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CAS DataLoggers - 7 Ways a Data Logger Can Cut Your Business Costs

Data loggers are devices which collect data by taking physical or electrical readings from external or internal sensors over an extended period. At CAS DataLoggers, we work daily to supply businesses with our affordable solutions. Here are just 7 ways in which you can save money and time by using automated data collection! (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Connect Your Process to the Cloud with Delphin

Around the world, many companies are benefiting from the new opportunities and possibilities of the Internet of Things (IoT). Linking to the cloud is fast becoming an integral part of condition monitoring and process optimization. At CAS DataLoggers we distribute Delphin data acquisition systems in the USA. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Condition Monitoring of Electric Motors

CAS DataLoggers recently provided the stand-alone condition monitoring solution for a factory producing machine parts. Worn down by years of use, an electric motor critical to the business would occasionally fail, causing process delays or shutdowns. To conduct predictive maintenance, the factory needed reliable condition monitoring before problems could get worse. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - ADwin for High-Speed Test and Control Tasks

Manufactured in Germany, ADwin data acquisition systems provide tight nanosecond-level speed for the most demanding test and control applications. Whether users need to control a test bench, a PLC, or an electron microscope, ADwin has the performance to fulfil the highest-precision applications. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Plug-and-Play Data Acquisition Using a PC

Recording measurement data using a PC requires solutions that are quick and easy to use. This requires data acquisition systems with extremely high resolution, potential isolation, and reliability. Delphin Expert Key devices have all these features and are also equipped with USB and LAN interfaces. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Temperature Monitoring of Blood & Plasma Supplies

While many healthcare organizations still use paper chart recorders to monitor blood temperature, this technology is fast becoming obsolete and is no longer supported by many manufacturers. Accsense Monitoring systems have the full functionality users need for monitoring blood and plasma, including alarms and remote access to data. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Portable Solution Monitors Engine Temperatures

Engineers and technicians need a portable way to monitor heavy equipment during operation, typically engine temperatures. Now CAS DataLoggers together with Grant Instruments has the portable solution! The portable Squirrel SQ2020 series data loggers feature a fully-configurable large graphical LCD display. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Automation Solutions for Testing Heating Units

The testing of heating units and systems is performed according to a wide range of demanding standards. To achieve this, automation of test procedures and results is required. Automation is easy to generate using Delphin ProfiSignal software, while Delphin Expert Key and ProfiMessage devices are ideal for delivering the required levels of precision. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - DataTaker for Geotechnical Monitoring Applications

The dataTaker DT80G Geotechnical datalogger is an easy-to-configure, cost-effective monitoring system. The DT80G is rugged, reliable and low-power, yet offers extremely versatile features for configuration, communications, data collection and data analysis. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Four Sources of Inaccuracy in Sensor Measurements

Connecting a sensor such as a thermocouple to a data acquisition device to obtain accurate measurements involves some forethought. Understanding these factors is crucial to obtaining meaningful measurements. This White Paper from CAS DataLoggers addresses four measurement accuracy issues in the order of most to least common. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Cleanroom Monitoring with Secure Data Capture

In the pharmaceutical industry, continuous and secure data acquisition and documentation is crucial for production and storage requirements, and also for research and development. Delphin's Expert and Message series data loggers--combined with ProfiSignal software--offers pharma companies a complete system covering data acquisition through to real-time monitoring, reporting and user mana... (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - ADwin Systems for Automotive Test & Control

German manufacturer Jager-ADwin’s popular ADwin Pro-II Data Acquisition and Control system is designed for use in automotive test, ECU test, CANbus applications, test system integration, and more. The PRO-II utilizes an ARM-based Pro-CPU-T12 processor module to deliver the fastest real-time computing power. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - CAS DataLoggers Offers Compressor Monitoring Kit

Need a way to help avoid costly process delays and shutdowns? CAS DataLoggers has the solution! Our new Compressor Monitoring kit is a single solution which logs temperature, runtime, current consumption and voltage. The new kit also contains probes for measurement, a datalogger to take and store the readings, and built-in software to analyze the data. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Solutions for Emissions Testing and More

