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Bead Electronics has promoted these products:

Bead Electronics - Custom Interconnect Pins for Your Automotive Needs

Custom Interconnect Pins for Your Automotive Electrical Needs (read more)

Bead Electronics - Proud Parents of Electronic Contact Pins

We can't help but to draw similarities between our children and our electronic contact pins. We are proud parents of them both. Unlike most parents, at Bead, we welcome you to scrutinize our "children". (read more)

Bead Electronics - Electrical Connectors for Mechanical Applications

No matter what the intended application is, we have the experience and technical expertise to create the electrical contact pins you need. We offer an economical alternative to the high cost of machined components and the long lead-time and expensive tooling for custom stampings. (read more)

Bead Electronics - Continuous Reeled Contact Pins - PCB applications

Our Tandem Pin® brand end-to-end pins have precision tips for lower insertion force and more dependable connections. Consistent length and a smooth transition between the pin tip and body assure accurate cut-off and cleaner insertion. Bead can also manufacture reliable insertion tooling for your insertion heads. (read more)

Bead Electronics - High Quality Interconnect Pins for OEM's and CMs

Our unique engineering, manufacturing and processing capabilities allow us to design, tool and produce custom interconnect pins very quickly with minimal tooling charges. You just specify the requirements, and we’ll build your custom interconnect pin quickly without breaking your budget. (read more)

Bead Electronics - Reduce Insertion and Mating Force by 35%

Bead's precision pin tips reduce insertion and mating forces by up to 35%. This makes them ideal for all your PCB, connector, and wire wrap applications. Square and round solid wire pins are available in a wide variety of configurations including straight, right angle, offset, stars, flanges, serrations, and barbs. (read more)

Bead Electronics - High Performance C-197 Alloy Pins

Need a custom power connector or pin assembly? Bead has the solution. Our unique engineering, manufacturing, and processing capabilities allow us to design, tool and produce custom power connectors, and pin assemblies very quickly with minimal tooling charges. (read more)

Bead Electronics - Low Cost Short Lead Time: Custom Components

Bead offers an economical alternative to your component needs by using a unique manufacturing process called swaging. Send us your drawing or idea, and we will supply you with high performing, low cost custom solutions for your application. (read more)