Composites Group (The) - Transportation Applications for Composites

Working with virtually every major engine manufacturer in the world, our market proven history clearly demonstrates thermoset technology’s superior performance in the demanding under the hood environment. Here are a few examples:

Heavy Duty Valve Covers

  • Less expensive than die-cast Al or Mg
  • NVH Improvement
  • High temperature property reten...
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Composites Group (The) - PremierLTâ„¢ Family of Low-Weight Compounds

The Composites Group introduces PremierLT™, a new family of lightweight, low-density, high-performance thermoset sheet molding compounds (SMC) designed to meet current and future market needs for structural and semi-structural applications. PremierLT L701S boasts a specific gravity of 1.2. It is moldable, pigmentable and offers low shrink. PremierLT L702S offer... (read more)

Composites Group (The) - Engineered Structural Composites (ESC)

Quantum Composites develops and manufacturers high strength, high temperature Engineered Structural Composites (ESC™) that are used to replace metals in demanding environments. (read more)

Composites Group (The) - Premi-Glas 3101-20 Exceeds Arc Track Resistance

Premix's Premi-Glas® 3101-20, a fiberglass reinforced thermoset bulk molding compound for electrical applications, passes the ASTM D-2303 standard for arc track resistance at an exposure of greater than 2,000 minutes—surpassing the recognized industry standard. (read more)

Composites Group (The) - Quantum Launches New Hybrid Carbon Fiber Material

Quantum Composites, a business unit of The Composites Group, introduces its first hybrid carbon fiber material, a cost-effective, lightweight and high-strength alternative for traditional fiberglass and metal applications in the automotive, heavy truck, medical, sporting goods and industrial markets. (read more)

Composites Group (The) - AS 9100C 2009-01 & ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certified

Quantum Composites, the Engineered Structural Composites™ (ESC™) business of The Composites Group, is now AS 9100C : 2009-01 quality certifi ed along with ISO 9001 : 2008. (read more)

Composites Group (The) - Molding Processes: Compression Molding

Composite Compression Molding produces high quality cost competitive parts for all volume ranges. Parts produced from sheet molding compound (SMC) or bulk moulding compound (BMC) have a high strength-to-weight ratio with low shrink rates. (read more)

Composites Group (The) - Material Development & Custom Formulations

Quantum Composites R&D and pilot sample production capabilities have and continue to be at the fore front of our materials development activities. Our R&D capabilities range from development work on formulation modifications to meet a given set of application and performance requirements to research work on totally new development projects... (read more)

Composites Group (The) - Electrical Applications by Premix

We formulate and mold custom engineered materials to meet critical industry performance standards. Excellent dielectric strength and arc/track resistance combined with parts consolidation and cost reduction validate the switch to composites. (read more)

Composites Group (The) - Molding Processes: Open Molding (HLU)

Open Molding parts are appropriate for large parts with low to medium volumes and one finished surface. The process is capable of molding in undercuts and hardware such as brackets. (read more)

Composites Group (The) - Molding Processes: Resin Transfer Molding (RTM)

Perfect for medium volume runs or highly detailed parts, the resin transfer process offers key advantages over open molding becasue it creates smooth surfaces on both sides of a part and it allows ribs and bosses to be molded in. (read more)

Composites Group (The) - HVAC Applications

Offering cost-effective solutions, our engineers analyze, design and develop specially formulated materials and processes with distinct advantages, including corrosion resistance, high strength, thermal stability, and flame retardance. (read more)

Composites Group (The) - Molding Processes: Resin Infusion Molding

Resin Infusion is ideal for low to medium volumes. In resin infusion molding, a fiberglass mat is placed between a mold and countermold, then resin is injected under pressure and allowed to cure in the closed mold. (read more)