CANbus monitoring applications often require multi-value recording of engine and emissions data. Datataker is ideal to provide continuous monitoring of diesel engines--for example, by recording engine parameters, users can maintain emissions and avoid potential fines for exceeding EPA regulations. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - New Process Monitoring Kit Replaces Legacy Systems

As your plant or factory’s PLCs and SCADA legacy systems gradually develop issues, they pose a risk to your production and to the safety of your machinery. CAS DataLoggers has the solution. Our new Process Monitoring kit comes complete with sensors, software, and a Series 3 dataTaker DT80 datalogger. Give our Applications Engineers a call at (800) 956-4437 today! (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - DAQ System Cuts Costs on Well Simulation Services

Delphin Data Logger Automates Data Collection & Pump Shutdown

Recently CAS DataLoggers provided the data acquisition solution for a custom application for MTS Solutions, a small oil field service company headquartered in Bakersfield, California. MTS has been servicing oil wells in California for over 30 years, maximizing production for clients using both traditional an... (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - CANbus Data Logger for Diesel Engine Monitoring

To meet EPA emissions regulations, the automotive industry has to monitor diesel engines over the CAN network for Temperature, Pressure, RPM and more. Now CAS DataLoggers can provide manufacturers with a single compliance solution: the Series 3 dataTaker DT85 Intelligent Data Loggers, along with the CANgate Canbus to Serial Converter. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Run Time Monitoring Using a dataTaker Data Logger

In our latest Technical Article, we outline how to configure a Series 3 dataTaker DT8x Datalogger to monitor runtime. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Complete Energy Monitoring Fault Analysis Solution

German manufacturer Delphin Technology now offers a Custom Measurement Case based on the high-speed Expert Logger series with an integrated OPC UA interface . The measurement case can collect Energy Consumption data and also perform Fault Analysis. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Flexible RTU for Environmental Monitoring

For remote data collection applications, Infinite introduces the new ADU-500 Autonomous RTU Datalogger. This ultra-low power, wireless RTU is a great example of the complete solutions we provide at CAS DataLoggers. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Affordable Kit Monitors Power Factor and More

Accsense Electrocorder introduces the EC-7VAR Three-phase Power & Energy Datalogger Kit, which includes the datalogger, voltage leads, transducers, Rogowski coils, carrying case, software and a USB lead. The included Power Datalogger records at high speed onto a large memory. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - ADwin for Test & Control of Rotating Machines

Automotive test bench applications require real-time test and measurement to increase PQ and to lower recall rates. To achieve this, the use of data acquisition systems is especially common in test stand setups. ADwin data acquisition systems are well-suited to CANbus applications, executing commands whenever the real-time system receives a message on the bus. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Ten Effective Ways to Protect Your Vaccine Supply

At CAS DataLoggers we supply our Accsense Monitoring systems to give you peace of mind, whether you’re storing vaccines, medical drugs, blood products, or cryogenic samples. Read on to learn Ten Effective ways that temperature monitoring can help protect your vaccine supply. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Monitoring a Dam Under Consttruction

A hydroelectric dam under construction required monitoring of several environmental and structural properties to ensure its stability. Construction engineers needed a large number of geotechnical sensors to be installed and used during construction. Each sensor needed to interface with a universal data logger as part of a long-term logging solution. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Vibrating Wire Logger Offers Flexible Connection

Need a device for a geotechnical application? The DT80G GeoLogger from dataTaker is ideal for all geotechnical data logging applications. These universal loggers have built-in support for vibrating wire sensors including Geokon, RST Instruments, slope indicators, soil instruments and more. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Portable WiFi Dataloggers Record Data Anywhere!

If you need a device to collect data in the field, in the lab, or on the factory floor, CAS DataLoggers can provide yourapplication with Portable WiFi Dataloggers from Grant Instruments. Common measurement values such as Temperature, Humidity, Voltage, Current, Pressure and Force can all be measured and stored. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Custom Modbus Systems Monitor Temperature and More

If you need a data logging system that meets your I/O requirements, such as a distributed system to monitor multiple points spread across a factory floor or several buildings, call CAS DataLoggers! We can design and create a custom data logging system for your application by integrating Modbus-based devices from different manufacturers. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Need to Monitor Machine Runtime?

