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Custom-Pak, Inc.

Custom-Pak, Inc. has promoted these products/services:

Custom-Pak, Inc. - Blow-molded Containers &Dispensors for Chemicals

Blow molding provides the safest containment for shipping and storing almost every chemical compound. Custom-Pak engineers are experts at adding functionality to chemical containers. Our systems provide easier handling, improved shelf life, better identification, lower permeation, controlled dispensing and other benefits that help the package deliver more than just your chemicals.

Cu (read more)

Custom-Pak, Inc. - Blow Molding for Home & GardenProducts

Blow molding make life better around the home. Custom-Pak blow molded consumer products are widely recognized as good values with high quality. Hardware, lawn & garden and home improvement markets have a proven preference for the durability of blow-molded products. Custom-Pak uses patented technology to produce hardware products that outsell the competition. Options are limitless but... (read more)

Custom-Pak, Inc. - Medical Containers & Packaging

Blow molded containers, fluid pouches with fittings and squeeze bottles are commonly used to dispense and collect medical solutions. Blow molded storage cases, sterilizable trays & reusable packaging organize and protect medical instruments and procedure kits. Custom-Pak can help design the container or package that will make your product the easy choice for busy medical professionals. (read more)

Custom-Pak, Inc. - Protective Panels and Corner Protectors

Double wall blow molded panels and corner protectors from Custom-Pak provide attractive product protection at a very low price. The material durometer can be adjusted to perfectly cushion the contents. The hollow structure minimizes material cost and the tough outer walls eliminate debris common with competing materials. (read more)

Custom-Pak, Inc. - The Most Rugged Cases

Blow molded cases survive the most demanding applications at unbelievably low costs. Let the Custom-Pak design team prove that our blow molded-cases are unbeatable. (read more)

Custom-Pak, Inc. -  A Critical Component For Gas-Operated Products!

Blow molding is the most economical way to produce tanks and reservoirs. Custom-Pak has the technology to make tanks and reservoirs in almost any shape, including shapes that others find impossible to make. We meet the demands of EPA and CARB regulations. Let Custom-Pak show you how to achieve the best total value on your tank or reservoir project. (read more)

Custom-Pak, Inc. - Custom-Pak's Blow Molded-Cases Are Unbeatable.

Double-wall cases are the most rugged and durable cases you can buy. Outer walls take heavy impacts while inner walls gently cradle sensitive parts. The strength of two connected walls provides lightweight structural rigidity that can't be achieved any other way.

Inner and outer wall designs are completely independent, allowing greater appearance flexibility and superior functiona... (read more)

Custom-Pak, Inc. - Fuel Tanks

Blow molded fuel tanks from Custom-Pak meet EPA and CARB requirements. Our tanks are purpose-built to exacting tolerances, provide low vapor permeabiltiy and are extremely durable. Custom-Pak is the leading producer of small blow-molded fuel tanks with experience producing nearly every configuration, technique and application. (read more)

Custom-Pak, Inc. - Plastic Cases

Blow molded plastic cases from Custom-Pak provide truly superior product protection. By molding cases with single, double or quad wall constructions in a wide range of materials, you can protect any product exposed to nearly any conditions at a price that fits your budget. Custom-Pak is the world's largest blow molded case manufacturer with the experience to meet your needs (read more)

Custom-Pak, Inc. - Blow-Molded Wheels

Custom-Pak provides blow-molded plastic wheels that are lightweight, economical and extremely durable. They are used on carts, tool chests, toys, refuse containers, lawn and garden products and in sports, recreational, marine and industrial applications. Custom-Pak can build the perfect wheels for your application. For smaller quantities, you can select from standard sizes (read more)

Custom-Pak, Inc. - Close-Tolerance Repeatability

New blow-molding technology provides close-tolerance repeatability never before possible. This allows designers to create molded component parts that seamlessly integrate with electro-mechanical systems and combine critical functions into a single piece. You get a functionally superior appliance that costs less to produce. (read more)