Autonics USA, Inc. - SSR Solid State Relays (SR1-SRH1-SRC1-SRPH1-SRS1)

Autonics proudly introduce NEW SSR Solid State relay product line-ups to you. Autonics SSR series consist of various product line-ups including Detachable heatsink, Integrated heatsink, Slim Detachable heatsink type, Analog input and Socket type. Auotncis can cover Various applications in power controls of heater loads, semiconductor equipments, industrial machineries and motors, etc. (read more)


Autonics would like to introduce to the world the New LP Series HMI/PLC and GP Series HMI’s. We are very excited to offer such a flexible and user friendly interface to the market of industrial control. The LP-S077 has a 7 inch True Color LCD screen coupled with 16 inputs and 16 outputs with motion control capabilities. (read more)

Autonics USA, Inc. - Ultra-Slim Photoelectric Sensors

The Autonics BTF series photoelectric sensor provides high performance within a slim design for better user convenience. The BTF series incorporates our most advanced sensing technology including background suppression (BGS) providing highly stable sensing characteristics. (read more)

Autonics USA, Inc. - Standard Type PID Control Temperature Controllers

Standard type PID temperature controllers TK Series realizes more powerful controlling with super high-speed sampling cycle of 50ms and ±0.3% display-accuracy. It supports heating/cooling simultaneous control, automatic/manual control, SSR output/current output selectable function, SSRP output function and communication function. (read more)

Autonics USA, Inc. - Economical Dual Display PID Temperature Controller

TCN Series

  • Ideal temperature controlling with newly developed PID control algorithm and 100 ms high speed sampling
  • 8 types of input sensors RTD : Pt100O, Cu50O
    TC : K(CA), J(IC), L(IC), T(CC), R(PR), S(PR)
  • Selectable relay and SSR output in one unit with 2 alarms : SSRP output makes phase control and cycle control possible (AC power)<.../li>
(read more)
Autonics USA, Inc. - Economical PID Control Temperature Controllers

Autonics newly introduces economical PID temperature controllers, TC Series - one of the most cost effective temperature controlling solution having essential functions - realizes ideal temperature controlling with newly developed PID control algorithm and 100ms high speed sampling. Especially, that both SSRP output and relay output are supported to realize effective and economica... (read more)

Autonics USA, Inc. - Digital Switch PID Control Temp. Controllers

TD Series is digital switch type PID temperature controllers satisfying both digital switch's convenience and reliable control performance with PID control. Digital switch allows users easy SV setting and check without entering into program modes. In addition, PID control algorithm and 100ms sampling speed guarantee optimal temperature control. (read more)

Autonics USA, Inc. - Dual PID Auto Tuning Temperature Controllers

Autonics TZN Series temperature controllers provide programmable Auto Tuning, PID and ON/OFF operations. By PID Auto Tuning, temperature control operation is optimized with fast and stable response. Selectable 6 Alarm operations are available, and 2 Set points are programmable. Universal sensor inputs are acceptable (T/Cs, RTD and Analog). (read more)

Autonics USA, Inc. - Temperature Controllers

Freezing/Defrost Type (TC3YF Series)

Simple Type (TC3YT Series) (read more)

Autonics USA, Inc. - Multi-Function Touch Counter / Timer (CTS/CTY/CTM)


The Autonics newly upgraded CT Series Counter/Timer features all the functions of the original CT, but with additional functions added as well as adopting RS 485 communication. This new communication option allows the user to monitor and program the settings and parameters through our new PC DAQ Master software. (read more)

Autonics USA, Inc. - Back Light Type Digital LCD Timers

LE4S Series - Upgraded back light type digital LCD timers LE4S/LE4SA are downsized by approx. 22% saves mounting space and adopted the new design nameplate. In addition, it is available to set each value and time range separately when choosing Flicker(FK, FK I) or ON-OFF Delay(ON OFF D, ON OFF D I) output mode. (read more)

Autonics USA, Inc. - LCD Type Compact Counters/Timers/Pulse Meters

LA8N/LE8N/LR5N Series - Long life & replaceable internal lithium battery, 7 segment LCD display, Screw Terminal type and Protection structure IP66... (read more)

Autonics USA, Inc. - Digital Pulse(Rate) Meters

MP5S/MP5Y/MP5W/MP5M Series

Autonics Pulse(Rate) meters, equipped with wide range of operation modes, offer highly precise and reliable measuring even in the ultra high speed rotating of the objects, and its wide variety of the product line-up enables you to choose best fitting solutions to your needs.50kHz High-speed response function (read more)