Machinery and electrical equipment such as 3-phase motors, compressors, and turbines are critical to process manufacturing and many other business applications. A data logger is the ideal way to monitor this equipment and is also an excellent productivity indicator. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Versatile Expert Logger Streamlines Applications

If you have an application requiring data measurement and/or control, the new DelphinExpert Logger is the ideal product. Expert Loggers are also equipped with an OPC UA interface. Streamline your application today—call CAS DataLoggers at (800) 956-4437! (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Oven Temperature Logger Improves PQ and Saves Cost

Do you need to monitor oven temperature for a conveyor oven, for a furnace kiln, or for a similar application? CAS DataLoggers offers the portable Grant OQ610 Portable Temperature Data Logger. After collecting data, users can create temperature profiles leading to improved PQ. Give CAS DataLoggers a call at (800) 956-4437 to learn more! (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Portable Strain Gauge Data Logger

CAS DataLoggers introduces the VersaLog BR, a single-channel, battery-powered strain gauge bridge data logger. This model supports 4/6 wheatstone bridges by providing voltage excitation, excitation voltage compensation, and low-level signal amplification. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Vibration Monitoring & Control in a Single System

Do you need to monitor vibration or to automate a test stand? The Delphin Expert VibroData Acquisition and Control System offers much more than its competitor models while also having a wider range of applications. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Data Logger Captures Data for Device Validation

Whether startups or large manufacturers, companies have come to rely on data capture for device validation and proof of scale for prototype devices. Datataker Universal dataloggers can capture almost any measurement value, making them ideal for performance monitoring and device component monitoring (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - New Waterproof Power & Energy Logger

Do you need a waterproof device to record power and energy? Now CAS DataLoggers offers the flexible new PEL 105 Power and Energy Data Logger from AEMC. Give a CAS DataLogger Application Specialist a call today at (800) 956-4437! (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Cleanroom Monitoring Systems Keep Data Secure

Secure data acquisition and documentation is critical in the pharmaceutical industry for its unique production and storage requirements. Delphin data acquisition systems offer pharma companies a complete system performing all facets of cleanroom monitoring. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Detecting DC Motor Failure Using a Data Logger

DC motor failure is disastrous for factories and plant processes in every industry. To help prevent costly process delays, you can use a datalogger to measure Temperature, Voltage/Current and other parameters. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Delphin Offers Extensive Driver Development

For flexible use in many different measurement applications, communication between Delphin data loggers and third-party ICA technology is possible using standard protocols. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Need Temperature Monitoring for Fridge or Freezer?

If you need temperature monitoring for a refrigerator or freezer, a Temperature Datalogger is an ideal way to get peace of mind. Dataloggers help you to protect your product with alarms while also documenting temperature history for regulations and inspections. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Data Loggers for Harsh Industrial Environments

Explosions, fires and corrosion pose ever-present dangers to electrical instrumentation in heavy industrial environments. For data capture in Oil & Gas, Chemical, and other processing applications, users require specially-protected data loggers. At CAS DataLoggers we can help you to pick the ideal device for your application. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Measuring Bearing Vibration Levels

The diagnosis of bearing damage in roller bearings is an integral part of servicing and maintenance tasks. Increasingly, technicians rely on condition monitoring systems (CMS) for fault diagnosis in plants and factories. Delphin Expert Vibro Devices are suitable for both approaches. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Paperless Chart Recorder with Touchscreen Display

Need to keep tabs on Temperature or another value in your process or experiment? CAS DataLoggers and Brainchild are featuring the Brainchild PR-30 paperless chart recorder with a 12.1" touchscreen display and up to 48 channels. Call CAS DataLoggers at (800) 956-4437 today! (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Automated Temperature Monitoring Saves Vaccines

According to Medical Lab Management Magazine, half of all hospital labs have installed automated temperature monitoring devices. To help protect your lab’s vaccines and life science products, CAS DataLoggers offers temperature monitoring systems which monitor and alarm medical storage unit temperature. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Control System Automates Paleomagnetic Studies

Paleomagnetic research studies the magnetic history of geology as embodied in rock samples. To save time spent taking manual measurements, laboratory researchers are using automated control systems for precise real-time control. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Precision Electrical Measurement Using Delphin

