CAS DataLoggers - Accsense E1-20 Thermistor Probe at Reduced Price

CAS DataLoggers is pleased to announce that a new version of our Accsense Thermistor Probe Model E1-20 is now available at a reduced list price of $90.00. This improved version of the probe is more accurate, easier to install and even more affordable! Our thermistor probe makes it easy to use a single Wireless A1-08 Temperature Data Logger to mon... (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Vaccine Safety: What’s it Worth?

Recently a pediatric clinic in Ohio experienced a temperature excursion in a vaccine fridge that resulted in the loss of $60,000 worth of vaccine. Here’s the story, complete with video: incident could have been avoided entirely if a remote monitoring and alarming system ha... (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Delphin Introduces New Fault Diagnostics System

CAS DataLoggers in partnership with Delphin Technology introduces the new Expert Transient data acquisition system for fault diagnostics in machinery and plants. This new system is especially suited to the evaluation of pressure pulses, fast process monitoring and controller optimization. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - New Thermal Sterilization Verification Kit

Exterminators and pest control companies are getting ready to face the dilemma of monitoring and documenting temperatures during the extermination process. CAS Dataloggers offers the new Thermal Sterilization Verification Kit enabling multi-point remote monitoring, wireless communication ranging out to 500 feet, probes and documentation software—all for under $2000. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Gets a New Look! has a fresh redesign with new product pages to help you find the ideal data logger for your needs. Thenewly-expanded Accsense brand offers you a wide range of products enabling you to cut your process and energy costs, protect your inventory and perform product testing & verification. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - New High Accuracy Data Logger with Graphic Screen

CAS DataLoggers has partnered with Lascar to release the new GFX-2+ Temperature & Humidity Dataloggerhas a dot-matrix LCD showing real-time readings, graphs and current status. This portable solution has improved accuracy for critical applications in cold chain storage, medical monitoring of vaccines and products, and many other uses! (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - New Range-Selectable Accsense Electrocorder Models

CAS DataLoggers is pleased to announce that we’ve added new range-selectable Accsense Electrocorder models to expand their flexibility and application uses. Two of these models are already available, with a third shipping soon. The beauty of these new dual-range recorders is that just one datalogger and one set of coils offers customers a vast current range and great... (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Lascar Unveils New ‘FilesThruTheAir’ Cloud Service

CAS DataLoggers is proud to announce that as of Monday March 3, Lascar Electronics has gone live with its new FilesThruTheAir™ Cloud Storage service. This innovative service takes Lascar’s WiFi sensors to a new level, unlocking them from the PC and allowing them to be managed and remotely monitored over the internet from any location in the world. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - T&D WiFi Data Loggers Send Your Data to the Cloud

Tired of having to travel every time you want to collect your environmental data?CAS DataLoggers has the ideal solution with the new T&D TR-7wf Series Thermo Data Loggers. These WiFi dataloggers automatically collect and upload their recorded temperature and/or humidity data to T&D’s FREE cloud storage service. Enter the new world of cloud storage with... (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Sensor Compatibility with T&D Products

To support the release of T&D’s new TR-7wf Wireless LAN series data loggers, CAS DataLoggers has a quick way for users to check the compatibility of TandD’s temperature and humidity sensors and extension cables—just use our updated Temperature and Humidity Sensor Table. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Qualify YOUR School for Energy Grants and Rebates!

Homes, businesses and schools across America are now taking advantage of new federal and state solar energy grants, rebates and tax credits to lower their energy costs. A datalogger can enable your school to perform its own energy audit to help qualify for a green energy grant, rebate program, or to find savings areas on your existing installations. Call CAS DataLoggers today! (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Graphing a Greenhouse Microclimate

CAS DataLoggers has just provided the wireless temperature monitoring solution for a Northeast Ohio greenhouse growing lettuce, basil and other high-demand produce. Wanting to automate his setup, the owner called CAS DataLoggers looking for a wireless temperature monitoring device that could spot these cooler zones and automatically download their real time data to email inboxes. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - New Process Meter Puts Your Data Front and Center

CAS DataLoggersalong with Novus Automation introduce the new N1540 Universal Indicator, a compact process meter with a bright display giving you an instant heads-up on your process data. The new industrial process meter connects with many different sensors to list several values and allows fast configuration through keypad or USB. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - New Multi Channel Temperature Recorder from T&D

CAS DataLoggers and T&D are announcing another exciting new temperature monitoring product--the MCR-4TC Graphing Thermocouple Logger. This 4-channel battery operated temperature data logger can couple with up to 3 additional units to allow for up to 16 synchronized channels. Applications include monitoring boiler temperatures, temperature management of refrigerat... (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Delphin Expert Vibro for Vibration Monitorin

In critical industrial processes, the condition of bearings, shafts and machinery needs to be continually monitored to avoid scrap and serious damage to equipment. Users need a high-speed, high-accuracy system for vibration measurement to improve process reliability. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Data Acquisition Cards for Aerospace Applications

CAS DataLoggers now offers 2 new data acquisition bus modules for Jager’s ADwin-Pro-II Data Acquisition Systems. Expressly designed for use in commercial and military aerospace applications, these cost-effective modules support new serial interfaces for ADwin users. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - 7 Ways Automation & Control Streamlines Processes

Today automation is revolutionizing industrial process and production in every job sector and application. These sophisticated data acquisition systems capture process data in real time and high accuracy to give factories and plants total process overview and control. At CAS DataLoggers we offer custom systems from renowned German manufacturers Jager and Delphin. (read more)