Daco Scientific - Control Grips

Control grips act as the direct interface between Man and machine allowing control of essential machine functions. The design of the grip often defines the usability, success and perception of quality of the overall system (read more) (read more)


Krauss-Maffei Wegmann, one of Germany's leading military system manufacturers, has selected Daco Scientific to supply the control grips for their LeFlaSys light air defence system (read more)

Daco Scientific - FAST Delivery Military Joysticks & Controllers

Gamepad style controllers are often used for remote control of armoured vehicles or electro-optical systems, finger-and-thumb displacement joysticks are most often used for naval command and control consoles and the yoke style, known as gunners' control handles, typically are used in a armoured vehicles. Daco Scientific offers them all and you won't have to wait months ! (read more)

Daco Scientific - Hand Controllers Military & Aerospace Grade

Typical applications: Command and Control, Ship, Vehicle, Plane, Submarine Controls, Simulators, Fire Control, Target Acquisition and Tracking, Remote and Robotic Controls, Off Highway Equipment and Industrial machine controls.

Standard and custom configurations. We can build to suit your specific project requirements (read more)

Daco Scientific - DACO Scientific Achieves AS9100 Accreditation

In their ongoing commitment to quality assurance for their aerospace, defense and other demanding environment customers, Daco Scientific, a 28 year manufacturer of high quality joysticks, control grip, trackball, yoke control handle and specialty hand controllers, recently attained AS9100 registration. (read more)