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Baumer Ltd. has promoted these products:

Baumer Ltd. - Rotary Encoder Expedite Program, Same-Day Shipping

Baumer Ltd. announces same-day shipping for rotary incremental encoders. The HS35 series line of optical, 3.5-inch flange encoders with up to 1-inch hollow shaft design, allow for hundreds of thousands of configurations. These items can be shipped the same day for orders received by 12:00 PM Eastern Time, with no additional charges added for expediting. (read more)

Baumer Ltd. - VeriSens Vision Sensors with Color FEX

Baumer has expanded its VeriSens XC series vision sensor portfolio to include models capable of color identification and inspection. Setup is remarkably simple and reliable with the new Color FEX assistant. The new VGA and 1.2 megapixel models are ideally-suited for automation tasks in packaging, pick and pack, assembly monitoring, product encoding and quality assurance app... (read more)

Baumer Ltd. - PosCon 3D for Exact, Reliable Edge Measurement

The innovative optical edge sensor PosCon 3D by Baumer is the most powerful in its class. It will reliably master tasks which previously required complex laser measuring systems. Additionally, the PosCon 3D provides impressive convenience in both operation and installation. (read more)

Baumer Ltd. - VisiLine cameras with USB 3.0 interface

Baumer’s highly successful VisiLine series industrial cameras are now available with USB 3.0 interface. Providing simple solutions to demanding image processing tasks, VisiLine cameras are ideally suited for robotics, packaging and print inspection, medical technology, and renewable energy applications. (read more)

Baumer Ltd. - High-Res CMOS Cameras Up to 20 Megapixels

Baumer announces the new LX series expanding our portfolio with cameras including high-resolution CMOSIS sensors and Dual GigE interface. They are ideal for applications with demanding requirements of high-definition quality in image acquisition at high throughput. The LX series masters such tasks with 8, 12 and 20 megapixel resolutions and the 240 MB/s bandwidth of Dual GigE interface. (read more)

Baumer Ltd. - Baumer GAPI SDK for Cameras in Diverse Apps.

All Baumer GigE and USB3 Vision cameras are now available with the newly released version 2.2 of the Baumer GAPI software development kit (SDK). (read more)

Baumer Ltd. - Fast, Easy, Flexible: USB 3.0 Board Level Cameras

Baumer further develops the MX camera series by adding the fast USB 3.0 interface and additional performance features, increasing added value for users in industrial image processing installations or medical and laboratory technology. Diverse application possibilities, easy USB connection and maximum flexibility in minimal installation spaces characterize the ten new camera models. (read more)

Baumer Ltd. - Programmable Encoders Reduce Cost and Effort

By cutting down on inventory and speeding up delivery time, programmable encoders provide numerous benefits to the user. Baumer's EIL580P incremental encoders add a programmable product variant to the Baumer modular OptoPulse encoder series. (read more)

Baumer Ltd. - U500 NextGen Sensors in Ultrasonic Technology

With the U500 sensor, the Baumer Group now expands the portfolio of NextGen sensors to ultrasonic technology. Thanks to OneBox Design, the new sensors are identical in design and size with their series O500 photoelectric counterparts. This offers the user maximum flexibility in the planning phase or during later conversion measures. (read more)

Baumer Ltd. - U500 NextGen Ultrasonic Sensors Offer Flexibility

With the U500 sensor, the Baumer Group now expands the portfolio of NextGen sensors to ultrasonic technology. Thanks to OneBox Design, the new sensors are identical in design and size with their series O500 photoelectric counterparts. This offers the user maximum flexibility in the planning phase or during later conversion measures. (read more)

Baumer Ltd. - Hygienic Sensors for Food & Beverage Processing

Baumer's Broad Product Portfolio Available in Hygienic and Wash Down Designs (read more)

Baumer Ltd. - Inductive Factor 1 Sensors Provide Consistency

A new line of inductive Factor 1 sensors from Baumer provides the industry's largest sensing distance for high switching frequency sensors, offering solutions to fast-moving processes, more reproducible measurements, and smaller measuring offsets for applications in the Heavy Vehicle, Oil and Gas, Packaging, Bottling, Food and Beverage, Assembly, and Handling markets. (read more)

Baumer Ltd. - Flexible Magnetic Encoder for Accurate Measuring

New HDMag flex magnetic encoders from Baumer allow great flexibility in mounting and accurate measuring under harsh conditions on large shafts such as those in torque motors, generators, large drive units, azipod drive units (PODs), hoists and cranes, paper machinery, wind turbines, and hydroelectric plants. (read more)

