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Berg W.M., Inc.

Berg W.M., Inc. has promoted these products:

Berg W.M., Inc. - Gearboxes

Gearboxes are mechanisms that use gears to provide speed and torque conversions from a rotating power source to another device. (read more)

Berg W.M., Inc. - Ratchet and Pawls

Ratchet and Pawls are used to allow continuous linear or rotary motion in only one direction. It will also prevent motion in the opposite direction. (read more)

Berg W.M., Inc. - Min-E-Pitch

Min-E-Pitch belts consist of polyurethane plastic molded over either a single, double or triple stainless steel or aramid cable cores. Due to the unique design, this series offers a flexible, quiet, lube free drive that can obtain zero backlash. (read more)

Berg W.M., Inc. - Sprockets

Sprockets are used to transmit rotary motion between two shafts where gears are not suitable. (read more)

Berg W.M., Inc. - Miter and Bevel Gears

W.M. Berg offers reliable miter and bevel gears operating at high speeds. W.M. Berg proudly supplies high quality, high efficiency miter and bevel gears ideal for use in every industry. We offer varying pitch/module and bore sizes to meet all of your needs. W.M. Berg supplies pin hub and clamp hub varieties manufactured of the best stainless steel and aluminum. (read more)

Berg W.M., Inc. - Beam Couplings

Specializing in cutomer-specific beam couplings. Free Quote Response, Quick Delivery and Custom Solutions (read more)

Berg W.M., Inc. - Standard and Custom Manufacturing

When you commit to Berg, you get a team of committed experts, all focused on your productivity and mindful of your time and timing.

Whether your needs are standard, non-standard, or for custom parts, we can step in and provide excellent customer service, engineering support, as well as partner with you for future opportunities. (read more)

Berg W.M., Inc. - The Berg Estimating Department

Accurately forecasting the cost of projects is vital to the survival of any business. The Berg Estimating Dept. is a "one-stop-shop" for your specialty needs. (read more)

Berg W.M., Inc. - Inspection Services

W.M Bergs' commitment to quality is evident in everything we do. From material selection, to final production, the strictest control measures are implemented. Our Inspection department adheres to the highest standards of quality. (read more)

Berg W.M., Inc. - Gears from WM Berg

WM Berg manufactures several styles of gears. Each gear has and serves its own particular application. (read more)

Berg W.M., Inc. - Gear Racks

Gear racks are a very important component of the gear industry offering a unique ability to convert rotary motion into linear motion. In gear theory,the gear rack is a spur gear with a infinite pitch diameter. (read more)

Berg W.M., Inc. - Flexible Shaft Couplings

Berg has now added flexible shaft couplings to its extensive coupling family. Flexible shaft couplings are ideal for transmitting power and motion over, under, around or through obstacles. Their design allows for the problems of misalignment or vibration to be easily overcome. (read more)

Berg W.M., Inc. - Thermoplastic Bearings

As a result of new developments in thermoplastic compounds, Berg has added a new line of durable, long-lasting thermoplastic bearings to its line of components. (read more)

Berg W.M., Inc. - Vibration Damping Components

WM Berg carries a full product line that provides precision leveling for lightweight and heavy machinery. These products are widely recognized for their excellent vibration and shock absorption characteristics. The material's unique properties make it ideal for applications involving heavy machinery that require both shock absorption and vibration isolation. (read more)

Berg W.M., Inc. - Leveling Components

WM Berg offers a complete line of Leveling Mounts and Components. Our anti-vibration leveling mounts are designed to handle a wide range of loads under varying conditions. These leveling components are used from the food industry to electronics. (read more)

Berg W.M., Inc. - Linear Slides

Linear slides are precision mechanisms that play an important role in the many applications of rolling motion. These preassembled components offer design engineers the ability to move other mounted mechanisms smoothly and accurately across a given plane. (read more)

Berg W.M., Inc. - Belts, Chains Sprockets & Pulleys

WM Berg manufactures a wide variety of cable chains, molded belts, sprockets and pulleys. The belts consist of polyurethane plastic molded over either a single or double stainless steel core. (read more)

Berg W.M., Inc. - Gear Boxes and Reducers

WM Berg's gearbox assemblies contain speed reducers that utilize spur gear, worm gear and helical gear design. (read more)

Berg W.M., Inc. - Cams

W.M.Berg offers a variety of Cams including: Bearing Cam Followers and Adjustable Cam Assemblies offered in Pin hub and Clamp hub style. (read more)

Berg W.M., Inc. - Breadboard Components

Research and prototype development kits designed by practical engineers for use in all mechanical and electro-mechanical breadboard work, test fixture and servo control system applications. (read more)

Berg W.M., Inc. - Lead Screws

Berg is a pioneer in the development of lead screws. Providing cost effective solutions to linear actuation problems. The close tolerance, free running nuts are ideal for miniature applications requiring rotary to linear or linear to rotary actuation. (read more)

Berg W.M., Inc. - Fasteners and Hardware

WM Berg offers every fastener required for precision mechanical designs. (read more)

Berg W.M., Inc. - Couplings

WM Berg offers information transmitting couplings, shock absorbing couplings, misalignment couplings and high misalignment couplings. (read more)

Berg W.M., Inc. - Bearings, Shaft, Clamps, Collars, Hubs & Keys

WM Berg stocks a vast array of bearings to suit every design need, such as: The Ball, Needle Roller, Sintered bronze, Oil-less, Teflon, Thermoplastic, Thrust, Roller Thrust, Spherical and Linear ball. (read more)

Berg W.M., Inc. - Electro Mechanical Components

WM Berg carries this product line including Precision Servomotors, Electromagnetic Clutch, Direct Acting Brakes, Hysteresis Brakes, Wafer Magnetic Clutch and Wafer Spring Brakes. (read more)