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C&K Components - C&K Delivers Miniature Waterproof Rocker Switches

C&K Components, a global manufacturer of pushbutton, tactile, toggle and rocker switches, as well as smart card interconnect devices, has expanded its product offering of miniature rocker switches to include IP65-rated waterproof switches. These rocker switches are designed to provide ruggedness and reliability required in demanding environmental conditions. (read more)

C&K Components - Smart Card Connectors for M2M Applications

C&K Components expands offering of smart card connectors to include two new smart card connectors that feature a built-in card detection switch for machine-to-machine applications. The CCM03-3511 Series smart card connectors provide an increased contact force to withstand shock and high vibration, while the CCM03-3512 features extended soldering pads to withstand a second reflow upsi... (read more)

C&K Components - Microminiature Switch w/Extended Operating Life

C&K Components has developed a new SMT side actuated switch series that increases operating life while reducing the footprint. The microminiature PTS 840 Series switch is available with front PIP leads that deliver strong shear resistance and higher reliability than other technologies. (read more)

C&K Components - PTS 810 Switches Enable Easy Identification

C&K's new PTS 810 Series switches offer visual differentiation and variable operating forces. Microminiature SMT top-actuated switches enable easy identification in complex systems. (read more)

C&K Components - Robust 4-way Adjustable Direction Switch

C&K Components has developed a new series of 4-way adjustable direction switches for automotive and industrial mirror control applications. The CS-41001E Series features customizable wire harnesses and connectors to ease the assembly process. The rugged 4-way switch has brass or tin-plated terminals that provide a long operating life span of 10,000 cycles minimum. (read more)

C&K Components - DS Detect Switches

C&K Components' DS Series Detect Switches offer a compact design, low actuation force, and detects mechanical movement. Typical applications include: computer peripherals, office equipment, consumer electronics, appliances, and audio and visual equipment. (read more)

C&K Components - Ultra Low-Profile SMT Top Actuated Switch

C&K Components has developed the new PTS 530 Series ultra low-profile top actuated SMT switch that is ideal for consumer electronic applications. Utilizing C&K's unique symbol line identification system, design engineers can quickly and easily identify actuation force ratings, particularly valuable for designs that incorporate multiple switches. (read more)

C&K Components - Microminiature IP64 Sealed SMT Detect Switch

C&K Components has developed a new series of microminiature IP64-sealed SMT detect switches. The low-profile JCH Series switch is a top-quality microminature solution for a number of design concerns, delivering long-term reliable performance and a level of sealing that has never been offered in an SMT detect in this package size before. (read more)

C&K Components - Rugged, Half Pitch TDP Series DIP Switch

C&K Components, a leading international supplier of tactile, toggle, rocker and pushbutton switches, and smart card interconnect devices, has developed a side-actuated DIP switch that combines miniaturization and high-reliability for logic switching within computers and industrial controls. (read more)

C&K Components - Lighted SMT Tact Switch w/Rugged LED Mounting

C&K Components has developed a new series of illuminated tact switches that combines consistent light output with excellent tactile feel and clear audible haptic confirmation. The K8 Series illuminated tactile switch offers several unique features and design elements, including a constant illumination cone. The LED is mounted on the actuator, which enables, in terms of actuation axis... (read more)