D-TACQ Solutions - ACQ1002R Compact Network DAQ Appliance

Compact but powerful appliance, fits up to 64 simultaneous channels in less than half rack width. Device includes a powerful dual core computer system, but still runs cool and quiet. (read more)

D-TACQ Solutions - ACQ1001 Compact Network DAQ Appliance

ACQ1001 Compact Network DAQ Appliance - fit your choice of DAQ in a small enclosure, ideal for deep embedded systems. (read more)

D-TACQ Solutions - ACQ2006 Customizable Simultaneous DAQ System

Specify your system using cost-effective standard parts from our ACQ400 range of high performance simultaneous analog modules and intelligent carriers. Choose AI, AO, resolution 16/24 bit, to 100 MHz. Fit 4 to 192 simultaneous channels in a turnkey 1U networked appliance. (read more)

D-TACQ Solutions - 4 Channel Simultanous analog input module

Very high quality data acqusition is enabled by ACQ420FMC,a 4 channel simultaneous analog input module (read more)

D-TACQ Solutions - 4 Channel Simultanous analog output module

Easily add 4 channels of quality arbitrary waveform output to a system using AO420FMC (read more)

D-TACQ Solutions - 20-bit Real Time Networked Power Supply Controller

Synchrotron light sources enable life scientists to make amazing images such as this ammonite published by the American Museum of Natural History. The design of the new Taiwan Photon Source, a high-brightness, low-emittance synchrotron light source calls for very high precision control of the beam. D-TACQ is the provider of the custom designed power supply controller. (read more)

D-TACQ Solutions - AO32CPCI 32 channel simultaneous Analog Output

This 16 bit DAC per channel is designed for true simultaneous analog output. (read more)

D-TACQ Solutions - ACQ132CPCI Simultaneous Digitizer

This 32 channel 2 MSPS Simultaneous Digitizer has 14 bit ADC per channel for true simultaneous analog input. (read more)

D-TACQ Solutions - Low cost high speed fiber optic streaming data

Stream Simultaneous Digitizer Data over Fiber Optic Cable .... Low cost, high speed fiber optic streaming data connection between D-TACQ Intelligent Simultaneous Digitizers and a remote host PC with the New Host Bus Adapter ACQ-FIBER-HBA (read more)

D-TACQ Solutions - Simultaneous 16 channel Waveform Digitizer

The ACQ216CPCI 16 channel 16..80 MSPS is an intelligent waveform digitizer with high throughput, maximum possible channels and deep memory, capable of both conventional peripheral mode and standalone networked operation. (read more)