BREN Inc. - Stencils for Military Applications

All Military Contractors must live with the burden of providing contract approved marking for both products and shipping containers going to the U.S. and Foreign customers. For most this means using STENCILS. A time proven marking method preferred Worldwide. (read more)

BREN Inc. - Stencil,Sign & Masking for Municipal Application

Municipal marking applications cover the full range, from a simple re-usable stencil for Parks & Recreation or Special Events to full MUTCD, SEGD, OSHA and ADA compliant signs. (read more)

BREN Inc. - Stencil and Vinyl Cutters

The BREN 600 Pro Series cutters make everything happen seamlessly while providing years of trouble-free operation. Differing only in the width of material and size of cut, the versitility of BREN cutters provides you unlimited options. Produce true stencils, small-character stencils, paint masks, signs, and lettering in over 300 colors using a wide array of materials... (read more)

BREN Inc. - Stencil, Sign & Masking for Industrial Application

INDUSTRIAL and MANUFACTURING applications for a BREN system are as varied as the companies that use them or the products they make. Re-usable, high-quality STENCILS, Product Making by Ink, Paint, Abrasive, Chemical-Etch or Adhesive Vinyl films. (read more)

BREN Inc. - Stencil Materials

BREN has developed stencil materials used in almost any application imaginable. From general purpose to specialized Military Applications. From SMALL CHARACTER stencils, HIGH TEMPERATURE stencils, ADHESIVE BACKED stencils or stencils that have specific MAGNETIC capabilities, whether your need is in the Industrial, Military or Municipal fields or in the Commercial, Home Decorating we've g... (read more)

BREN Inc. - Stencil, Sign and Masking for Commercial

Uses for a BREN cutter are almost unlimited. From simple "Sign Shops" to Advertising, Re-Moldelling, Construction, Hardware, Auto-Body Work, Tattooing, and Body Painting or Thousands of other jobs, BREN provides cutters engineered and built to cut out wide assortments of Stencil and Masking Materials with the added benefit of easily cutting... (read more)


Fully MUTCD Compliant Electronic Sign System for under $4,000.00! BREN, Inc., a 40 year old Marking Devices Company, offers it's 600 series Sign & Stencil Systems for use by anyone needing to produce modern approved Traffic Control Devices including Street Name Signs, Warning, Regulatory, Safety and Emergency Signage. (read more)

BREN Inc. - ProColorâ„¢ Sign Vinyl

Pro-Color™ vinyl

A 3.2 mil. Semi-Gloss 5-Year Calendered Vinyl with a clear acrylic permanent adhesive. Calendered vinyl, is a good choice for basic signs. Designed for interior/exterior signs, posters, show cards and banners. Exterior life 5 years, (Gold and Silver 3 years). Attractive semi-gloss finish. (read more)

BREN Inc. - Power-Pro Cutters

Big, fast and powerful, the Power-Pro models will easily meet the needs of the most demanding applications. Handling material sizes up to 60 inches, with digital presets for up to 5 different material types, mounted on rugged heavy duty stands with precision roll-feed holders and convenience features to make repetitive production fast and simple. (read more)

BREN Inc. - Pro-Series Stencil Cutters

Pro-Series Cutters from BREN are complete and ready to cut, right out of the box. Just add your PC. The Ideal Stencil Machines for Modern Stencil Cutting. (read more)