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Crouzet - Crouzet Motors Introduces New Capabilities Video

Crouzet Motors celebrates the inauguration of its new 49,514 square foot facility, appropriately named, Global Center of Motor Technology in Ales, France with a brief video on the company’s core strengths and capabilities. (read more)

Crouzet - Crouzet Motors Newsletter July 2013

The July issue of Crouzet Motors News is now available. Discover product highlights, application news, and all the latest information about Crouzet Motors. (read more)

Crouzet - DCmind BLDC Motor Featuring Integrated Electronics

Crouzet, a brand of Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST), has introduced the DCmind Brushless direct current motor series, augmenting the recent market debut of the DCmind Brush Series. The latest in the DCmind offering includes the TNi21 and SMi21 brushless motors featuring integrated electronics, power capabilities from 60 to 150 Watts, and high accuracy. (read more)

Crouzet - New Generation of Crouzet DC Brush Motors

Crouzet, a brand of Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST), has introduced the astonishingly quiet DCmind Brush range of direct current brush motors. These soundless motors, even under full load, offer exceptional efficiencies, long service life, and a wide range of gearboxes and accessories. (read more)

Crouzet - Crouzet’s Modulating Linear Motor with Integrated

Crouzet’s Modulating Linear Motor with Integrated Safety Helps Meet Green Initiative to Save Natural Resources and Reduce Costs (read more)

Crouzet - Crouzet motorization solutions for medical devices

The recently released "High Performance" range of Crouzet brush motors - the quietest on the market - is ideally suited to the medical sector. With a noise level of 35 dB(A), compared with 55 dB(A) for the current standard range, the new motors clearly benefit from the careful work done during the design phase. (read more)

Crouzet - Crouzet Motors Newsletter March 2012

We are delighted to announce that Issue 2 of our exciting newsletter Crouzet News is out now, packed with all the latest information about Crouzet Motors. (read more)

Crouzet - Motorisation solutions for the rail industry

Crouzet, providing motorisation solutions for the rail industry are used in a wide range of on-board applications in rolling stock, as well as for certain fixed installations. These safety critical components ensure correct operation of components such as windscreen wipers, circuit-breaker resets, the sand box, etc. (read more)

Crouzet - Brushless DC Motor Features High Speed and Torque

Crouzet, a brand of Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST), Inc., has introduced the second generation 150 Watt Brushless DC Motor. The new three-stage planetary gearbox is durable enough to withstand high loads without operation interruption and its 150 Watt power offers expanded capabilities for applications requiring high speed and high torque. (read more)

Crouzet - Crouzet’s New Brushless DC Gearmotor & Integrated

Crouzet has introduced the new 801 Series Brushless DC Gearmotor with integrated Gearbox and electronics. The new all-in-one solution offers versatile control for speed and torque in a compact, sealed package. With no brushes to wear out, it is well suited for medical equipment, lab automation and industrial applications where long product life and reliability is paramount (read more)


Crouzet North America, a brand of Custom Sensors & Technologies, has introduced the new GDR1 and GDR2 Gearbox Series featuring quiet operation, versatile mounting and high torque. The new gearbox line is suitable for a variety of medical, commercial and industrial automation applications where smooth performance and continuous... (read more)


Crouzet North America, a brand of Custom Sensors & Technologies, has introduced a new line of Single Ovoid and Double Ovoid Gearboxes. The new second generation gearboxes offer low speed in a wide range of gear ratios and motor options. All motor options are RoHS compliant and many meet UL and CSA requirements. (read more)


Crouzet has introduced a new line of high performance, geared BLDC motors available with a complete tool kit of selectable gear boxes, controllers, brakes and smart drives. The innovative concept allows different configurations to be quickly assembled for fast prototyping and provides a complete automated solution tailored to fit individual customer needs. (read more)



Crouzet - DC Brush Gear Motor for Peristaltic Pumps

Crouzet's DC Brush Motors for Peristaltic Pumps are designed for motorization of a wide range of peristaltic positive displacement pumps. Suitable uses include liquid transporting, dosing, and ultra-filtration in such applications as swimming pools, dishwashers, dialysis machines, food, chemical, water treatment plants, brewing, beverage and others. (read more)

Crouzet - Brushless Motor W/Integrated Controller - Motomate

New Crouzet brushless motor with integrated controller provides all-in-one solution for programmable motion control applications (motomate). (read more)

Crouzet - D.C. Geared Motors with Brushes from Crouzet

Crouzet D.C. geared motors with brushes

Crouzet provides many D.C geared motors for a variety of industrial applications... (read more)

Crouzet - Linear Motor Series-HVAC Modulated Gas Control

New Crouzet Linear Motor Series Features Modulated Gas Control for Greener, Gas Heating Efficiency (read more)

Crouzet - DC Motor Tech Guide

Crouzet DC Motor Tech Guide available as PDF download (read more)

Crouzet - Brushless DC Motors (BLDC)

Brushless motors (BLDC) promise to be quite silent. Their revolutionary technology involves no brushes, no friction and therefore no noise. Up to 20% quieter than traditional dc motors, they are perfect for ventilation and heating equipment. Moreover, the electronic switches mean there is no wear. (read more)

Crouzet - Controlling the Rod in Shock Absorbers with Motors

Controlling the Rod in Shock Absorbers with Stepper Motors

Water-proof stepper motors with high torque to adjust the suspension to the driver's style, offering comfort and safety.
The solution developed takes into account the severe environmental constraints and reduced space available, through customised packaging. (read more)

Crouzet - Managing Lubrication Pump Control Motor-controlled

Motor-controlled solution driven by a dedicated electronic PCB to provide lubrication control in trucks and busses.
This is an "intelligent" solution : the electronics interprets and takes account of the climatic conditions and of the characteristics of the lubricant used.
Since the system is embedded, maintenance visits are significantly fewer, so the vehicle is (read more)

Crouzet - Micro-Motor Catalog

Crouzet, a brand of Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST) has recently published a 164 page micro-motor catalog which provides extensive information about their complete line of innovative DC motorization solutions which are adaptable to each customer's application-specific requirement. (read more)

Crouzet - Performance, Precision & Technology Crouzet Motors

Performance, Precision & Technology. Crouzet North America is a brand of Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST). Crouzet (pronounced cruise-A) started operations in the US in 1978. A global company of about $180 M, Crouzet is headquartered in France, with about 2000 workers in more than 14 countries. The Crouzet motor acti... (read more)