Conviron - Conviron Growth House™ - big rooms, big results

Conviron continues to lead the industry with innovative solutions in controlled environment systems. For applications that require the large capacity of a greenhouse with the precision of a growth chamber, we now offer our new Conviron Growth HouseTM. (read more)

Conviron - CMP6050 Control System

The CMP6050 is the most advanced control system developed by Conviron. Configured to your chamber specifications from the factory, the CMP6050 offers a wide array of set-up, control and alarm features to fine tune the configuration to your specific requirements. (read more)

Conviron - Industrial Test and Storage

The hallmark of Conviron's industrial test & storage rooms is their precision, reliability, and application specific design. Our expertise lies in our ability to develop custom-engineered controlled environment solutions for our clients. (read more)

Conviron - Interested in LEDs in Controlled Environments?

In recent years there has been growing interest in using light emitting diodes (LEDs) for plant science research under tightly controlled environmental conditions.

Conviron’s goal has been to identify LEDs that will meet the needs of plant scientists, recognizing that different users have different requirements and preferences. To this end, our team of over 35 engineers and... (read more)

Conviron - Custom High-Throughput Germination Room

Development of the custom designed and manufactured germination chamber began with a specific client need. A global specialist in vegetable genetics, the client required the ability to verify the quality of produced seed by germinating and growing that seed to early maturity. Meeting this need required significant growth area and uniform conditions to ensure subtle expressions of genetic... (read more)

Conviron - LED Lighting in Plant Growth Research

More and more, plant scientists are integrating LEDs into their research programs to meet their needs for a specific light spectrum and to reduce the operational cost of their controlled growth environments. Integrating best of breed technologies, Conviron offers preconfigured LED lighting options and we work extensively with clients to develop customized solutions to suit specific resea... (read more)

Conviron - Valoya LEDs: Designed for Plant Growth

Conviron is the exclusive distributor of Valoya’s products to seed and biotech companies, government institutions and universities in North America, India, Australia and Brazil. Conviron also distributes Valoya LEDs to the commercial horticulture sector in various regions around the world. As a preferred partner, Conviron has full access to Valoya’s products, research and sol... (read more)

Conviron - Cannabis and Medicinal Plants Growth House

The world is changing. As regulatory landscapes shift toward licensing production of marijuana for medicinal purposes in Canada, and even further toward recreational purposes in the US and countries around the world, patients and recreational users will increase their demand for quality and consistency in products. To meet market requirements, growers will need high volume growth environ... (read more)

Conviron - PG2500 for Tall Plant Growth

The PG2500 is a single tier reach-in chamber optimized for tall plant research with high intensity lighting options and 60 1/2" (1540mm) of growth height. Its compact, space saving design enables tight positioning in the lab and improves accessibility for service. With features that include extreme temperature ranges, additive humidity and dehumidification, advanced gas control, irrigati... (read more)

Conviron - Conviron Launches New G1000 Seed Germinator

Conviron announced today the launch of its new seed germinator – the G1000 – an innovative solution for seed companies, universities, and research institutes that require uniform, repeatable environmental conditions in a high throughput, robust chamber that is easy to install, use and maintain. (read more)

Conviron - Conviron’s New Seed Germinator

Uniform, Repeatable environmental conditions specifically for seed germination.

The Conviron G1000 is a high throughput and robust seed germinator that is easy to install, use and maintain.

Features include:


• +4°C to +40°C with control accuracy of ±0.5°C Lights OFF/ON

• Spatial... (read more)

Conviron - Featured Installation: University of California

Overview and History

Today, the University of California at Davis (UCD), Plant Growth Facilities ( consists of two controlled environment sites (CEF-A and CEF-B) supported by the Office of Research. These facilities are available for University of California research and teaching activities.

Earlier facilities on campus, having been buil... (read more)

Conviron - Featured Installation: New Zealand Biotron


When Stu Larsen was asked to manage the New Zealand Biotron, he knew that Conviron’s growth rooms would be the best fit for this innovative facility.

Having worked with Conviron’s PGV36 and GR48 models in his previous position in the plant science department at Lincoln University, Larsen was familiar with the growth rooms’ capabilities. As th... (read more)

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Conviron - Plant Growth Rooms at University College Dublin

Péac means "to sprout" in Gaelic, and that's exactly what the Program for Experimental Atmospheres and Climate, or Péac, facility was designed for-to grow living fossils and study how they are impacted by the atmosphere around them.

