Carlton-Bates Company - Marathon Power Distribution Blocks

Marathon’s Made-in-the-USA 132 Series of power splicer blocks and power splicer/stud blocks is designed for serious applications where stoppages can be precarious. Industries like power plants, medical, metals, and areas like factory floors count on this line to keep their critical machinery running.

The 132 power splicer block has an insulator base where one-pole products c... (read more)

Carlton-Bates Company - Self-Locking Cable Tie Stainless Steel

Self-Locking Cable Tie Stainless Steel


Manufacturer # TYS22

CBC #: 78621080683

Product Description: Standard Ties: Type - Cable Tie; Clip - Self-Locking; Length - 22.65 in; Width - 0.30 in; Tie Material - Stainless Steel; Clip Material - Stainless Steel; Bundle Diameter - nominal - 6.00 in; Bundle Diameter Max - in - 6.0... (read more)

Carlton-Bates Company - Phoenix Contact UNO POWER Power Supplies

The new UNO family of power supplies is the first generation of its kind from Phoenix Contact. This highly efficient power supply offers basic functionality in a compact design with outstanding quality standards. It is perfect for compact control boxes. (read more)

Carlton-Bates Company - TE CONNECTIVITY CUB-51-70010 Timing Relays

Timing Relay, On Delay DPDT 10A 120V AC - 5-1393138-0


Manufacturer # CUB-51-70010

CBC #: 78519131300

Product Description: Timing Relays - Fixed Mode Operation: Type - Timing Relay; Mounting - Plug-In Base; Terminals - Quick Connects; Operation - On Delay; Contacts - DPDT; Voltage - 277V AC; Amps - 10A; Coil Volts - 120V AC; Timing Range... (read more)

Carlton-Bates Company - Single End Cordset 90-deg

Single End Cordset 90-deg Female Micro AC Dual Keyway 250VAC/DC


Manufacturer # MQDC-315RA

CBC #: 66248826847

Product Description: Cable Assemblies: Assembly Type - Single End Cordset; Connector Type - Female Micro AC; Keyway - Dual Keyway; Angle - 90-deg; Cable Length - ft - 15.0 ft; Cable Length - meters - 4.6 m; Poles - 3-Pole; Wire-Pin Co... (read more)

Carlton-Bates Company - DC Battery/Back-up Power Supply 24 VDC


DC Battery/Back-up Power Supply 24 VDC

Manufacturer # 2320212

CBC #: 78037330518

Product Description: Power Supply - DC: Type - DC Battery/Back-up Power Supply; Input Volts - 24 VDC; Output Volts - 24 VDC; Output Current - 5.00A; Enclosure Rating - Class 3 IP20; Additional Information - Height: 130mm, Width: 35mm, D... (read more)

Carlton-Bates Company - IDEC LD6A-1WQB-R Stack Light

Stack Light 1 Light Steady-On LED

IDEC Manufacturer # LD6A-1WQB-R

CBC #: 78040032982

Product Description: Assembled Light Units: Type - Stack Light; Signal/Lamp Type - Steady-On LED; Voltage - 24VAC/DC; Number of Lights - 1; Colors Included - Red; Flash Rate - 105/Min; Mounting - Surface Mount; Housing Color - Black Housing; Base OD - in - 6.14 in 156mm; Additional I... (read more)

Carlton-Bates Company - Honeywell MICRO SWITCH™ BA/BZ Series

The Honeywell MICRO SWITCH™ BA/BZ Series of standard basic switches are designed for high-precision applications. Originally developed to support U.S. aircraft in World War II, advancements over the last 75 years have further expanded their accuracy and uses. The BZ/BA varieties are in such demand, that MICRO SWITCH™ has over 2,000 models. (read more)

Carlton-Bates Company - Honeywell Wireless Heavy Duty Limit Switch

Wireless Heavy Duty Limit Switch 3.6VDC Top Push Button


Manufacturer # WLS1A01AC

CBC #: 78454997197

Product Description: Enclosed Switch - Plunger Actuated: Type - Wireless Heavy Duty Limit Switch; Rating - NEMA - NEMA 13; Head/Operator - Top Push Button; Operator Configuration - Vertical; Head Action - Spring Return, Standard; Poles/Contacts... (read more)

Carlton-Bates Company - Big Power in a small package

SolaHD’s SDN Series of power supplies are made for thin and thick cable DeviceNet applications. The series offers sag immunity, transient suppression and has a rugged design. This makes them perfect for industrial and process controls — both durable and compact. (read more)

Carlton-Bates Company - Avoid downtime. Test with Megger.

