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Cast Lighting LLC has promoted these products:

Cast Lighting LLC - CAST LED Perimeter Light (CPL1)

A low-voltage security lighting system comprised of rugged LED luminaires and a reliable power supply. Mounted on fence posts, these lights are simple and quick to install, and consume a fraction of the energy of traditional security lighting. Can also be used in any lighting application where long wire runs are required (such as wooded paths and piers). These luminaires have numerous ap... (read more)

Cast Lighting LLC - Remarkable Savings with LED Perimeter Llighting

CAST LED Perimeter Lighting Systems include Perimeter Fence lights and Perimeter Wall Packs. Both systems are designed to be easily installed, require no maintenance, and to reward the property owner with significant savings on materials, labor, and energy. The illumination produced by these lights is glare-free and highly targeted to provide optimal lighting for security officers and ca... (read more)

Cast Lighting LLC - Green Energy and CAST Lighting

Addressing Energy Conservation and Environmental Concerns with CAST Lighting Products.

There is an ever-increasing demand for energy-efficient lighting and for lighting that addresses other environmental concerns. For this reason, lighting manufacturers have responded in varying degrees with products designed with these goals in mind.

CAST Lighting LLC., from its inception,... (read more)

Cast Lighting LLC - CAST Master SeriesĀ® Transformers

CAST Master Series Multi-Tap Low Voltage Transformers are rugged, reliable and host several with exclusive features.


  • Robust inrush protection to guard against nuisance tripping of breakers.
  • Resin-sealed toroidal core - Ensures for the highest possible efficiency.
  • "Full Load" commons configuration - Ensures that the transformer...
(read more)
Cast Lighting LLC - CAST LED Craftsman Series Landscape Lighting

Rock-solid integrated LED fixtures that meet the need for 'CAST Quality' at a lower price.

Designed for professionals who insist on 'CAST Quality' but struggle to fit CAST into every budget, the Craftsman Series consists of spot lights, wash lights, deck lights and path lights. Each of these fixtures has the same durability and relieable LED circuitry as with the Imp... (read more)

Cast Lighting LLC - LED Perimeter Fence Lighting Kits

CAST LED Perimeter Kits make specifying and ordering very simple - just select fence length and fixture spacing. Kits include all system components, are palletized, shrink wrapped, and shipped - usually the same day!

You don't need to be a lighting expert to specify and order a CAST LED Perimeter Fence Lighting System. Complete kits are available for fence lengths from 20 ft. to 7... (read more)

Cast Lighting LLC - New LED Security & Landscape Lighting

Cast Lighting Releases New Videos of Security and Landscape Lighting Products – Including Intro and Instructional Videos of Award-Winning LED Perimeter Security Lighting System.

This short video introduces the award-winning CAST LED Perimeter Lighting System. The system provide an extremely energy-efficient and inexpensive highly targeted illumination along fenced perimeters. (read more)

Cast Lighting LLC - CAST LED Savannah Area/Path Light

This rugged and decorative LED path/area light provides a soft glare free illumination. Since illumination is provided directly from LED s and reflected from hat, this fixture provides a brighter illumination that the other path/area lights. (read more)

Cast Lighting LLC - CAST Impressionist Series LED Wall Wash Light

The CAST Impressionist Series is CAST Lighting's latest entry into the emerging world of advanced outdoor LED's. The series includes a compact directional fixture (CID140) , a high-powered Wall Wash (CIWL6) (featured on this page), and a Tree Light (CIT164). All these fixtures share features that define the cutting edge in the LED low-voltage landscape lighting industry. (read more)

Cast Lighting LLC - Energy-Efficient Approach to Wall-Mounted Lighting

The combination of low-wattage LED’s and extremely wide voltage range allow long chains of Wall Packs to illuminate building and path perimeters.”


A low-voltage security lighting system comprised of rugged LED luminaires and a reliable power supply. Mounted on walls or posts (with or without junction boxes), these lights are simple and quick to insta... (read more)