Baumer Ltd. - Ultrasonic Sensor for Harsh Environments

Baumer's new Series 70 Ultrasonic Sensors provide long-range measurement and proximity sensing for harsh environments. This new ultrasonic sensor family adds new features to proven technology to solve very demanding applications in the Food & Beverage, Logistics, Packaging, and Printing & Graphics markets. (read more)

Baumer Ltd. - Incremental Encoders for the Drives Industry

HS35 and OptoPulse EIL580 series encoders from Baumer offer design flexibility for engineers in drive applications (read more)

Baumer Ltd. - New O300 Series 1-Inch Photoelectric Sensors

The proven technology of the O500 series is now available in the smaller, 1-inch mounting size O300 series. (read more)

Baumer Ltd. - Inductive sensors with 60% larger sensing range

Baumer’s new IFRM04/05 series inductive sensors with 1.6mm sensing distance offer the greatest range of any sensor with greater than 1 kHz switching frequency (read more)

Baumer Ltd. - HOG86L with FOI: up to 2,200-meter cable lengths

New HOG 86 L with Fiber Optic Interface incremental heavy duty encoder provides solution for outdoor, long cable run applications up to 2,200 meters in length (read more)

Baumer Ltd. - VisiLine cameras with IP 65/67 protection

Baumer's new VisiLine IP camera models are especially suitable for demanding applications in harsh industrial environments (read more)

Baumer Ltd. - Sin/Cos Multiturn Encoders with Analog Interface

New Output Variant Simplifies System Integration and Diagnostics (read more)

Baumer Ltd. - OptoPulse EIL580: New incremental encoder family

Baumer announces "OptoPulse EIL580," a flexible and efficient platform of incremental encoders in 58 mm size. (read more)

Baumer Ltd. - CleverLevel: The all-around level switch

The CleverLevel series from Baumer provides convenient, precise, easy and maintenance free level detection technology.

Most level switches have large vibrating forks. Errors can therefore result due to materials sticking to the forks.

The CleverLevel series prevents media remnants from accumulating. A precise and reliable level detection is thus ensured. (read more)

Baumer Ltd. - Baumer O500 Series Next Generation Sensors

With the innovative O500 series, Baumer presents a new performance category of optical sensor technology, providing maximum safety and convenience. (read more)

Baumer Ltd. - Baumer's HS35 - Rugged, Accurate & Programmable
  • HS35 incremental hollow shaft encoders
  • Rugged, accurate and programmable
  • ≤ 60 arcsec accuracy
  • Fully programmable version for drop-in replacement from stock
(read more)
Baumer Ltd. - VeriSens® XC Vision Sensors With Flash Controller
  • Fully integrated flash controller
  • Resolutions up to 2 megapixels
  • C-Mount design allows for user lens selection
(read more)
Baumer Ltd. - HOG 86 Encoders Thrive in Tough Environments
  • Extremely robust designs
  • Quick installation with flexible mounting options
  • Available with dual and insulated bearings; longlife hybrid bearings also available.
  • IP66 rating
  • EMS monitoring optional
  • Ex protection for gas and dust - II3G Ex nA T4 X & II3D Ex tD IP66 A22 T135° C
  • Available in TLL, HTL, and f...
(read more)
Baumer Ltd. - SmartReflect - the Light Barrier Innovation
  • SmartReflect™ - the first light barrier without separate reflector or receiver
  • Creates a closed light beam between the sensor and any part of the machine
  • Detects targets reliably, regardless of color, shape, transparency or surface texture
  • Available in IP69K rated hygienic or wash-down, standard plastic housing and a miniature version
(read more)
Baumer Ltd. - Photo & Inductive Sensors for Food and Beverage

- photoelectric and inductive sensors in smooth V4A stainless steel housings

- EHEDG-certified, Ecolab-approved and FDA compliant

- IP69K rating

- -40 to +100 °C operating temperature range

- SmartReflect light barriers eliminate the need for a separate reflector (read more)

Baumer Ltd. - New High Speed Camera with 4 Megapixels
  • CMOS Sensor with Global Shutter
  • 2048 x 2048 pixel with 180 fps
  • Compact housing measuring 52 x 52 x 38 mm
  • Internal 256 MB memory for acquisition of image sequences
  • CameraLink Full interface
(read more)