Plan ahead. Know how much environmental and mechanical stress on wire, cable and motors is affecting the safe and reliable operation of your equipment's electrical systems.

Deterioration of critical components can make:

  • machines dangerous to touch
  • motor burn out and fail

Avoid down time. With over 60% of equipment failures due to i... (read more)

Carlton-Bates Company - 3M Liquid Adhesive Gray


Manufacturer # DP-190-GRAY

CBC #: 02120022647

Product Description: Liquid Adhesives: Type - Liquid Adhesive; Application - General Purpose; Base Content - Epoxy/Amine; Bonding Time - 90 Minutes; Color - Gray; Temperature - 73ºF23ºC; Size - 1.7-oz; Container Type - Cartridge; Additional Information - Duo-pak cartridges for use with EPX II Applicator, 478... (read more)

Carlton-Bates Company - Hammond N1A / N1J - NEMA 1 Enclosures

Hammond’s N1A and N1J Series of Type 1 enclosures are ideal for indoor use when oil-tight and dust-tight protection is not required. Though both have very specific features, they are equally ideal for many uses and carry key certifications. The N1A is formed of 12 or 14 gauge steel, the door and inner panel are both removable allowing for a vent or window to be added. The N1J is fo... (read more)

Carlton-Bates Company - Brady's BMP®41 and BMP®51 series

On-the-Go labeling, FREE for a limited time (read more)

Carlton-Bates Company - SolaHD SDN Series Power Supplies

Enjoy industry-leading design combined with a wide operational temperature ranges and unique installation options. No one does it better than SolaHD. (read more)

Carlton-Bates Company - IDEC Light Strip - 67.2W LED


Light Strip 67.2W LED

Manufacturer # LF1D-F2F-2W-A

CBC #: 78040033485

Product Description: Local Lights: Type - Light Strip; Design - Wide; Mounting - Screw-on Base; Lamp Type - LED; Watts - 67.2; Additional Information - Cover/Lens: Reinforced Glass, Color: Cool White, Operating Voltage: 24 VAC/24 VDC, Length: 310mm, IP Rating: IP67F, 7 LED... (read more)

Carlton-Bates Company - NEW Marathon Power Terminal Blocks

Marathon Special Products' series of Made-in-the-USA Bulk Fastening Power Terminal Blocks are the ONLY U.S. approved blocks that have 1000 volts at 1605 amps. (read more)

Carlton-Bates Company - Hoffman cooling and control systems from Pentair

Hoffman cooling and control systems offer a wide range of cooling solutions for the Controls/OEM, Oil & Gas, Integration, Machine Tool & Metalworking markets.

With more than 30 years of experience producing everything from fan assemblies to standard air conditioners and heat exchangers to engineered cooling applications for one-of-a-kind systems, the Hoffman brand has the... (read more)

Carlton-Bates Company - Wirewound Resistor, Fixed 15,000 Ohms 50W


Manufacturer # 850F15K

CBC #: 78507498768

The 89 Series is a high-performance axial type resistor. These molded-construction metal-housed resistors are available in higher power ratings than standard axial resistors and are better suited to withstanding vibration, shock and harsh environmental conditions.

The 89 Series Metal-Mite® resistors a... (read more)

Carlton-Bates Company - Fluke: Test, Measure & Calibrate

From industrial electronic installation, maintenance and service, to precision testing, measurement and quality control, Fluke tools help keep your business and plants up and running in a wide range of demanding environments. Browse our wide selection of Fluke test equipment. Shop now. (read more)

Carlton-Bates Company - Introducing IDEC Slim Line Power Supplies

For the month of JUNE, you'll automatically see and receive a 20% discount on PS5R power supplies when you purchase online.

