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Cascade Optical Corp.

Cascade Optical Corp. has promoted these products/services:

Cascade Optical Corp. - Cascade covers " The Whole Spectrum"

One stop optical fabrication and thin film design Our Proprietary Deposition Process & Monitored Low Contamination Levels Produces A Highly Dense Thin Film Structure With Optimal Low Stress, Absorption, & Scatter. (read more)

Cascade Optical Corp. - Large Optical Filters

Large Optical Filters are commonly coated at Cascade Optical Corporation. The question commonly arises for coating companies.." Can you coat large Optics?". We frequently coat protected metal mirrors that are greater than 889mm in diameter. (read more)

Cascade Optical Corp. - Anti Reflective Broad Band Coatings

Broadband AR coatings operate usually at lower efficiency than V-Coatings, but they provide anti-reflective properties over much wider spectral range. Spectral performance of a typical visible AR coating designed for BK7 glass is shown in the figure below. (read more)

Cascade Optical Corp. - High Reflective Coatings For Dielectric Mirrors

HIGH REFLECTIVE COATINGS All-dielectric high reflective (HR) coatings offer a very high efficiency and a much higher laser induced damage thresholds than enhanced and protected metal mirrors. (read more)

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