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Caterpillar Machines - Heavy Equipment Tech Helps Boost Productivity

From site prep to project completion, faster is almost always better in the construction industry. Many new machines offer built-in features to enhance operator performance and increase output. Learn how new technologies can improve productivity to help you get the most out of your machines and crew.

Learn more (read more)

Caterpillar Machines - Rent, Lease or Buy? Acquiring New Machines

Machine owners have multiple options when it’s time to add new equipment to their operations. The most common are renting, leasing and buying. There are many factors to weigh when choosing the right solution. Cash flow, expected hours of utilization, maintenance costs, warranty offers, and other factors specific to your business should be taken into consideration.

There are... (read more)

Caterpillar Machines - Mini hydraulic excavators

Tackle Many Jobs with One Machine: Attachments Increase Mini Hydraulic Excavator Versatility (read more)

Caterpillar Machines - Improve Grading Accuracy for Dozers

Almost every site-prep project requires some kind of grading, which is essentially smoothing and leveling (or sloping) a jobsite. Some grading projects, such as building pads, parking lots or road surfaces, require perfection because even the slightest deviation can not only lead to increased costs, it can also cause major problems down the road. For example, lack of water flow control c... (read more)

Caterpillar Machines - U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final Industry Update

Tier 4 Interim has been a prominent industry topic since the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) phased in the first round of emissions standards for new non-road diesel engines. We’ve now moved into Tier 4 Final, the last stage, which requires machines to be equipped with engines that meet more stringent exhaust emission standards. All non-road machines manufactured in 2015... (read more)

Caterpillar Machines - Boost Jobsite Productivity with Telehandlers

Boost Jobsite Versatility and Productivity with Telehandlers

Whether you're building a road, carrying bricks or stacking pallets, crews are continuously tasked with getting the job done more efficiently. Selecting the right machine can play a big role in increasing productivity. Versatile telehandlers are multi-application machines that can save a lot of time, effort and money by... (read more)

Caterpillar Machines - Need Help Choosing A Cat® Machine?


The right machine for the job improves efficiency, making you more profitable. That's why we built the Cat® Machine Selector. You select the features that matter most and we'll find the machines that match. (read more)

Caterpillar Machines - Pre-Purchase Considerations for Compact Machines

When it comes to buying a machine, there are many factors to consider before finalizing the decision. Beyond reviewing the spec sheet and completing a demo, scheduling a mock maintenance walk-around can help provide clearer expectations on managing machines, so owners and operators can make more informed purchase decisions.

Our latest blog features a discussion on the advantages o... (read more)

Caterpillar Machines - Help avoid fines and reduce lifecycle costs.

No matter your industry or application, all machines share a need for fluids. If these fluids are improperly handled, their effectiveness can be compromised causing premature system and component damage. Inadequate handling practices can also result in failed compliance with environmental regulations.

Today’s blog features a few simple considerations for improving fluid hand... (read more)

Caterpillar Machines - Maintain efficiency/productivity- hydraulics

A machine’s hydraulic system should always be top of mind when regular maintenance is considered. Simple, proactive diagnostic tests can help ensure this important system maintains efficiency and productivity.

Our latest blog helps operators take action before costly problems arise, including indicators to look out for when a hydraulic system may need attention (read more)

Caterpillar Machines - Safety Precautions for CAT Machines

Safety precautions and walk-around procedures may differ by application, machine and company culture. Some compact machines are fast and highly maneuverable, so they require a more specific process to ensure safe operation. Implementing clear safety procedures can help improve operation efficiency, protect equipment from damage and reduce the chance for unscheduled downtime.