IDEC’s PS5R Series power supplies come in both standard and the NEW Slim Line models. IDEC brings 60 years of automation experience to meet the needs of integrators and engineers.

The Standard and Slim Line sizes are perfect for a m... (read more)

Carlton-Bates Company - WOODHEAD MOLEX Portable Hand Lamp 75A

Portable Hand Lamp 75A 12V


Manufacturer # 1621-12A

CBC #: 78678862502

Product Description: Hand Lamps: Type - Portable Hand Lamp; Lamp Type - 75A 12V; Guard Type - Guard/Gasketed Globe; Guard Material - Steel; Cord Type - 16/3 SOW-A, 10-ft; Secondary Cord - 14/2 SOW-A, 25-ft; Transformer - In-Line 110/12VAC; Explosion Proof Certified - No... (read more)

Carlton-Bates Company - 3M Welding Helmets - 73364

Welding Helmets - 73364


Manufacturer # 06-0201-20

CBC #: 05113589363

Product Description: Starter Kit for 9100X includes 5 Outside Protection Plates 2 Inside Protection Plates and a Sweatband. (read more)

Carlton-Bates Company - Safety Warning Sign Self-Adhesive Plastic

Safety Warning Sign Self-Adhesive Plastic Danger - Keep Out


Manufacturer # 22112

CBC #: 75447322112

Product Description: Safety and Information Signs-Labels-Flags: Type - Safety Warning Sign; Marking - Legend - Danger - Keep Out; Marking - Symbol - Rectangular; Material - Plastic; Mounting - Self-Adhesive; Size - Length - 14.00 in; Size - H... (read more)

Carlton-Bates Company - TURCK UTP Patch Cable 4 Pair


Manufacturer # CABLE841-225M

CBC #: 78071689049

Product Description: Four Pair UTP Cable: Cable Type - UTP Patch; Category - 5e; Jacket Rating - CMR; Jacket Material - PVC; Conductor Count - 4 Pair; Conductor Size - AWG - 24; Length - Metric - 225m; Length - Imperial - 738.1 ft; Additional Information - Temperature Range: 0 to 75 deg C 32 to 167 d... (read more)

Carlton-Bates Company - Rechargeable Lead Acid Emergency Battery 12V


Manufacturer # PS-1270F1

CBC #: 78823098993

Product Description: Specialty Rechargeable Batteries: Type - Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery; Application - Emergency Battery; Voltage - 12V; Capacity - MAh - 7 AH; Terminals - Quick Connect; Height - 3.70 in; Width - 2.56 in; Length - 5.95 in; Additional Information - F Terminals, Tab 0.187 in x 0... (read more)

Carlton-Bates Company - Magnecraft’s KHS/782H and KR-1/750H Series relays

Magnecraft’s hermetically sealed KHS/782H and KR-1/750H Series relays comply with UL Class I Division 2 requirements for use in hazardous locations. These sturdy relays are ideal for HVAC, mining and mineral machinery, material handling, construction, assembly lines, and oil and gas. These functionally outstanding products are RoHS compliant and have a large selection of sockets an... (read more)

Carlton-Bates Company - IDEC’s PS5R Series power supplies

For the month of JUNE, you'll automatically see and receive a 20% discount on PS5R power supplies when you purchase online.

IDEC’s PS5R Series power supplies come in both standard and the NEW Slim Line models. IDEC brings 60 years of automation experience to meet the needs of integrators and engineers.

