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CST - Computer Simulation Technology

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CST - Computer Simulation Technology - The benefits of 3D electromagnetic simulation

Please join us for an in depth look at the benefits of 3D electromagnetic simulation to your everyday design work. Whether you are working on consumer, medical, aerospace or defense systems, excellent electromagnetic performance and compliance are critical for design success. (read more)

CST - Computer Simulation Technology - CST EMC STUDIO for EMC interference & EMI analysis

CST – Computer Simulation Technology (CST) announces CST EMC STUDIO, a product for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) analysis (read more)

CST - Computer Simulation Technology - Watch how CST STUDIO SUITE can help

Watch how CST STUDIO SUITE can help in the product design and development process (read more)

CST - Computer Simulation Technology - Make the Connection

With System Assembly and Modeling, CST STUDIO SUITE helps optimize component and system performance. Get the big picture of what’s really going on. Ensure your product and components perform in the toughest of environments. (read more)

CST - Computer Simulation Technology - New Filter Synthesis Tool

Computer Simulation Technology (CST) announces the addition of Filter Designer 2D to CST STUDIO SUITE®, allowing the synthesis, electromagnetic simulation, optimization and multiphysics analysis of filters in one single environment.

Planar filters are widely used by engineers developing low-cost or compact printed electronics for applications such as networking, communication... (read more)

CST - Computer Simulation Technology - CST Webinar: Simulation of Electromagnetic Sensors

In this on-demand webinar - first aired in October 2014 - CST low frequency software solutions market manager Adrian Scott presents several examples of modern sensor designs and their workflows for simulation with CST STUDIO SUITE®. (read more)

CST - Computer Simulation Technology - CST MICROWAVE STUDIO: High Frequency EM Simulation

CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® (CST MWS) is a specialist tool for the 3D electromagnetic (EM) simulation of high frequency components. With unparalleled performance, CST MWS has become a leading tool for engineers in research and development. (read more)

CST - Computer Simulation Technology - Complex Cable System SI Analysis

CST CABLE STUDIO® is dedicated to the three-dimensional analysis of signal integrity, conducted emission, radiated emission, and electromagnetic susceptibility of complex cable structures in electrically large systems. (read more)

CST - Computer Simulation Technology - Signal Integrity Analysis of PCBs

CST PCB STUDIO® is a specialist tool for signal integrity (SI), power integrity (PI), and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) analysis on printed circuit boards (PCB). (read more)

CST - Computer Simulation Technology - Low Frequency Electromagnetic Design & Simulation

CST EM STUDIO® (CST EMS) is dedicated to the simulation of static and low frequency devices. Embedded in the same user-friendly CST DESIGN ENVIRONMENT™, CST EMS features a variety of solver modules to tackle electrostatics, magentostatics, current flow, low frequency and even stationary temperature problems. (read more)

CST - Computer Simulation Technology - Particle Dynamics Simulation

CST PARTICLE STUDIO® (CST PS) is dedicated to simulating charged particles traveling through electromagnetic fields. To accomplish this task, CST PS requires fields from other CST STUDIO SUITE® 3D EM solvers, particularly CST EM STUDIO™ and CST MICROWAVE STUDIO®, as input. (read more)

CST - Computer Simulation Technology - Thermal and Mechanical Stress Analysis

As systems and devices very rarely fall neatly into just one area of physics, multiphysics simulation is often necessary for a complete simulation of the device’s characteristics. CST MPHYSICS®STUDIO (CST MPS) is a powerful and easy-to-use tool for thermal and mechanical stress analysis. (read more)

CST - Computer Simulation Technology - PCB Rule-Checking Program

Design engineers dealing with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and signal integrity (SI) of PCBs, can now employ CST BOARDCHECK™ for a quick overview of potential problems in their layout. (read more)

CST - Computer Simulation Technology - Schematic Layout Tool for 3D EM simulation

Designing electromagnetic (EM) systems is rarely simple, but with techniques to effectively manage EM simulation projects, CST aims to make the process easier. Alongside Complete Technology, which is the availability of a range of solvers for any given component, System Assembly and Modeling (SAM) is the schematic environment used to manage entire simulation projects.