Our l... (read more)

Caterpillar Machines - Machine Oil & Filter Tips

Visit our latest blog for a discussion on how machine owners and operators can get more from their fluids and filters. (read more)

Caterpillar Machines - Three Ways to Boost Machine Productivity

Summer is the perfect time to make up for productivity lost during the long winter season. Taking a closer look at which machines are best suited for each jobsite, adding work tools for specialized projects and learning the ins and outs of the equipment can make a big difference in jobsite efficiency.
Visit our latest blog for three tips on how to improve productivity and get more... (read more)

Caterpillar Machines - Cat Compact Equipment Machine Specs

Find the Skid Steer Loader, Compact Track Loader, Multi Terrain Loader, Mini Excavator, Backhoe Loader, Small Track-Type Tractor, Compact Wheel Loader, Wheel Loader, Telehandler, Excavator for your job... (read more)

Caterpillar Machines - Video Tours of Cat Machines

Seeing our machines from every angle – both inside and out – is one way Caterpillar is making it easier for you to get the right machine for the job. We also have experts who can assist you, a variety of work tools to choose from and flexible financing options that work with your budget. (read more)

Caterpillar Machines - Snow removal with Earth Moving Machines

From time to time, On the Level features blogs from experts in a particular field or specialty contracting service. Brian Birch, Assistant Executive Director of the Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA), shares his knowledge and insights regarding the snow removal industry. Follow more of Brian’s blogs on for Snow & Ice Management Professionals. (read more)

Caterpillar Machines - Loading and lifting machines

Roy Brookhart is a product and application specialist with over 30 years’ experience at Caterpillar. He is focused on helping customers in the building and construction, landscaping and specialty trades, and agricultural industry, select the best Cat® machines, work tool attachments and services for their businesses.

Now more than ever, getting all you can... (read more)

Caterpillar Machines - Cat Machine Help Online Resource

Sometimes it's just easier to do a quick Internet search to find the information you need. Caterpillar has provided an online resource that not only provides helpful information, but also allows you to see Cat® machines in action without leaving the comfort of your home. Cat Landscaping and Construction videos include how-to's, walk-through tutorials, demonstrations, product launches... (read more)

Caterpillar Machines - Front Shovel Capabilities For Mini Excavator

Greg Worley, mini hydraulic excavator specialist at Caterpillar, explains how front shovel capabilities can make your mini excavator more versatile and more productive.

A versatile machine can boost operator productivity, improve your bottom line and even help you land more jobs.

A mini excavator with front shovel capabilities is one very versatile machine. The... (read more)

Caterpillar Machines - Linkage option for your wheel loader

Joel Grimes, senior marketing engineer and small wheel loader specialist at Caterpillar, shares some tips on selecting the right linkage option for your wheel loader.

Many manufacturers offer a variety of linkage options for wheel loaders, but have you ever wondered why? The answer is simple - there are different solutions for different needs. (read more)

Caterpillar Machines - Compact Track Loaders

Cat® Compact Track Loaders offer a fully suspended steel undercarriage for a smooth ride and better material retention, while the standard two-speed allows users to move material efficiently around the jobsite. Models include a sealed and pressurized cab and adjustable seat-mounted controls. Wide range of attachments available. (read more)

Caterpillar Machines - Backhoe Loaders

Cat® Backhoe Loaders feature a powerful hydraulic system that supplies both precision and high productivity. The AccuGrade Site Reference System supplies in-cab grade and depth check, and a wide range of backhoe attachments are available, including augers, hammers, compactors, and a factory-installed thumb. (read more)

Caterpillar Machines - Excavator

With travel speeds up to 23 mph (37km/h), Cat® Excavators offer versatility and mobility. Multiple auxiliary hydraulic options enable operators to utilize a wide range of work tools, and users may preprogram flow and pressure for up to 10 different hydraulic work tools. (read more)

Caterpillar Machines - Mini Excavators

Cat® Mini Excavators offer high digging forces and fast cycle times in a compact package. The Pin-Grabber Coupler and quick disconnects enable operators to change mini excavator attachments quickly. Auto idle, auto two-speed and a load sensing variable pump optimize fuel efficiency. Wide range of attachments available. (read more)

Caterpillar Machines - Telehandlers

Cat® Telehandlers are available with a wide range of lift capacities and lift heights. Three steering modes offer improved maneuverability on any terrain, while a single lever joystick contains all boom functions for easy operation. Select models are available with hydraulic stabilizers to provide extra support. (read more)