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BEI Sensors has promoted these products:

BEI Sensors - Comprehensive Range of Functional Safety Encoders

The new functional safety incremental encoder range from BEI Sensors is certified by TÜV Rheinland and provides the most complete safety encoder offering on the market today. (read more)

BEI Sensors - Express Encoders® for Quick Delivery

The Express Encoders series from BEI Sensors are popular configurations of standard models that ship in 3 days or less with no expedite fees. There are six package styles (four incremental and two absolute) to choose from and over 2,000 different configurations. (read more)

BEI Sensors - Inclinometers for Harsh Outdoor Applications

New Inclinometer Series Offers Precise Tilt Measurement for Harsh Applications BEI Sensors introduces the T-Series industrial inclinometer, a compact and high performance sensor for measurement of slope or tilt angles of an object with respect to gravity. The T-Series uses advanced MEMS technology, which offers the best combination of precision and responsiveness for today... (read more)

BEI Sensors - Triple Certified Hazardous Area Encoders

BEI Sensors’ full line of UL-certified nonincendive Division 2 encoders are now compliant to CENELEC/ATEX and IECEx non-sparking Zone 2 hazardous area standards. (read more)

BEI Sensors - Customize position sensor output with BEI's PHD

The Programmable Hall Device (PHD) from BEI Sensors provides an easy way to take control of customizing the output of BEI Hall effect sensors. This compact programming unit allows users to field program output functions that meet specific requirements. (read more)

BEI Sensors - Versatile IP69K Rated Hall Effect Position Sensor

BEI Sensors' versatile Model 9960 Hall effect rotary position sensor offers a wide range of communication options and expanded environmental operation with an IP69K rating. (read more)

BEI Sensors - BEI's Speed and Position Sensor Selection Guide

BEI Sensors' short form product selection guide explains the fundamentals of the various speed and position sensing technologies as well as how to choose which is best suited to a customer’s particular application. (read more)

BEI Sensors - BEI's UL & ATEX Rated Explosion Proof Encoder

Model HS52 from BEI Sensors is the industry's first UL and ATEX rated explosion proof hollow shaft rotary encoder, capable of operating directly in Division 1 and Zone 1 without an IS barrier. (read more)

BEI Sensors - Encoder Model HS52: Product review by Design World

Design World's Senior Editor, Miles Budimir, reviews BEI's explosion proof hollow shaft encoder Model HS52. (read more)

BEI Sensors - BEI Sensors How to Install an Encoder Video Series

BEI Sensors has released a video series detailing how to install industrial rotary encoders. (read more)

BEI Sensors - BEI Sensors Oil & Gas Industry Brochure

This brochure from BEI Sensors focuses on position sensing solutions for the oil and gas industry. (read more)

BEI Sensors - BEI Wireless Industrial Sensor Interface Brochure

Discover how BEI's SwiftComm wireless encoder interface was designed from the ground up to meet the wireless demands of industrial motion control applications with this informative brochure. (read more)

BEI Sensors - BEI Industrial Encoders for Dummies: 2nd Edition

Select and install encoders correctly for trouble-free performance with BEI Sensors' newly updated Industrial Encoder for Dummies 2nd-Edition. Whether you are a novice or an expert on encoders, Industrial Encoders for Dummies will help you find out more about these multipurpose devices. (read more)

BEI Sensors - BEI Sensors Off-road & Industrial Vehicle Brochure

This two page brochure highlights BEI Sensors' capabilities in providing rugged and reliable position sensor solutions in the harsh environments that are standard for off-road and industrial vehicle applications. (read more)

BEI Sensors - BEI Omnicoder®: Programmable Encoder

BEI Sensors' Omnicoder® allows users to easily program the encoder resolution anywhere between 1 - 10,000 counts per turn. The Omnicoder allows for virtually unlimited resolution variations in a user-friendly design and is packaged in BEI's flagship Model H25® encoder. (read more)

BEI Sensors - Linear cable transducer offers simple installation

BEI Sensors' linear cable transducer provides digital position and speed feedback information in a rugged, easy-to-install package. Model LT25 cable transducer utilizes a flexible measuring cable mounted to an internal spring-loaded spool and quadrature encoder output to precisely measure linear motion applications. (read more)

BEI Sensors - Precise and Rugged Absolute Hollow Shaft Encoder

Built on the same rugged design as the incremental hollow-shaft model, the HS35 Absolute Encoder is available in 12 or 13 bits for precise position control applications. Hollow shaft encoders are particularly suited for installations that have limited axial space on the shaft. With an overall installed length of about 2 inches, the HS35 absolute encoder makes for a very compact package. (read more)

BEI Sensors - Dual Encoder to USB Converter Allows PC Access

Translate encoder data to industry standard USB 2.0 format and access it directly through a PC with the Dual Encoder to USB Converter. The module can handle signals from two SSI absolute encoders or two quadrature incremental encoders. It is ideal for system setup and debugging, data acquisition, analysis, monitoring and PC based control applications. (read more)

BEI Sensors - Absolute encoder delivers high precision

Model-L18 absolute encoder provides system designers with high resolution in a small mounting footprint. This model features 13 bits (8192 counts) per turn absolute resolution in only a 1.8-inch servo package. (read more)

BEI Sensors - BEI Electronic Modules for Optical Encoders

BEI offers a selection of electronic modules for use with optical encoders, including DIN Rail-mountable Optical Isolator, Signal Conditioners, Anti-Dither, Serial-to-Parallel Converter, Intrinsic Safety Barrier, and Encoder Tester devices. (read more)

BEI Sensors - Save Time & Money: Dual Output Drawworks Encoder

BEI's drawworks encoder is now available with a dual output option. This type of encoder is specifically designed to be use with winch-turns counter in the drawworks system of oil rigs. The dual output allows the encoder to supply simultaneous position feedback to two separate systems from a single encoder. (read more)

BEI Sensors - Stainless Steel Encoders Resist Chemical Attack

BEI's industry standard H25 and H20 incremental rotary encoders are now available with a stainless steel housing option. Harsh industrial applications often expose plant equipment to caustic chemical materials, resulting in premature deterioration and failure. (read more)

BEI Sensors - Sealed Encoders for Harsh Environments

BEI Sensors' ES encoder series is a line of environmentally sealed encoders designed specifically for harsh industrial applications. Through the use of a magnetic hub, these rugged incremental encoders are completely enclosed and sealed. The hub is installed on the equipment's mating shaft, leaving a small air gap between it and the encoder. This isolates the encoder from high... (read more)

BEI Sensors - MSHA approved encoder for underground mines

When your application needs the ability to recover position information quickly after a power loss and you are operating in a hazardous area – the H38 may be the answer to your needs. (read more)

BEI Sensors - Rugged HS35 hollow shaft industrial encoder

BEI Sensors' HS35 is a heavy-duty hollow shaft encoder with a rugged cast metal housing and dual preloaded bearings for robustness and reliability. This product features rotating shaft seals and a sealed connector for NEMA 4, 13 and IP65 ratings. (read more)