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Bead Electronics - Custom Interconnect Pins for Your Automotive Needs

Custom Interconnect Pins for Your Automotive Electrical Needs (read more)

Bead Electronics - Electrical Connectors for Mechanical Applications

No matter what the intended application is, we have the experience and technical expertise to create the electrical contact pins you need. We offer an economical alternative to the high cost of machined components and the long lead-time and expensive tooling for custom stampings. (read more)

Bead Electronics - Need Custom, Cost-Effective Contact Pins?

How To Customize a Standard Contact Pin Without Blowing Your Budget (read more)

Bead Electronics - Parabolic Pin Tip = 60% Less Insertion Force

Bead's smooth, parabolic pin tips requires 60% less insertion force. That means less abrasions on the mating surface and a more reliable connection. Ideal for all your PCB, connector and wire wrap applications, our square and round solid wire pins are available in a wide variety of configurations, including: straight, right angle, offset, stars, flanges, serrations and barbs (read more)

Bead Electronics - Looking for Custom, Quick and Cost-effective?

We offer a wide variety of standard solid, tubular and end-to-end contact PCB pins that can be found in:

  • Flex Circuits
  • High Power Applications
  • Tubular Standoffs
(read more)
Bead Electronics - End-to-End Pins with Retention Features

Bead delivers a quick, custom and cost-effective end-to-end pins with endless features:

  • Stars
  • Stand-offs
  • Flanges
  • Coined sections
  • Multiple features
(read more)
Bead Electronics - Fewer Assembly Defects

Traditional pin-through-paste processing causes conductive material to be disbursed creating contamination, defects and scrap. The True Grip pin needs only a doughnut of solder under the flange to produce a strong reliable joint. This reduces the amount of solder required by up to 33% while minimizing debris and achieving a better mechanical and electrical connection. (read more)

Bead Electronics - Strong Reliable Connections

The hybrid True Grip contact pin offers circuit board assemblers:

  • simplified processing
  • strong reliable connections
  • fewer assembly defects
(read more)
Bead Electronics - Simplified Processing

The True Grip pin offers circuit board assemblers simplified processing, strong reliable connections, fewer assembly defects and lower production costs. The square through hole section firmly engages the PCB while the unique flange defines a consistent seating plane and presents a large soldering surface for strong reliable surface mount processing. (read more)

Bead Electronics - The history and benefits of swaging

Are you looking for a custom component supplier able to deliver pins to your specifications? Are you unsure which metal fabrication process would best suit your needs? (read more)