CAS DataLoggers - Peace of Mind for Less Than a Dollar a Day!

Continual Temperature Monitoring and Alarming for your hospital, clinic or pharmacy for less than $1 per day --isn’t that a low price to pay for peace of mind? Now you can buy our most popular LAN-Wired datalogger along with a single temperature probe and a 3-year complete monitoring subscription for under a dollar a day each year! (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Maintain Your Cold Chain With UHF RFID Temp Tags!

CAS DataLoggers together with CAEN RFID introduces the new Easy2log© RFID Temperature Logger Semi-Passive UHF Tags specifically for the Food & Beverage and Pharma industries. With high accuracy and a low cost, these RFID temperature tags are ideal for your cold chain operations, allowing you to instantly check the temperature of your products at every... (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Why Wires? Wireless Receivers Collect Your Data!

Need to run wires to monitor your electrical equipment but don’t want the cost or the hassle? Now CAS DataLoggers offers the Gen II RC250 Telemetry Receiver System from Eltek for customers in the pharmaceutical sector (where 21 CFR Part 11 compliance is required) and in the industrial, construction, storage, research and conservation industries. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - CAS DataLoggers Introduces RFID Cold Chain Tags

AtCAS DataLoggers we’re proud to introduce our NEW UHF RFID cold chain solutions from cutting-edge manufacturer CAEN RFID, specializing in temperature monitoring tags and readers for use in shipping and storage. CAEN RFID Easy2log© Data Loggers will streamline your cold chain operation and are available immediately from CAS DataLoggers. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - New Processor for ADwin-PRO II Systems

CAS DataLoggers and Jager are proud to introduce a new processor board for ADwin-Pro-II Data Acquisition and Control Systems which has a 64-bit FPU (Floating-Point Unit) for math co-processing. This powerful data acquisition solution is ideal for satisfying the most demanding applications including physics experiments, vibration monitoring, failure analysis, a... (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Time to Set Your Budget: Make Room for Automation!

For many companies summer is the time to seriously look at automating data collection and control for their critical processes and electrical equipment. For example the rugged dataTaker data loggers can automatically send out alarms and control your process. If you’ve been managing without measuring, give us a call at CAS DataLoggers today! (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - We Supply Custom Modbus Data Logging Systems

Can’t find a data logging system that meets your I/O requirements? Do you need a distributed system to monitor multiple points spread across a factory floor or several buildings? AtCAS DataLoggerswe can custom-configure a monitoring system for your application using Modbus-based devices. Just give us a call at 1-800-956-4437 and we can help you select the best datalog... (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - New 3G Upgrade for dataTaker Modem Data Loggers

CAS DataLoggersalong with dataTaker announces a new 3G cellular modem upgrade to the bestselling dataTaker M models. These universal data loggers have a built-in cellular modem for automatic data transfer and alarm capabilities. To see what automatic data transfer can do for YOUR application, give our Applications Specialists a call at (800) 956-4437 an... (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - CAS DataLoggers Offers Wireless HVAC Solutions

CAS DataLoggers is entering the commercial & industrial motion sensor market with all-new wireless HVAC solutions monitoring ambient temperature, humidity, AC current, voltage, 4-20mA signals, light/motion and more. Complete with a Cloud storage service and free software, these wireless data acquisition products are priced lower than many existing devices. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Perform a Solar Energy Audit with a Data Logger

As summer begins, solar panel installers and servicers can realize significant benefit from using a performance verification method proving savings to clients. Alternately a solar datalogger is a low-cost way to record your system’s wattage capacity and compare it against what the installer claimed. Our Accsense Electrocorder product family has an ideal solution--the... (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Data: You Get What You Pay For!

You may have decided to buy a datalogger to optimize your process and save on costs and time, but you’ll find that the data you’ll get using a lot of low-cost models is inaccurate and hard to work with—you get what you pay for! We at CAS DataLoggers know these products and we’ll make sure you get up and running with your project ASAP. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Lascar Introduces Audible/Visual Alarm

CAS DataLoggers has teamed with Lascar Electronics to offer users the new EL-WiFi-ALERT which receives alarm messages from any FilesThruTheAir ™ WiFi sensor device connected to the same wireless network, flashing red LED lights and providing audible alarming. This low-cost alarming device is available now from CAS DataLoggers. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - DigiRail-VA for Single-Phase AC Power Analysis

CAS DataLoggers and Novus introduce the new DigiRail-VA Single-Phase Power Analysis Datalogger. Specifically designed for single-phase AC power analysis, these dataloggers measure users’ most important AC signals and retransmit them in both analog and digital ways. Competitively priced at $299, the flexible new DigiRail-VA is now available from CAS DataLoggers. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - New Storage Option for ADwin DAQ Systems

Jager has released a new storage option for its ADwin-Pro II Data Acquisition and Control Systems: the new Pro-CPU-T11 processor board. Available options give users up to 2 Terabytes of storage space on either SSD or hard disc drive (both 2.5"). CAS DataLoggersis proud to offer ADwin products along with free tech support to help users working in any application. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Our dataTakers Can Last a Decade or More!

At CAS DataLoggers we snapped this picture of a customer’s 11-year old dataTaker data logger sent to us not for repair but just a simple calibration. We supply the world-renowned dataTaker systems for customers who need a reliable way to monitor and alarm their processes and products. See what dataTaker can do for YOUR business! (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Electrical Power Measurement with Delphin Systems

Energy efficiency plays an important role in both product development and process optimization. Effective measurement and testing procedures therefore require increasingly precise electrical power measurement. Delphin ProfiMessage systems and Delphin ProfiSignal software are equipped with interfaces that enable easy connection of power measuring units. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - 7 Ways RFID Loggers Protect Your Cold Chain

Radio Frequency Identification (also called RFID, smart tags and smart labels) is a rapidly- emerging data collection trend already seeing widespread use in the Food & Beverage industry. At CAS DataLoggers we provide temperature monitoring and alarming solutions for cold chain applications. Here are just 7 long-term benefits RFID data loggers can gi... (read more)