The Standard and Slim Line sizes are perfect for a m... (read more)

Carlton-Bates Company - HONEYWELL LSA1A Rotary Actuated Switch

Honeywell Heavy Duty Plug-In Limit Switch 10A Side Rotary w/o-operatorManufacturer # LSA1ACBC #: 78454927000Product Description: Enclosed Switch - Rotary Actuated: Type - Heavy Duty Plug-In Limit Switch; Rating - NEMA - NEMA 4X,6P; Head/Operator - Side Rotary w/o-operator; Head Action - Spring Return, Standard; Poles/Contacts - SPDT 1NO 1NC; Current Rating... (read more)

Carlton-Bates Company - Bud Industries SNB Series Enclosures

Bud’s SNB Series of NEMA SS and power-coated steel enclosures is ideal for harsh environments where sturdy steel, security, and a tight seal against moisture are required. (read more)

Carlton-Bates Company - This electrical safety info could save a life

Carlton-Bates is proud to participate in National Electrical Safety Month with resources from Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFi). (read more)

Carlton-Bates Company - Straight Blade Plug Black and White 20A 125V 2P


Straight Blade Plug Black and White 20A 125V 2P

Manufacturer # HBL5366C

CBC #: 78358517395

Product Description: Plugs: Plug Type - Straight Blade; Rating - Amps - 20A; Rating - Volts - 125V; Number of Poles - 2P; Number of Wires - 3W; Ground - Grounding; NEMA - 5-20P; Cord Diameter - 0.230 - 0.720; Material - Nylon; Color - Black... (read more)

Carlton-Bates Company - Solid State Contactor 2.4A 500V AC IP20


Solid State Contactor 2.4A 500V AC IP20 - ELRW3-24DC/500AC-2I

Manufacturer # 2297031

CBC #: 78037395613

Product Description: Solid State Contactors: Contactor Type - Solid State; Rated Voltage - 500V AC; Rated Current - 2.4A; Operating Voltage Min/Max - 42-550VAC; Coil Voltage Min/Max - 19.2-30VDC; Enclosure - IP20; Temp... (read more)

Carlton-Bates Company - POWER-ONE DC Power Supply 49W 0.9A/51.4VDC


DC Power Supply 49W 0.9A/51.4VDC

Manufacturer # LOK4740-2RLD

CBC #: 40063992280

Product Description: DC Power Supply: Type - DC Power Supply; Design Mode - Switcher; Rating - Watts - 49W; Input VAC Nominal - 1PH 120/240VAC; Input VAC Range - 85-264VAC; Input VAC Control - Auto Select; Operating VAC Range - 85-264VAC; Input... (read more)

Carlton-Bates Company - COLE HERSEE Rotary Switch 10A 3-Pos


Manufacturer # 956-3124

CBC #: 63285010080

Product Description: Rotary Switch: Switch Type - Rotary; Circuit Configuration - 3-Pos; Circuit Operation - On-Off; Rating - Voltage - 12VDC; Rating - Amps - 10; Terminals - Screw; Mounting - Stem 1"-24 Threaded; Stem Type - Metal (read more)

Carlton-Bates Company - OMRON DC Power Supply 240 W 10A


Manufacturer # S8VK-G24024

CBC #: 40312398760

Product Description: DC Power Supply: Type - DC Power Supply; Design Mode - Switcher; Rating - Watts - 240 W; Input VAC Range - 100-240VAC; Input VDC Range - 90-350VDC; Output VDC Nominal - 24VDC; Output Current Nominal - 10A; Efficiency - 92% typical; Mounting - DIN Rail Mount; Dimensions - HxWxD: 4.92x2.36x... (read more)

Carlton-Bates Company - CROUZET Timing Relay, 8A 24V DC

Timing Relay, 8A 24V DC


Manufacturer # 88867215

CBC #: 40026398962

Product Description: Timing Relays - Fixed Mode Operation: Type - Timing Relay; Mounting - Plug-In Base; Terminals - 8-Pin Octal; Voltage - 250V AC; Amps - 8A; Coil Volts - 24V DC; Timing Range - 0.1 sec - 100 hrs; Additional Information - Temperature: -4 to 140 deg F -20 to 60 d... (read more)

Carlton-Bates Company - Carling Contura V-Series Rotary Switches

Carling’s V-Series rotary switch is the best choice on the market today, designed for maximum performance and reliability, leveraging the features of the widely popular Contura rocker switches. This series uses a patented mechanism that translates rotary to linear motion. (read more)

Carlton-Bates Company - Do More. Less Cost with Omron Power Supplies

Omron has a reputation for making components that do more and cost less, and the S8VK-G series is proof.