Located at the University College Dublin (UCD), in Ireland, Péac is the realization of Jennifer McElwain's vision. McElwain is director of UCD's Plant... (read more)

Conviron - Controlled Environment High Precision Phenotyping

Controlled environment high precision phenotyping is an exciting combination of two technology platforms. (read more)

Conviron - Leadership in Plant Growth Research

Over several decades, Conviron has established a global reputation within the plant science community for its leadership in controlled environment systems. We maintain a comprehensive portfolio of products including reach-in chambers, walk-in rooms, and full-scale, high performance research greenhouses. (read more)

Conviron - Room for Testing in a High Humidity Environment

Conviron's DR Series dew rooms are uniquely designed for testing in a high (100% RH) humidity, or 'saturated' or 'mist', environment. A typical application in plant pathology, for example, is the testing of plants infected with disease where the high humidity promotes disease propagation. (read more)

Conviron - Multi-Purpose Reach-In Incubator / Germinator

With its unique ability to adapt to four different research applications, the Adaptis A1000 offers an economical and flexible equipment platform. (read more)

Conviron - Innovative Controlled Environment Systems

Conviron continues to lead the industry with innovative solutions in controlled environment systems. For applications that require the large capacity of a greenhouse with the precision of a growth chamber, we now offer our new Conviron Growth HouseTM. (read more)

Conviron - Stretching Your R&D Budget

Companies are looking for ways to maximize their R&D budgets. While they still demand the latest and greatest technological advancements, they are also looking for cost effective investments in lab equipment that enable them to do more with less. As an industry leader, Conviron is keenly aware of this dichotomy and we constantly look for ways to address these concerns. (read more)

Conviron - Plant Science Research Center named World's Best

Cambridge University's Sainsbury Laboratory has been acclaimed as the World's Best Learning Building 2011.

The accolade came at the World Architecture Festival in Barcelona, where it beat off competition from a shortlist of 17 entries.

Designed by Stanton Williams architects, the 11,000 square metre plant science research centre is set in the university's Botanic Gar... (read more)

Conviron - Controlled Environment Systems for Plant Growth

Conviron continues to lead the industry with innovative solutions in controlled environment systems. For applications that require large footprint controlled environments, Conviron offers two solutions - a Conviron Research Greenhouse™ and the Conviron Growth House™. Whether your research requires the natural sunlight offered with a research greenhouse or the l... (read more)

Conviron - Customized Environmental Plant Growth Chambers

Featured Installation:

University of Sheffield's Department of Animal and Plant Sciences

State-of-the-Art Environmental Plant Growth Chambers

Overview and History

The University of Sheffield's Department of Animal and Plant Sciences is one of the largest departments in the UK devoted to the study of whole organism biology. T... (read more)

Conviron - The New Conviron Growth House™

Large controlled environment systems with sizes that exceed 1,000 ft2 (90 m2). For applications requiring the high capacity of a greenhouse with the precision of a growth chamber. Learn more… (read more)

Conviron - Conviron 's SR Series seed storage rooms

Conviron 's SR Series seed storage rooms are based on a modular platform. These seed storage rooms are custom sized for each application and are suitable for both long term and medium term collections. Long term seed storage conditions are typically set to minus 18 degrees C while medium term collections are stored at 4 degrees C and 30 to 50% RH. Dehumidification is provided usin... (read more)

Conviron - Environmental Rooms from Conviron

Often used to simulate very particular environmental conditions, these rooms are each designed for a very specific research application and are therefore typically one-of-a-kind designs. (read more)

Conviron - TC30 Tissue Culture Research Chamber

The TC30 is specifically designed for tissue culture research. However, with its 25" (635mm) growth height, the chamber is also suitable for growing short plants that require low light intensity. The chamber provides two shelves that channel the airflow through the shelves discharging it upward. (read more)

Conviron - Conviron Research Greenhouse

Conviron Research Greenhouses provide unparalleled environmental performance in the control of temperature, humidity, air velocity and light intensity and are designed specifically for research applications. Engineered to minimize operational maintenance, our greenhouses offer expanded research flexibility, year-round functionality and accurate replication of environmental conditions. (read more)

Conviron - Product / Material Testing & Storage

Companies around the world have come to rely on Conviron for the design, manufacture and installation of controlled environments for product and material testing and storage. We deliver solutions across a variety of industries. (read more)

Conviron - E7 Plant Growth Chambers

Conviron's E7 plant growth chamber is a compact yet highly configurable unit that is suitable for a wide variety of research and teaching programs. As a 'table-top' design, it is easily accessed at standard bench heights and can be ordered with a bench kit complete with casters. (read more)