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Bead Electronics - Custom Contact Pins + Value-Added Options

Bead's unique engineering and manufacturing capabilities allow us to design, tool, and produce custom components very quickly with minimal tooling charges. Tell us your functional requirements and Bead will build you a custom component - usually within two weeks - without breaking your budget. (read more)

Bead Electronics - Bead's Parabolic Pin Tip = 60% Less Insertion Force

Custom parabolic pin tips from Bead Electronics come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and require 60% less insertion force than similar products from competitors. (read more)

Bead Electronics - Online Pin Builder for Cost Effective Contact Pins

Let's get started building your custom contact pin using Bead's online spec tool! Read more about "How To Customize a Standard Contact Pin Without Blowing Your Budget-follow these steps!" (read more)

Bead Electronics - Economical Lamp Pins For Specialty Lighting

Bead’s economical lamp pins are used in the T12, T8, and T5 lamps that light homes and businesses around the world. They are also used in specialty applications such as UV lamps for water and air purification and high intensity theatrical, operating theater, and runway lighting. (read more)

Bead Electronics - Electrical Connectors for Many Applications

Using a century-old swaging process, Bead manufactures custom electrical contact pins for nearly any application. Our process yields a less expensive and more refined product than the high-cost of machine components or custom stamped pins. (read more)

Bead Electronics - True Grip Contact Pins - Circuit Board Assemblers

The hybrid True Grip contact pin offers circuit board assemblers:

  • simplified processing
  • strong reliable connections
  • fewer assembly defects
(read more)
Bead Electronics - Automotive Custom Interconnect Pins

With great variance in automotive design, Bead Electronics can make any custom pin you may need in a fast, more cost efficient manner. (read more)

Bead Electronics - Bead Contact Pins-Custom, Quick and Cost-effective

We manufacture a wide variety of standard solid, tubular and end-to-end contact PCB pins that can be found in flex circuits, High power applications, tubular standoffs, and hundreds of other applications that can be made to custom design (read more)

Bead Electronics - Swaged Tubular Pins

Bead Electronics manufactures precision tubular pins usings our time tested swaging process. We can make custom orders fast and at a competitive cost, and can guarantee a strong pin end product. (read more)

Bead Electronics - Custom Contact Pins for Connector Applications

Bead supplies custom contact pins to some of the world’s largest connector manufacturers

Connector users want more features, higher performance and lower cost. Bead can help connector manufacturers respond to these market demands quickly through our unique swaging process, which can produce pins at a faster and more cost effective rate than our competitors, as well as... (read more)