Autonics USA, Inc. - Digital Multi Panel Meters

Digital multi panel meters MT4Y/MT4W/MT4N Series are super version panel meters with various functions including max./min. display value monitoring, display cycle delay, zero adjustment, high display correction and current output scale function, (read more)

Autonics USA, Inc. - Perfect DeviceNet based Digital Remote I/O

Autonics' first digital remote I/O - ARD Series, one of the most cost effective & advanced solutions for DeviceNet based industrial networking tools, supports excellent extensibility and perfect compatibility that covers 4 types of communication; the series includes various functions - auto communication speed identification, network voltage monitoring and status Flag monitori... (read more)

Autonics USA, Inc. - Cylindrical / Rectangular Proximity Sensors

PR/PRD/PS Series

World class noise resistance by adopting dedicated IC.

Realizing 1.5 ~ 2 times long distance sensing performance (PRD Series)

Long life cycle, High reliability and Easy operation

Protection structure by IP67

Reverse power polarity, surge, overcurrent protection

Replacer for micro switches and limit switches (read more)

Autonics USA, Inc. - Compact Amplifier Built-in Photoelectric Sensors

BJ Series realizes long sensing distance due to newly developed optical lens with the most advanced sensing algorithm and the world best class sensing performance with improved noise resistance. In addition, diverse line-ups including micro spot type model/transparent glass sensing type model satisfy every single user's need for more various industrial fields. (read more)

Autonics USA, Inc. - Photoelectric Sensors (Amplifier Built-in Type)

BEN Series

Photoelectric sensing uses a beam of light to detect the presence or absence of an object. This technology is an ideal alternative to inductive proximity sensors when the required sensing distances are longer or when the item to be sensed is non-metal. (read more)

Autonics USA, Inc. - Digital Indicating Type Fiber Optic Sensors

Digital indicating type fiber optic amplifiers BF5 Series realizes dual-display application and enables to sense high speed moving objects & minute objects, due to its 1/10,000 high resolution & 20,000 times per sec. high speed sensing. It is allowed to make up to 8 units adjacent mounting using side connectors without mutual interference. (read more)

Autonics USA, Inc. - Slim Type Area Sensors / Picking Sensors


The area sensor is the easy-to-use, non-safety light screen for general purposes using multi light beams for the detection of the objects moving in the specified areas. Autonics picking sensors, kind of the area sensor products, is ideal for small part detection and assembly applications. (read more)

Autonics USA, Inc. - Fluid/ Air Type Digital Pressure Sensors

Connector type digital pressure sensors PSAN Series realizes 1/2,000 high resolution. It enables to cover more diverse functions with auto shift function that makes stable output possible regardless of initial pressure change. It is high performance pressure sensor realizing Max. 2.5ms high speed response, 2 independent output function and Normal Open/Normal Close output selection... (read more)

Autonics USA, Inc. - Absolute Type Multi-turn Rotary Encoders

ø50mm shaft type absolute multi-turn rotary encoders EPM50 Series makes possible to provide both synchronous output of absolute position data per revolution and revolution count data with 23 bit high resolution and accuracy. It also offers more diverse user's choice with parallel and serial(SSI) transmission type line-up. (read more)

Autonics USA, Inc. - Incremental Rotary Encoders

E*S/E*H Series

By converting shaft rotation into electronic pulses, encoders are used to electronically monitor the position of a rotating shaft. Autonics rotary encoders of various sizes and types offer high-quality and precise measuring of the operating position and speed of the rotating shaft, etc. for more precise control of the objects. (read more)

Autonics USA, Inc. - 5 Phase Stepping Motors

AK/AHK Series

Stepping motors convert electricity into rotation. And it can be very accurately controlled in terms of how far it will rotate and how fast. Autonics wide range of 5 phase stepping motors promise ultra precise, reliable operation and control of the industrial equipment like SMT for semiconductors, office & computer related equipment, medical equipment and... (read more)

Autonics USA, Inc. - 5-Phase Micro Stepping Motor Drivers

MD5-HD14 / HF14 / HF28 Series

Step motor drivers are to control the step motors by the command of its upper class control equipment like PC, Controller, etc. Autonics 2 & 5 phase step motor of drivers of high resolution & quick response are definitely the optimized solutions for more efficient control of every step motor. (read more)