S8VK Series Power Supplies:

  • Universal input:100 to 240 VAC (85 to 264 VAC)
  • DC input is available: 90 to 350 VDC
  • Possible for 2-phase input usage
  • Operating temperature: –40°C to 70°C (–40°F to 158°...
(read more)
Carlton-Bates Company - Get the CBC catalog.

Do you like to feel a catalog in your hands?

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Carlton-Bates Company - Isolation Transformer 0.435A 50/60 Hz 50 VA


Manufacturer # N68X

CBC #: 40308794919

Product Description: Power Transformers: Type - Isolation Transformer; Primary Voltage - 115/230V AC; Secondary Voltage - 115V AC; Output Rating, Current - 0.435A; Power Rating - 50 VA; Frequency - 50/60 Hz; Number of Outputs - 1; Construction Style - Bobbin; Mounting - Chassis; Terminals - Wire Leads; Insulation... (read more)

Carlton-Bates Company - DC Battery/Back-up Power Supply 230 VAC

PHOENIX CONTACTManufacturer # 2320270CBC #: 78037330520Product Description: Power Supply - DC: Type - DC Battery/Back-up Power Supply; Input Volts - 230 VAC; Output Volts - 230 VAC; Output Current - 2.20 - 5.20A; Enclosure Rating - Class 1 IP20; Additional Information - Height: 130mm, Width: 125mm, Depth: 125mm (read more)

Carlton-Bates Company - Wireless is More. More Versatile. More Affordable.

Honeywell's Limitless Switches put sensing and control wherever you need them to be — no wires needed. (read more)

Carlton-Bates Company - IDEC Pushbutton, Non-Illuminated Green 1-NO


Manufacturer # HW2B-M1F10G

CBC #78040097159

Product Description: Pushbutton, Non-Illuminated: Switch Type - Pushbutton, Non-Illuminated; Size - 22.5 mm; NEMA - 4,4X,13; Operating Cap - Flush; Cap/Lens Color - Green; Bezel/Housing - Square Plastic; Contact Mode - Momentary; Contacts - 1-NO; Contact Rating - 10A/600VAC; Terminals - Finger Safe Screw Terminal; Encl... (read more)

Carlton-Bates Company - CARLING Rocker Switch SPST On-Off maint


Manufacturer # LTILA54-6S-BL-RC-NBL/125N

CBC #78020698264

Product Description: Rocker Switch: Switch Type - Rocker Switch; Circuit Configuration - SPST; Circuit Operation - On-Off maintained; Amps/12-125Vac - 15A/125Vac; Amps/250V - 10A/250Vac; Amps/Vdc - 15A/28Vdc; Horsepower - 0.75Hp/125-250Vac; Voltage - 250Vac; Terminals - Screw; Finish - Black and Red; A... (read more)

Carlton-Bates Company - Pepperl+Fuchs Retroreflective Sensors

Pepperl+Fuchs’ RL61 reflective area sensor offers an affordable, optimal, and easy solution for keeping manufacturing and packaging lines running smoothly.

Reduce your inventory by having one sensor replace four with RL61's 4-in-1 output. The 4-in-1 technology offers a normally open and a normally closed output, which will automatically detect the connected load.

Key... (read more)

Carlton-Bates Company - MECHATRONICS AC Tubeaxial Fan 28W Metal

Carlton-Bates Company has thermal management products to support a wide range of industries. Our supplier partners are the leading source for engineered air movement solutions and custom assemblies that are designed for a variety of applications. (read more)

Carlton-Bates Company - COOPER BUSSMANN Fast Acting Miniature Auto Fuses

Carlton-Bates Company is proud to bring you the total, inudstrial power solution. CBC has the breadth and depth of power products to ensure that a solution can and will be found. Whether you are looking for circuit protection or power supplies, CBC has partnered with the leading suppliers to bring you the right product at the right time. (read more)