When a devic... (read more)

CST - Computer Simulation Technology - Complete Technology for 3D EM Simulation

Why is it important to have a complete solution for your electromagnetic (EM) simulation project? Simulation performance is strongly dependent on solver selection and no one method is perfect for every project. With CST’s Complete Technology approach, users have easy access to a palette of solvers through a common user interface.

Time domain and frequency domain simulation a... (read more)

CST - Computer Simulation Technology - Data Exchange Options in CST EM Simulation Tool

Reliable CAD interfaces are an important requirement for a smooth electromagnetic (EM)simulation workflow. CST STUDIO SUITE® is renowned for its excellent CAD-data import capabilities and the sophisticated healing mechanisms which recover the integrity of flawed or non-compliant data. CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® features a multitude of CAD import/export options.


(read more)
CST - Computer Simulation Technology - Analyzing EM Effects in Biomedical Devices

The interaction of high-power electromagnetic (EM) fields with the body can pose serious risks. Waves can penetrate the body and deposit significant amounts of energy in the tissues, and the resulting heating can cause serious damage to cells. These effects must be taken into consideration when designing devices that are widely used in communications and biomedicine (for eg. magnetic res... (read more)

CST - Computer Simulation Technology - The CST Showroom: EM Simulation Videos & Tutorials

The CST showroom gives the opportunity to not only learn about the features of electromagnetic (EM) simulation tool CST STUDIO SUITE®, but also gives the chance to witness the tool’s capabilities through various application-based webinars and tutorials. The showroom covers applications across the electromagnetic spectrum: microwaves & RF, EDA, particle dynamics and low freq... (read more)

CST - Computer Simulation Technology - Enhance EM Simulation Accuracy (PBA)

A mesh is the representation of a structure as discrete mesh cells, and is a feature required for any electromagnetic (EM) simulation. Each additional cell increases the computational requirements of the simulation, which means that the mesh should accurately describe the model while using as few mesh cells as possible.

CST STUDIO SUITE includes hexahedral, tetrahedral and surface... (read more)

CST - Computer Simulation Technology - Accelerate the Speed of EM Simulation Projects

Product design cycles of electronic devices are tight, and there are many hurdles to be crossed between the concept and the final product. Electromagnetic (EM) simulation offers benefits throughout the design process, but to stay at the cutting edge, engineers, designers and researchers need their simulation results fast while still maintaining excellent accuracy.

CST offers a mul... (read more)

CST - Computer Simulation Technology - User-Friendly Design Environment for EM Simulation

By channeling our understanding of complex electromagnetic simulation workflows, we developed CST STUDIO SUITE® with the interests of engineers – simplifying the electromagnetic (EM) simulation process through a tightly integrated user interface.

A 3D modeling tool and a schematic layout tool are incorporated as pre-processor features for the solvers. And for projects th... (read more)

CST - Computer Simulation Technology - Optimization Tools for Electronic Device Design

For engineers involved in the design of electronic devices, the optimization capability of an electromagnetic (EM) simulation tool can help to get the most out of a device.

The parameterization and optimization tools in CST STUDIO SUITE® allow users to check how a device’s behavior is affected as its properties change. Engineers can find the parameters which maximize or... (read more)

CST - Computer Simulation Technology - 3D Electromagnetic Simulation for Defense

Defense technology draws on expertise from many industries, including communication, sensing, automotive and aerospace, and covers land, sea, air and space. Ensuring safe, reliable operation of equipment in complex electromagnetic environments is critical, and many of the challenges faced by defense designers, such as radar cross section (RCS) and electromagnetic pulse (EMP), are unique... (read more)