Colby Instruments, Inc. -  Custom Programmable Delay Line (CPDL-100A)

The Custom Programmable Delay Line (CPDL-100A) offers custom programmable delay at customer specified delay step and total delay range limits (read more)

Colby Instruments, Inc. - Programmable Delay Line Instrument - PDM-100A

The PDM-100A is our modular instrument utilizing PIN diode switching technology to offer electrical delay from 0 to 10.23 ns with a step resolution to 1 ps. (read more)

Colby Instruments, Inc. - Delay Line Instrument Programmable (PDL-100A)

Our industry-leading PDL-100A instruments use our patented Electro-Mechanical Trombone structure and can be configured in different models for total delay of up to 100 ns or more. This series is best suited to applications where you need ultra-fine precision step delay (to 0.50 ps) (read more)

Colby Instruments, Inc. - Precision Programmable Delay Line Instrument-OEM

The Colby Instruments Model PDL-100A-OEM is the Electro-Mechanical Trombone Delay Line only for OEM applications and offers 0 to 625 ps of delay with a step resolution to 0.50 ps (read more)

Colby Instruments, Inc. - PDL-200A with dual electromechanical trombones

Precision Programmable Electrical Delay for RF/Microwave Frequency Signals

The PDL-200A combines dual electromechanical trombones internally in series to extend the total delay range to a maximum of 1.25 nanoseconds. In one single unit, the PDL-200A offers the same resolution as the PDL-100A while doubling the total delay range of the instrument. (read more)

Colby Instruments, Inc. - CPDL-100A Custom Programmable Delay Line

The CPDL-100A series offers a fully customizable instrument with custom programmable, fixed delays using aerospace-grade microwave relays and precision-cut semi-rigid coaxial cable. We can customize based on your specifications for delay resolution (to the smallest step size of 10 ps) and total delay range up to a maximum of 200 ns. Instruments in this series are best suited to applicati... (read more)

Colby Instruments, Inc. - Modular Programmable Delay with Diode Switching

Our newest innovation, the PDM-100A is built on all solid-state technology, making it possible to change the delay more quickly than in any other model: up to 500 times a second. With its programmable interface, the PDM-100A ensures repeatability, accuracy and performance superior to any manual phase shifter or delay line generator on the market. (read more)

Colby Instruments, Inc. - PIN Diode Modules Programmable Delay Phase Shift

PIN Diode Modules offer programmable delay (phase shift) to 1 ps resolution and 5.12 ns total range. Combine three modules (P1-PDM, P2-PDM, and P3-PDM) for a total range to 5.12 nanoseconds. TTL/CMOS level interface.

Each module requires +12V and +5V power. (read more)

Colby Instruments, Inc. -  MT-100A LCD display for PDL-100A and CPDL-100A

The Colby Instruments Microterminal (MT-100A) provides convenient keypad entry and LCD display for manual control of delay for Programmable Delay Line PDL-100A and CPDL-100A Series instruments. (read more)