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Brentwood Plastics, Inc.

Brentwood Plastics, Inc. has promoted these products:

Brentwood Plastics, Inc. - Matte Plastic Film

Reasons for matte finish plastic sheet films explained. (read more)

Brentwood Plastics, Inc. - Flame Retardant Plastic Films

Flame retardant plastic films explained and simplified. (read more)

Brentwood Plastics, Inc. - Slateprint synthetic paper

Slateprint™ is a new synthetic paper compatible with most inks (read more)

Brentwood Plastics, Inc. - PVC free label stock

PVC substitute for die cut pressure sensitive labels (read more)

Brentwood Plastics, Inc. - Brentwood Plastics 622 now CFIA approved

Brentwood Plastics 622 polyethylene film has been approved for food contact packaging in Canada. (read more)

Brentwood Plastics, Inc. - PVC Free Plastic Sheet Films

PVC Films have been banned in many countries. Brentwood Plastics manufactures alternatives, both PEVA and metallocene RF weldable films with over 8 years history of biotoxicity studies for prolonged and direct human skin contact. (read more)

Brentwood Plastics, Inc. - Metallocene polyethylene films

Metallocene is a catalyst which enables the polymer chemist to impart very specific properties. The result of this newest generation technology is very pure, uniform molecules. (read more)

Brentwood Plastics, Inc. - Medical Films & Medical Device Packaging

Brentwood Plastics, Inc. manufactures ETO and gamma sterilizable polyethylene film for medical devices, medical device packaging such as chevron / corner peel pouches and thermoformable semi rigid films for horizontal TFFS packaging. (read more)

Brentwood Plastics, Inc. - Read articles on Biodegradable Plastics and more

Read my blog with articles like...

  • Is plastic from oil ? What is plastic made from ?
  • PEVA film is not the only PVC substitute
  • FDA Approved Packaging - what does it mean ?
  • EVA and PEVA - be specific
  • LLDPE Linear Low Density Polyethylene varieties
  • PVC free / Non - PVC, PEVA Vinyl Plastic Films conundrum
(read more)
Brentwood Plastics, Inc. - Vertical Form / Fill / Seal (VFFS) PE Film

Vertical form / fill / seal VFFS flexible packaging sealant layers (read more)

Brentwood Plastics, Inc. - Polyethylene Sheet Film

Brentwood Plastics custom manufactures flexible polyethylene( LDPE ) film sheeting on rolls by the blown process from 3" to 78" in gauges from 1 mil to 10 mils. (read more)

Brentwood Plastics, Inc. - Hot Melt Adhesive Packaging

Hot melt bagging film designed to dissolve in hot melt adhesive (read more)

Brentwood Plastics, Inc. - Polypropylene Layflat Tubing

Layflat tubing made from polypropylene (read more)

Brentwood Plastics, Inc. - Pink Anti-Static Poly Tubing and Sheeting

Custom manufactured pink anti stat poly and plain anti static poly sheeting and lay flat poly tubing for anti-static packaging ranging from avoiding nuisance static to MIL SPEC, medical and circuit board packaging. (read more)

Brentwood Plastics, Inc. - Non Silicone Release Liner

Uncoated non-silicone release liner is # 4 LDPE recyclable, releases from up to 130 ounce adhesion tapes and is easy to die cut. (read more)

Brentwood Plastics, Inc. - Release liners non-silicone PE recyclable

Release liner made from #4 recyclable LDPE with additive to act as release liner. (read more)

Brentwood Plastics, Inc. - Linear Tear Packaging

Our unique Easy Tear / Linear Tear film tears in a straight line across the pouch wherever the tear notch is placed. There is no need for a laser score.

For surgical kit packaging, this provides a last line of defense or a second chance to open the pack if it is mishandled during prep. (read more)

Brentwood Plastics, Inc. - Vented Shrink Film

LDPE shrink film perforated with vents to evacuate air. For shrink film applications ( most often packages formed with centerfold and L bar sealer ) which require venting to evacuate air, we provide film with 1/16" vents / perforations. (read more)