DBK USA, Inc. - ESH Series Cartridge Heaters

The ESH series PTC cartridge heaters from DBK are designed for heating liquids. (read more)

DBK USA, Inc. - PTC Finned Resistor Air Heaters

DBK's PTC air heaters are dynamic heating elements designed to heat up moving air. PTC’s (Positive Temperature Coefficient) elements are self-limiting and self regulating heating elements which will not exceed a preset temperature. This effect is achieved by the material that composes the PTC. (read more)

DBK USA, Inc. - Space Saving Adjustable Dual Thermostat

DBK FGDT Dualstat has 2 separate thermostats within one narrow housing. Adjustable Dualstats are bimetal, reliable thermal switches that allow control of two independent devices simultaneously. Dualstat snaps onto standard 35mm DIN rail. The narrow 33mm profile allows Dualstat to fit in the same space as single function thermostats. (read more)

DBK USA, Inc. - Drymatic Wall and Floor drying system

DBK now offer the Drymatic Wall and Floor system* to compliment the already established Drymatic and Drymatic Boost technologies.

The Drymatic Wall and Floor System is a patented system that dramatically improves drying rates compared with conventional methods. (read more)

DBK USA, Inc. - The Drymatic Boost- for flood drying

The Drymatic Boost is the latest innovation from DBK Technitherm. The drymatic Boost can be used in conjunction with an Air Mover with or without the Drymatic Wall and Floor System. (read more)

DBK USA, Inc. - New Approach for Drying Flood Damaged Properties

The Drymatic is a unique and fast convective drying system designed especially for professionally drying rooms affected by flooding. (read more)

DBK USA, Inc. - DBK TBT Mechanical Thermostats

DBK TBT Mechanical Thermostats simply need to connect to a thermostat in series with a load device (heater, filter fan, or cooling device), set the desired temperature that you want your device to switch-on and that is it! (read more)

DBK USA, Inc. - Industrial Oven Solutions

Ovens have been produced at the Kandel location since the foundation of David + Baader in 1946. Customer specific solutions were already a standard back then – and more than ever, the engineering feats from Kandel point the way to individual solutions for your application problems. (read more)

DBK USA, Inc. - DBK Open Coil Heating Elements

DBK has developed and manufactured customer specific solutions for open
coil air heating applications since 1986. Our customers benefit from
this extensive technical and practical know-how. We offer product
development support in technically demanding applications for domestic
tumble drier heaters and dehumidifiers as well as many other
applications. (read more)

DBK USA, Inc. - Filtered Fan Assemblies

Filtered fan assemblies are designed for easy installation in electrical cabinets. The assembly draws in cool clean air from the outside and expels the warm air, thereby cooling of the interior of the cabinet. (read more)

DBK USA, Inc. - Forced Convection Heaters

DBK's forced convection heating elements provide the necessary heat and airflow while keeping the footprint to a minimum. These heaters feature a PTC core encased by an aluminum heat sink, specifically designed to maximize the heat dissipated into the airflow which is provided by the integrated fan. (read more)

DBK USA, Inc. - Thermoelectric Coolers

DBK's thermoelectric cooling modules provide compact cooling. The standard Air to Air cooling range, known as "Stratus" features models with cooling powers from 40W to 180W. These units are flexible and easily modified. (read more)

DBK USA, Inc. - PTC Surface and Spot Heaters

When the heating of a key component is required, DBK's surface and spot heaters provide the right amount of heat where it is needed. The range of applications for these heaters is almost unlimited. Offering many choices in voltage, power output and shape, the EB, HP, HPG, HT and FE series promise to be the correct choice for controlled direct heat. (read more)

DBK USA, Inc. -  # 1 selling Thermostat for Electronic Enclosures

DBK T-Series Adjustable Thermostats are bimetal based, highly reliable control devices that allow you to inexpensively control a heating or cooling product. (read more)