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CT Gasket & Polymer Co., Inc.

CT Gasket & Polymer Co., Inc. has promoted these products/services:

CT Gasket & Polymer Co., Inc. - No Seam Shield Providing the Thickest Protection

The new Energizer utilizes a "no-seam" shield providing the thickest protection on the market.

For even more demanding applications, we now offer a TFM® shield. (read more)

CT Gasket & Polymer Co., Inc. - Oilfield Sealing Solutions??

CTG inc offers the most extensive and effective line of oilfield sealing solutions. The high temperature and high pressure environments of down hole and sub-sea applications demand performance that is synonymous with CTG Inc. Chemraz®, Kalrez®, Genuine DuPont Viton®, and other available compoundsmake CTG Inc, the right choice for critical oilfield applications. (read more)