C&K Components has promoted these products:

C&K Components - Economical Version to SS Miniature Slide Series

C&K has added a new economical option to its SS series of miniature slide switches. The SS series is one of the key miniature products in the slide switch product line and carries a broad range of products with various circuit designs from SPDT to 4P3T, travel lengths from 2mm to 4mm... (read more)

C&K Components - C&K Develops Soft Touch SMT Switches

C&K, a leading global manufacturer of electromechanical switches, has developed a series of surface mount top-actuated tactile switches with a range of actuation forces and extended operating life cycles. (read more)

C&K Components - C&K Snap Switches Deliver Superior Performance

High performance TF Series miniature snap switches provide high current rating, long cycle life, & low maintenance for circuit breaker applications (read more)

C&K Components - C&K Introduces Ultra Long Life SMT Tact Switches

Designed to withstand intensive use in elevator, joystick, automotive, industrial, medical, & aircraft applications, the new IP67-rated KSC Series ultra long life switches are completely customizable with regard to haptics, resistance, & durability (read more)

C&K Components - C&K Launches Long-Lifetime Double-Action Switch

Featuring an ultra-miniature footprint & 100,000-cycle lifespans, the new KXT2 Series is ideal for use in next-generation, ultra-compact electronics, including: wearables, mobile phones, portable electronics, action & surveillance cameras, hearing aids, & personal healthcare monitoring systems (read more)

C&K Components - C&K Introduces Subminiature DP3T Slide Switch

Part of a major series extension that added space saving J-Bend SMT lead options to each of C&K's proven JS Series slide switches, the new JS207 Series subminiature slide switches provide an economical alternative to on-on-mom toggle & rocker switches. (read more)

C&K Components - C&K Develops Smallest Subminiature Rotary Switch

Economical RM Series rotary switches deliver 50% reduction in board space for building automation, lighting controls, telecom, & audio equipment (read more)