Avantes - Spectrometers for Vacuum UV and DUV Applications

Avantes now offers a variety of spectrometer options for DUV and VUV applications. The versatile AvaSpec instrument line is available with purge ports and specialized grating and detector options for deep UV and Vacuum UV applications. (read more)

Avantes - AvaSpec-UV/VIS/NIR spectrometer

Avantes is pleased to annouce the introduction of the AvaSpec-UV/VIS/NIR spectrometer system for the ultimate broadband coverage. This instrument provides for continuous spectral measurements from 190-1700 nm in a small package. (read more)

Avantes - NIR Spectrometers Up To 2500nm

For measurements in the near infrared range out to 1.7, 2.0, 2,2, 2.5 µm , Avantes offers a variety of instruments. Avantes NIRline spectrometers are available with 256 and 512 pixel detector arrays. Most of the instruments are thermo-electrically cooled down to -25C against ambient except the AvaSpec-NIR256-1.7 which has an uncooled detector array. (read more)

Avantes - AvaSpec–RS Replaceable-Slit Spectrometer Option

Avantes exclusive replaceable slit technology provides you with maximum versatility. Avantes in UV/VIS and NIR configurations (190-1700 nm). Now this spectrometer option is available on our thermo-electrically cooled spectrometers. (read more)

Avantes - AvaSpec Multichannel Fiber Optic Spectrometers

Do you need more precise measurements over a broad range? Or multiple measurements at the same moment for process control? AvaSpec multi-channel spectrometers fulfill your every need. You can select from our range of spectrometer detectors, choose different slits or gratings: anything is possible.

Two enclosure options are available: the 9” desktop housing for up to 4 channe... (read more)

Avantes - AvaRaman- Raman Spectroscopy System

Avantes uses the high-sensitivity AvaSpec spectrometers in combination with a 532 nm, 633 nm or 785 nm laser to give you the best result for your Raman measurements (read more)

Avantes - Spectroscopy Solutions for Thin Film Measurements

Avantes instruments and fiber-optic sampling tools enable spectroscopic reflectometry measurements to support applications in a variety of industries from semiconductor to solar and optical coating measurements. (read more)

Avantes - Biomedical Spectrometry Solutions

Avantes has extensive experience in the biomedical industry. Over the years, we have supported the development of both non-invasive and invasive spectrometry solutions for tissue and blood parameter measurements.

Some of the important medical indicators which Avantes has worked with include oxygen, hemoglobin, cytochrome and water concentration measurements in tissues and in the v... (read more)

Avantes - Integrated Miniature OEM Spectrometer

The ULSi is the ideal choice for any OEM system integrator. The same quality spectrometers Avantes is well-known for, now in an easy-to-install package. Click here for more info The same quality Avantes is well-known for, now in an easy-to-install package: the ULSi is the ideal choice for any OEM system integrator. Fiber optic spectrometers have been integrated into many end-user systems... (read more)

Avantes - Micro Spectrometers For Food Manufacturing

Question: I'm in food manufacturing. Can Avantes instruments assist me in quality control testing?

Yes! Avantes has a great deal of experience working in the dairy and food industries. (read more)