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CIMCOOL - What is InSol™ Technology?

InSol Technology puts lubricant at the cut zone-tooling interface so that lubrication and cooling are optimized. Since InSol Technology is water soluble, this great performance lasts longer due to lower depletion rates. Best of all, Insol Technology can help with tough alloys and even form tapping of aluminum. Fluids with InSol Technology can improve machining and grinding ratios signifi... (read more)

CIMCOOL - Quick Start Trial Kit* A CIMCOOL® Exclusive

CIMCOOL Fluid Technology in a continuing effort to provide the best and most cost effective options in the market, is pleased to announce the new Quick Start Trial Kit*. This kit includes everything needed to clean out a machine sump and prepare it for new fluid. 90% of customers who try CIMCOOL, stay with CIMCOOL! (read more)

CIMCOOL - Performance Fluids For Precision Engine Components

CIMCOOL® Fluid Technology, the leader in fluid technology offers some of the most technologically-advanced fluids for use in the automotive industry. While providing up to a 300% increase in production and up to a 64% reduction in cost, they also reduce hazardous waste and consumption, do not contain chlorine, and are environmentally responsible. (read more)

CIMCOOL - Medical Manufacturing Fluids Complimentary Trial*

CIMCOOL® fluids are designed for the technical challenges of the medical industry’s metalworking applications. CIMCOOL Medical machining fluid products help provide high precision and high quality. CIMCOOL® elite fluids, designed with medical suppliers to help manufacturers build quality parts and innovative medical technologies. Free Product Trials* available. (read more)

CIMCOOL - CIMCOOL Fluid Approved for use at Boeing Company

CIMTECH® 320Z with InSol™ Technology Metalworking Fluid Approved for use at the Boeing Company. CIMTECH 320Z with InSol™ Technology, a synthetic metalworking fluid, received approval under Boeing BAC5008 RevU. CIMTECH 320Z with InSol™ Technology recommended for heavy-duty machining non-ferrous and ferrous metals. (read more)

CIMCOOL - Cimcool® Fluids Increase Productivity-Free Trial*

CIMCOOL users can expect four to five times longer sump life; up to 300% improved tool life; increase in productivity; excellent rancidity control; greatly reduced concentrate usage; and operator-friendly use. CIMCOOL products are backed with over 70 years of product performance, innovative products, exemplary customer service, Complimentary Product Trials*, and 24/7 Web Site. (read more)

CIMCOOL - Cimcool's Commitment to Product Quality & Service

Cimcool's commitment to quality, which couples high-performing products with outstanding service to provide a one-stop solution, makes Cimcool an industry leader for metalworking and maintenance. Our cost effective metalworking fluids are backed with over 70 years of product performance and our Product Free Trials. (read more)

CIMCOOL -  CIMCOOL® Fluid Technology Product Free Trial's*

From standard fluids to customized applications, we know how important it is for you to keep your operations running. CIMCOOL® Fluid Technology-trained service personnel will help you to not only get the project started, but we work to optimize the production, chemistry and performance of our fluids. (read more)

CIMCOOL - Select CIMCOOL® For Your Plant & Facilities

The metalworking industry can be a messy business. Shop waste, metal swarf, oil, mold, and bacteria can cause your operating fluid mix to deteriorate and with it your equipment’s performance. Choosing the right Cleaning product for your Plant & Facilities depends on the nature of soil to be removed and the type of metal to be cleaned. (read more)

CIMCOOL - Corrosion Preventive & Lubricant... Solvent-Based

CIMCOOL's Product CIMGUARD® 10 is a general-purpose solvent-based corrosion preventive and lubricant. CIMGUARD® 10 is an organic rust inhibitor, which has water-displacing properties, and is a fingerprint neutralizer. The protective coating is thin, transparent, colorless, and slightly oily. (read more)

CIMCOOL - Cimperial® excellent lubricity extends fluid life

CIMPERIAL® 1072-HFP with FACT™ is a CIMCOOL® premium product that contains a chlorinated EP (extreme pressure) lubricant for heavy duty operations. It is recommended for High Fluid Pressure and High Volume Flow Applications where minimization of foam is critical for part quality and machine operations. Free Trial available. (read more)

CIMCOOL - CIMCOOL Aerospace Fluids #1 Choice, - Free Trial

For Aerospace Metalworking Manufacturing, CIMCOOL® fluids are the #1 choice. Our fluids are specially formulated for high precision, difficult to machine alloys common in aircraft of all types. See the difference CIMCOOL fluids make by signing up for a free product trial at Sign up today! (read more)

CIMCOOL - CIMCOOL Offers New Technology For Process Cleaners

CIMCOOL® Fluid Technology introduces five new innovative cleaners to the market. The new PRODUCTO process cleaners have provided up to 44% in cost savings with extended sump life, improved corrosion protection, as well as better cleaning capabilities. Sign up for a FREE TRIAL at (read more)

CIMCOOL - Tube & Pipe Productivity Increased 20%–Free Trial

CIMMILL™ fluids, a CIMCOOL® FLUID TECHNOLOGY are fluids for tube & pipe processors. CIMMILL™ fluids are designed with the technical know-how to deliver more productive up-time and cleaner operations. Each CIMMILL™ fluid is designed without DCHA and is safe when used as directed. (read more)

CIMCOOL - High Pressure Fluid Applications-CIMSTAR® 70-HFP

CIMSTAR® 70-HFP with Fact is a Premium semi-synthetic metalworking fluid recommended for High Volume and High Pressure Flow Applications where minimization of foam is critical for part quality and machine operations. It is recommended for general purpose machining of ferrous and most non-ferrous applications. (read more)

CIMCOOL -  MILFORM® synthetic drawing fluid - water-soluble

CIMCOOL's MILFORM® line of water-soluble products is appropriate for both ferrous and most non-ferrous metals. MILFORM® offers exceptional results in synthetic, soluble oil and straight oil applications. The ability to adjust the fluid concentration provides even greater flexibility in metal forming applications. For Product FREE TRIAL go to www... (read more)