Motor Test stands are required during the automotive R&D phase for serial testing and also for endurance trials. Delphin Message devices along with the compact Expert Key devices provide an inexpensive, fully-automated solution for motor test stands. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Optimize Your Batch Oven Process

Using the Grant Oven Temperature Profiling Kit, you can increase profitability by creating a complete temperature profilefor batch ovens.At CAS DataLoggers we provide a complete turn-key package. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Intelligent Data Logging Using an ADwin System

ADwin Real-Time systems are ideal for intelligent data acquisition and control applications. Utilizing the programmability of the local CPU in the ADwin, users can run real-time datalogging and/or control programs with kHz execution speeds up to the MHz range. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Flexible Measurement System for Test & Lab Apps

The new Expert Logger 400 from Delphin combines the latest communication capability with advanced measurement technology. Designed to fulfil many applications including data logging, product test, lab data acquisition, process monitoring and more, this compact system offers simple operation. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - High-Speed Acquisition of Velocities

Pumps are required in diverse applications, from chemistry labs to large-scale industrial pumps. Each application has different test requirements, so users can benefit from the flexibility and universal inputs of the Delphin Message and Expert Key dataloggers. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Record Current and Voltage with Electrocorder

Do you need a device to record current and voltage data for machine monitoring, circuitry test, battery charging/discharging, or another application? CAS DataLoggers offers the affordable Accsense Electrocorder DC-3VA Voltage and Current Data Logger Kit. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Influx Rebel CT for CAN-Based Vehicle Recording

CAS DataLoggers offers the Influx Rebel CT vehicle datalogger, a new vehicle data logger for vehicular data collection applications. Now users can capture data in real time, including Temperature, RPM, and more. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Delphin Systems Provide SDI-12 Sensor Integration

The SDI-12 interface (Serial Data Interface at 1200 Baud) enables, via a digital signal, the establishment of a connection with multiple "low-power" sensors and a data logger. Now users can record environmental data using Delphin’s new Expert Logger device to connect to SDI-12 sensors. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Vaccine Safety—What’s it Worth to You?

For wireless temperature monitoring in clinics and hospitals, Accsense offers the world-class A2-05-W WiFi Temperature Data Logger. Call an Accsense representative today at (800) 956-4437 to learn more! (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Transmission Testing Using a Delphin System

Transmission test stands can be equipped with Delphin products for professional measurement and automation. At CAS DataLoggerswe carry these products--give us a call today at (800) 956-4437. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Drive-by-Wire Testing Using ADwin Systems

In the automotive industry, Drive-by-wire (AKA X-by-wire) technology has replaced many traditional mechanical control systems. For these applications CAS DataLoggers offers ADwin Real-Time Data Acquisition Systems. For more information call CAS DataLoggers at (800) 956-4437 today. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Go Wireless with Accsense Monitoring Systems!

Accsense Monitoring systems are commonly used for temperature and humidity monitoring in hospitals and pharmacies, for environmental monitoring in industry and medical cleanrooms, and more. Give the CAS DataLoggers Applications Specialists a call at (800) 956-4437! (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - LogMessage Series for Stand-Alone Monitoring

Delphin's LogMessage hardware series offers data loggers for virtually any area of application. These devices are capable of acquiring practically any type of sensor signal such as Voltages, Currents, Temperatures, Pressures or Levels. At CAS DataLoggers we distribute Delphin products in America--call us today at (800) 956-4437 and save! (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Modbus Networking in a Hospital

Recently a hospital required an automated temperature monitoring solution in order to measure and record the temperature of 50 freezers storing temperature-sensitive life science products. These freezers are located throughout the facility on 3 separate floors, but the hospital found the ideal solution via Modbus using dataTaker dataloggers. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - How Can You Meet HACCP Regulations?

What is HACCP? HACCP is the driving force behind food safety procedures in many plants, restaurants and storage facilities. CAS DataLoggers can provide your plant, factory or warehouse with Cold Chain dataloggers for full electronic documentation compliance. Learn more about how to ensure food safety in your facility! (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - ADwin for Control of Hydraulic Test Stands

ADwin data acquisition and control systems are ideal for control of hydraulic test stands. These real-time systems are ideal for automotive test and diagnostics. Call CAS DataLoggers at (800) 956-4437 and see what ADwin can do for your test bench application! (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Voltage DAQ Systems Capture Transient Data

Do you need to record voltage for your application? CAS DataLoggers offers versatile data acquisition systems from ADwin and Delphin which can record voltage signals from a variety of sensors. Give our experienced Applications Specialists a call at (800) 956-4437. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Series 3 DataTaker Loggers for Your Application!

