Centryco Inc. - Centryco's Welding Protection

MACHINE PROTECTION in welding applications is available in various forms including high-temperature/ penetration-resistant fabrics for use in guarding linear rails and robotic mechanisms. (read more)

Centryco Inc. - Perma-Pleated Guard Application Guide

Made from durable melamine coated polyester, Centryco's Perma-Pleated Guard is the ideal cover choice for protection from light debris or heavy dust. The Perma-Pleated Guard's eye appeal will enhance your equipment's professional appearance. And with flexibility allowing cycle life in the millions, the Perma-Pleated Guard will keep your equipment looking good for years! (read more)

Centryco Inc. -  Covers - Milling Machine

Milling Machine Covers by Centryco-Protect your valuable milling machines with the industry standard, Centryco Milling Machine Kits. Made of a tough coated material and sewn with Kevlar¨ thread, Centryco Milling Machine Kits assure the highest mechanical strength and resistance to hot and sharp chips. (read more)

Centryco Inc. - Centryco's Perma-Pleated Screens

Perma-Pleated Screens provide a new and economical form of protection. These crisply pleated screens are ideal for medical or coordinated measuring machine applications. (read more)

Centryco Inc. - Custom Way Covers

Centryco offers many "way cover" configurations to fit your custom application. (read more)

Centryco Inc. - Pleated Screens

Centryco's Perma-Pleated Screens are made in a variety of materials to suit your application. Centryco's Perma-Pleated Screens are the ideal choice for protection from light debris or heavy dust. (read more)

Centryco Inc. - Specialty Protection - Guards, Covers, Wipers

Centryco expanded into several specialty markets to offer a variety of guards and accessory products including Way Wipers, vacuum-formed miniature bellows, welding protection, lift/ loop bellows for the medical field, harness wraps, and many other special protection coverings (read more)

Centryco Inc. - Centry Cover Application Guide

Selecting the right Centry Cover is really a simple matter. First, determine the correct size then ascertain the corresponding part number by looking up your measurements on the following size charts. (For your convenience, all measurements appear both in metric and imperial equivalents.) (read more)

Centryco Inc. - Centryco's Way Wipers

Centryco Way Wipers are the most economical way to preserve machine accuracy as they protect the interstice of machine slideways from dirt and chips. (read more)

Centryco Inc. - Centryco's Milling Machine Kits

Protect your valuable milling machines with the industry standard, Centryco Milling Machine Kits. (read more)

Centryco Inc. - Centryco's Linear Way Covers

Protect linear rails and bearings with Centryco fully welded or Dual Guard covers. Available in standard or high temperature materials. Using your rail model, manufacturer, travel and height restriction, call or e-mail us for immediate pricing and availability. (read more)

Centryco Inc. - Centryco's RF Welded Bellows

New Radio Frequency (RF) Welded Bellows offer many of the same advantages as our molded bellows and are ideal for a broad range of applications. (read more)

Centryco Inc. - Centryco Sewn Bellows

Sewn bellows are made from a series of stamped annular rings which are sewn together to form the individual convolutions. (read more)

Centryco Inc. - Molded Bellows...stock sizes available

Centryco - Molded Polyurethane Bellows (Black) are available in stock sizes (1 or 2 foot lengths) or non-standard sizes. (read more)

Centryco Inc. - Single Linear Rail Way Cover Application Guide

Centryco has standardized the perfect high quality / low cost way cover kit for most OEM single linear models. Available in the material and construction of your choice with end fixings to meet your application. Configure your cover from the charts provided and submit to Centryco when completed. (read more)

Centryco Inc. -  Bellows Application Guide

Centryco easy-to-follow guide will enable you to predetermine the exact size and type bellows required to enclose moving rods, shafts, screws and other linear mechanisms. As you walk through each step, you will zero in on the specifics for your particular application. (read more)

Centryco Inc. -  Application Guide...Centryco Slideway Cover

Centryco's guide was developed to make your job easier by utilizing our more than 50 years of product experience. The information learned in pioneering America's first continuous length fabric cover for slideways is contained within this easy-to-use guide. (read more)

Centryco Inc. - Machine Covers - Conical Protection

Centryco designes and manufactures metal conical protection for cylindrical machine ways. Multiple applications include: machine tool (shafts, rods, splines and screws), actuators, die sets, laser beams, and more. (read more)

Centryco Inc. - Way Covers

Centryco designs and manufactures "Way Covers" in various construction and materials to protect your linear rails and ways from dust to weld spatter. (read more)

Centryco Inc. -  Miniature Bellows - Custom Designed

Centryco expands their product line with the capability to produce very small bellows utilizing a vacuum forming technology. Polyurethane-based bellows provide fully sealed protection with excellent fatigue and wear characteristics. (read more)

Centryco Inc. - Bellows for Medical Applications

Centryco designs and manufactures a variety of protective covers for both medical and pharmaceutical applications. (read more)


Centryco now offers a service that will provide products digitally which is available through their website and various online market places. (read more)

Centryco Inc. -  Conical & Telescoping Covers

Centryco's Helically wound spring guards made of various metals provide long life and maximum protection for your rods, shafts, splines, and screws. (read more)