene Butterfly Valve Series offers superior strength and chemical resistance in highly corrosive environments. The special trapezoid shape of the liner and a serrated body cavity guarantee a bubble tight seal while keeping break-away torque at an absolute minimum. (read more)

Assured Automation - V-Series V Port Ball Valves

Assured Automation's new V-Series modulating ball valves are designed for control of pressure, temperature, flow or level in your process plant. Control signal options include 4-20 MA, 3-15 PSI and are available in ½" through 8" sizes. Various end connections are available such as NPT, Socket Weld, Tri-Clamp, 150# Flanged, and 300# Flanged................ (read more)

Assured Automation - Full Port PVC Ball Valve Series-P2 Series

Assured Automation's new P2 Series offers a variety of advanced features such as a high quality stem and ball support system and a multifunctional locking handle. It also features the DUAL BLOCK system which locks the union nuts preventing back-off due to vibration or thermal cycling. (read more)

Assured Automation - Water Flow Meters Economical Series

This low-cost digital water flow meter easily installs either in-line or at the end of a hose. The large easy to read display and compact lightweight design will makes it easy to handle. A rugged nylon housing and sealed electronic circuitry provides years of durable use in almost any condition. Two AAA batteries power the small microprocessor for a year and are very easy to replace. (read more)

Assured Automation - Manual Valves with Limit Switches

Clark NJ - October 14, 2010- Assured Automation announces their line of manual valves with limit switches. Manual valve assemblies can be virtually constructed with proximity sensing limit switches for applications that require switch feedback on manual valves using Assured Automation's online Configurator. (read more)

Assured Automation - VAX Series High Pressure Coaxial Valves

Configure VAX Series Coaxial Valves [3/8" to 1"] Online

VAX Series coaxial valves have been proven in the control of vacuum and gaseous, liquid, gelatinous, highly viscous and contaminated media. Coaxial valves are suitable for a very broad variety of applications and exceed expectations even under the harshest conditions. (read more)

Assured Automation - Wafer/Lug Style Resilient seated Butterfly Valves

The STW/STL is a resilient seated 125/150, ductile iron, wafer style (STW) or lug style (STL) butterfly valve available with either BUNA-N or EPDM seats and a choice of disc materials (316SS, nickle plated ductile iron, or bronze). (read more)