Do you need to monitor Temperature, Current/Voltage, Pulse, or another physical or electrical value? Now CAS DataLoggerscan supply your business or organization with the new dataTaker Series 3 Data Loggers. Call CAS DataLoggers today at (800) 956-4437! (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Industrial Data Acquisition Systems for OQ

Delphin, ADwin and dataTaker data acquisition systems are ideal for all types of industrial applications such as process or machine monitoring and control, fault diagnosis and more. Just give the experienced Applications Specialists at CAS DataLoggers a call at (800) 956-4437. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Accsense VersaLog for Temperature Measurement

For continual temperature monitoring and alarming, theAccsense VersaLog TC Temperature Data Loggeroffers connection with all thermocouple types. CAS DataLoggers provides these solutions along with FREE on-call tech support—give us a call at (800) 956-4437 and save! (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - DAQ Systems for Test Stand Automation

If you are searching for a system to automate data collection and/or control of a test stand, CAS DataLoggersprovides cost-effective ADwin and Delphin data acquisition systems. These intelligent devices are installed in hundreds of locations worldwide in applications such as automotive testing, electrical component testing, and more. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Accsense VersaLog for Thermocouple Measurement

CAS DataLoggers offers our Accsense VersaLog TC Temperature Data Loggerfor connection with all thermocouple types. Ideal for temperature monitoring and alarming in labs, medical storage units, incubators, and more, the TC is a versatile low-cost solution. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - 12.1” Touchscreen Display Paperless Recorder

The new Brainchild PR-30 Paperless Chart Recorder is a cost-effective way to track your data on a high-resolution 12.1" touchscreen display. Now you can view your lab or industry process in real time. Give CAS DataLoggers a call at (800) 956-4437 or visit our website at (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Environmental Monitoring in Pharma Labs: FAQ

Do you need a device to monitor temperature and/or humidity in a pharmaceutical laboratory? Data loggers are an ideal way to automate environmental measurement. AtCAS DataLoggersour Pharma Environmental Monitoring FAQ can help you find the right datalogger. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Diagnose Bearing Failure Before it Happens!

Another unscheduled shutdown—a bearing just failed and suddenly everyone’s on the hook!This scenario plays out every day in factories and plants across the country, but it doesn’t have to happen to you. CAS DataLoggers offers wireless monitoring solutions to monitor and analyze bearing temperature and vibration data to warn of developing bearing damage. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Delphin LogMessage for High-Speed Data Acquisition

For high-speed data acquisition, Delphin Technology offers the LogMessage 4000 High Isolation Data Logger. With a fast sampling rate of up to 10,000 measurements per second, Delphin dataloggers offer operation independent of a PC, a high number of digital inputs, and professional analysis software for an excellent return on investment. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - ADwin for Control of Plastic Injection Molding

RecentlyCAS DataLoggers interviewed a long-time customer using an ADwin-Gold Real-Time Data Acquisition & Control System. Read on to learn how his plastic injection molding business has benefitted from high-speed data acquisition—and how your business can do the same. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Novus FieldLogger for Flexible DAQ

With the speed and flexibility to handle analog and digital signals at high resolution and sample rate, the Novus FieldLoggeris ideal for many data acquisition and temperature recording needs. Give a CAS DataLoggers Application Specialist a call at (800) 956-4437 to learn more. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - DAQ and Control Systems Automate Your Process

Increasinglybusinesses in processing, manufacturing and testing are turning to automation to cut costs and increase production. Companies around the world accomplish this daily using innovative data acquisition systems from German manufacturers Delphin and Jager-ADwin. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Protect Your Process and Equipment with DataTaker!

The flow of data keeps industrial processes running smoothly in factories and plants across the country. Many of these companies rely on a smart solution—the dataTaker DT80 Intelligent Data Logger. CAS DataLoggers is dataTaker’s North American master distributor--give us a call at (800) 956-4437 today to see the business benefits! (read more)