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Crown Plastics Co., Inc.

Crown Plastics Co., Inc. has promoted these products/services:

Crown Plastics Co., Inc. - DuraSurf STS Conveyor Solutions

DuraSurf UHMW-PE plastic from Crown Plastics is naturally slick.
But DuraSurf STS (UHMW-PE + Silicone) is even slicker! (read more)

Crown Plastics Co., Inc. - Crown Plastics DuraSurf Rail Pad

Crown Plastics announces a new product for track and rail construction: The DuraSurf™ Rail Pad. Made from resilient UV-stabile UHMW-PE, the DuraSurf™ Rail Pad is installed between the rail and the underlying concrete tie. The pad shields the tie from water, corrosion, and abrasion. (read more)

Crown Plastics Co., Inc. - DuraSurf BSR Tapes

Automotive noise and vibration normally associated with wind leakage, surface movement, and panel gaps is virtually eliminated with die-cuttable Crown Plastics DuraSurf™ UHMW-PE BSR thin tapes. (read more)

Crown Plastics Co., Inc. - Thin Gauge DuraSurf™ UHMW-PE Tapes and Films

The incredible durability and versatility of DuraSurf™ UHMW-PE makes it a favorite among engineers and designers in nearly every industry worldwide. It is extremely stable in temperatures ranging from 220°F, down to cryogenic lows. It is an excellent electric insulator, and is easily machined, punched, sawed, and drilled. (read more)

Crown Plastics Co., Inc. - DuraSurf™ STS Chute & Conveyor Strips

Crown Plastics DuraSurfSTS (silicone treated surface) chute linings and conveyor strips improve product flow and protect packaging in material handling and conveyance systems while also reducing associated energy costs. Adhesive backed STS with peel-back liner is easy to install. (read more)

Crown Plastics Co., Inc. - DuraSurf STS

Crown Plastics’ adhesive-backed DuraSurf STS (Silicone Treated Surface) UHMW-PE tapes improve material movement while reducing energy consumption in belt conveyor slider beds. Crown announced that two years’ testing of DuraSurf STS material installed in package distribution facilities demonstrated energy cost savings of 16-30% or more. (read more)

Crown Plastics Co., Inc. - DuraSurf STS Side-by-Side Chute Video

Tried and True. Crown Plastics adhesive-backed DuraSurf STS (Silicone Treated Surface) UHMW-PE for material handling and distribution systems is tried and true. It cuts residue buildup in package chutes, eliminating friction and speeding product flow. DuraSurf STS for conveyor belt slider beds reduces belt drag and component wear, saving money on maintenance and asso... (read more)

Crown Plastics Co., Inc. - Composite Technology

Crown Plastics applies its proven expertise in continuous sheet manufacturing to thermoplastic composite technology. (read more)

Crown Plastics Co., Inc. - Crown Plastics Thin-Gauge Composites

Crown Plastics Co. (Harrison, OH) has been making DuraSurf UHMW-PE tapes for industrial applications since the 1970’s. Now, turning their unique high-temp, high-pressure processes to other materials and markets, Crown Plastics is offering clients unique opportunities to design custom thin-gauge composites . . . (read more)

Crown Plastics Co., Inc. - Bondable UHMW

Gravity boxes are used in the agriculture industry to haul feed or grain from fields to an unloading area. When the door is open to release the load, grain flows down the sloped sides using gravity to generate the movement.

Typically, a graphite paint is sprayed or rolled onto the interior substrate to provide a slick, non-stick surface. After one season, the paint is usually worn... (read more)

Crown Plastics Co., Inc. - Cushioning & Energy Absorbing Material

Crown Plastics CEA, adhesive-backed Cushioning & Energy Absorbing material for the transportation and material handling industries, is made from either thin-gauge Santoprene or EPDM rubber and backed with pressure sensitive adhesive . . .
(read more)

Crown Plastics Co., Inc. - Adhesive-Backed Santoprene CEA Material

Crown Plastics' adhesive-backed cushioning & energy absorbing (CEA) materials are made from thin-gauge EPDM and Santoprene and backed with pressure sensitive adhesive. Sound dampening and energy reducing, Crown Plastics CEA is the perfect noise and vibration solution for many automotive, material handling, appliance and industrial applications. (read more)

Crown Plastics Co., Inc. - DuraSurf ASC

Eliminating the natural build up of static in paper, plastics, and electronics products is a high-priority concern for manufacturing and distribution facilities. Crown Plastics’ DuraSurf ASC anti-static / conductive UHMW-PE tapes protect system components against static build up. (read more)

Crown Plastics Co., Inc. - UHMW Gaskets and Washers for Appliance Industry

Major durable goods have many moving parts and are subject to vibration, temperature changes, and stress from frequent movement. These environmental conditions can cause squeaks and rattles, possible condensation issues, and wear and abrasion.

The solution is Crown Plastics' DuraSurf UHMW-PE Products. This products offer high abrasion resistance, outstanding impact strength, and s... (read more)

Crown Plastics Co., Inc. - Duravision 5050 Transparent Top Sheet

New DuraVision 5050 high transparency topsheet is a 50/50 blend of extruded MABS
(methyl methacrylate-acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) and TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). Corona treated with a matte-finish bonding side, DuraVision is engineered specifically for snowboard and ski construction. The MABS/TPU mix gives the material excellent abrasion resistance, elastic... (read more)

Crown Plastics Co., Inc. - Food-Grade DuraSurf UHMW-PE

Crown Plastics Co., Harrison, Ohio, manufactures DuraSurf UHMW-PE products for use in agricultural and food processing and handling applications. (read more)

Crown Plastics Co., Inc. - Polymers & Processes

Crown Plastics manufactures the DuraSurf™ family of UHMW solutions and we have the distinction of being the only producer of UHMW in continuous rolls with stock gauges from 003″ up to 1/4″ and in any lengths (stock rolls are 100′ and 200′ coils). (read more)

Crown Plastics Co., Inc. - DuraSurf™

As the manufacturer of the DuraSurf™ family of value-based UHMW solutions, Crown Plastics in Harrison, Ohio has been helping engineers solve problems for the Materials Handling, Agriculture, Transportation, Recreation, and Appliance industries for over 35 years. (read more)