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Cascade Optical Corp.

Cascade Optical Corp. has promoted these products/services:

Cascade Optical Corp. - Anti Reflective Broad Band Coatings

Broadband AR coatings operate usually at lower efficiency than V-Coatings, but they provide anti-reflective properties over much wider spectral range. Spectral performance of a typical visible AR coating designed for BK7 glass is shown in the figure below.

Rav < 0.5% @ 450-650 nm @ 0° - 20° AOI (read more)

Cascade Optical Corp. - 1 STOP Optical Fabrication and Thin Film Design

One stop optical fabrication and thin film design Our Proprietary Deposition Process & Monitored Low Contamination Levels Produces A Highly Dense Thin Film Structure With Optimal Low Stress, Absorption, & Scatter. (read more)

Cascade Optical Corp. - Large Optical Filters

Large Optical Filters are commonly coated at Cascade Optical Corporation. The question commonly arises for coating companies.." Can you coat large Optics?". (read more)

Cascade Optical Corp. - High Reflective Coatings For Dielectric Mirrors

HIGH REFLECTIVE COATINGS All-dielectric high reflective (HR) coatings offer a very high efficiency and a much higher laser induced damage thresholds than enhanced and protected metal mirrors. (read more)