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BOXCO Inc. - IP67 Terminal Block Box

BOXCO Inc. offers terminal block boxes. (read more)

BOXCO Inc. - PLASTIC ENCLOSURE DUAL DOOR - Electrical enclosure

SpecificationsIt is very strong as fixed with 4 supports and it has good external appearance. The dual door makes to install equipment easily1. Luxury design2. Easy to assembling kits3. Strong construction with door frame, supports, hinge, handle, door panel4. Soft opening&closing the dual door (read more)

BOXCO Inc. - Plastic enclosure<S series>

-Lift off screw cover typeModel Name:BC-AGS-000000(size)-Grey cover, ABS materialBC-ATS-000000(size)-Transparent cover, ABS materialBC-PGS-000000(size)-Grey cover, ABS/PC materialBC-PTS-000000(size)-Transparent cover, ABS/PC materialBC-CGS-000000(size)-Grey cover, PC materialBC-CTS-000000(size)-Transparent cover, PC... (read more)

BOXCO Inc. - Plastic enclosure IP66/67

-BOXCO IP66/67 Molded hinge type & latch type Plastic enclosure (read more)

BOXCO Inc. - Cable Glands

Many different varieties of cable glands and related accessories are available. (read more)

BOXCO Inc. - IP66/67 enclosure for controller

BOXCO SUS hinge type plastic enclosure

- Medium and large size BOXCO H series enclosure (read more)

BOXCO Inc. - Plastic Enclosure (Screw Bolt Type)

BOXCO S-type Plastic Enclosure< S series > - Lift off screw cover type (read more)

BOXCO Inc. - Plastic Enclosure(H type) IP66/67

Medium Size Plastic Enclosure Boxes with Stainless Steel Hinge-Hinged latch cover type

-BOXCO H series enclosure(SUS hinge and latch type) (read more)

BOXCO Inc. - Plastic enclosure(P Type)

Units-Hinge Plastic Enclosure Boxes (P Series)-Molded hinge type&latch type (read more)


- Placing keypad or logo sticker on screw cover typeModel Name:BC-AGM-000000-Grey cover, ABS materialBC-ATM-000000-Clear cover, ABS materialBC-PGM-000000-Grey cover, ABS/PC materialBC-PTM-000000-Clear cover, ABS/PC materialBC-CGM-000000-Grey cover, PC materialBC-CTM-000000-Clear cover, PC material (read more)


-Lift off screw cover type1. Available 2 plastic type of non-flush handle screw(indluded) or flush cross screw(optional)2. Reinforced self-threaded design3. Type 4X&IP67 for indoor&outdoor application by neoprene gasket seal4. Available 50 kinds sizes from 50x65x45 mm to 380x560x180 mm5. Selectable gray or clear cover... (read more)

BOXCO Inc. - Push button box

Material : ABS, PC/ABS, PC, AluminiumHole size : 22, 25, 30pieHole : 1~4 holes are availableBox size : 80x110x70~80x250x70mm/WLH(Plastic)80x75x57~80x250x57mm/WLH(Aluminum) (read more)

BOXCO Inc. - Plastic enclosure(P series)-Wall mount Enclosure

- Molded hinge type&latch typeModel Name:BC-AGP-000000(size)-Grey cover, ABS materialBC-ATP-000000(size)-Transparent cover, ABS materialBC-PGP-000000(size)-Grey cover, ABS/PC materialBC-PTP-000000(size)-Transparent cover, PC materialBC-CGP-000000(size)-Grey cover, PC materialBC-CTP-000000(size)-Transparent cover... (read more)