Datatronics™ - New Fast Response Gate Drive Transformers

The SM76760, SM76922, SM76924 and SM76925 Gate Drive Transformers from Datatronic Distribution, Inc. offer high performance, compact size, high temperature compatibility and economy advantages for a wide range of equipment. (read more)

Datatronics™ - Switch Mode Power Supplies & Their Magnetics

A free online presentation from Datatronic Distribution, Inc., explains the many factors that must be considered by electronic circuit designers when choosing the magnetic components required for switch mode power supplies (SMPS). (read more)

Datatronics™ - Model 4257 Pulse Transformers

The rugged Model 4257 Pulse Transformers from Datatronics feature a dielectric strength of 250 Vrms, insulation resistance of 10,000 MOhms and will withstand a maximum peak pulse voltage of up to 50 V. (read more)

Datatronics™ - SM580 Series Gate Drive Transformers

With a small surface mount package featuring rugged housing materials that are highly resistant to the effects of EMI, the SM580 Series Gate Drive Transformers from Datatronic Distribution, Inc., provides efficient pulse control in gate drive circuits used in MOSFETs and IGBTs for Switch Mode Power Supplies and other electronic equipment. (read more)

Datatronics™ - Custom RF Transformers

Datatronic Distribution, Inc. designs and manufactures custom wide-band RF, balun and RF/pulse transformers in SMD or thru-hole packages to match your specifications. (read more)

Datatronics™ - Custom Signal Transformers

Datatronic Distribution, Inc. designs and manufactures custom transformers for audio and telecom including impedance matching, modem, DSL, ADSL and T1 applications. Datatronic can work with you on the design or build transformers to your specifications. (read more)

Datatronics™ - Custom Inductors, Coils, and Chokes

Datatronic Distribution, Inc. not only offers the widest line of standard coils and inductors in the industry Datatronics designs and manufactures custom inductors, coils, and chokes in SMD or thru-hole packages to meet the requirements for your designs. (read more)

Datatronics™ - 4283-1200 Series Hi-Voltage Flyback Transformers

Offering primary-to-secondary isolation of up to 7 KVdc, the 4283-1200 Series of hi-voltage flyback transformers from Datatronics is ideal for applications requiring a high-voltage, low-power signal. (read more)

Datatronics™ - Ultra-thin SMD 4260-2757 Hi-Voltage Transformers

The revolutionary ultra-thin surface mount 4260-2757 Series Hi-Voltage Flyback Gate Drive Transformer from Datatronics Romoland, Inc., is designed for extreme acceleration and shock in high-power, high-voltage device applications that require extreme low profile component miniaturization and superior performance in high shock environments. (read more)

Datatronics™ - 4260-1647 Data Bus Interface Transformer

With a minimum input impedance of 3,000 Ohms or 7200 Ohms over the full temperature range of up to -55 to +130C, the rugged 4260-1646 and 4260-1647 Series Data Bus Interface Transformers from Datatronics support high speed data transmission requirements in a wide range of mission critical industrial and military applications. (read more)

Datatronics™ - Transformer Approved as Teridian Reference Design

Teridian Semiconductor Corporation has approved the new Model PT79546 V.22bis Modem Transformer from Datatronic Distribution, Inc. for use with its reference designs that include the Teridian IC Models 73M901CE and 73M1903. (read more)

Datatronics™ - CT Surface Mount Current Sense Transformers

The new CT319 and CT320 Surface Mount Current Sense Transformers from Datatronic Distribution, Inc. feature a low-seated profile of 0.160 inches (4.0 mm) and 0.394 inches (10 mm), respectively, above the circuit board and operate over a temperature range of -55°C to +155°C. (read more)

Datatronics™ - New Magnetics Guide for Power Applications

Datatronics has released a new Market Application Sheet for the power industry, entitled “Custom Magnetics Solutions for Power Generation and Distribution Equipment”. (read more)

Datatronics™ - New Magnetics Guide for Medical Applications

Datatronics has released a new Market Application Sheet for the medical industry, entitled “Custom Magnetics Solutions for Medical Devices & Equipment”. (read more)

Datatronics™ - DR331-5 Low Profile SMD Inductor

The tiny DR331-5 surface mount inductor from Datatronic Distribution, Inc. stands a mere 1.2-mm (0.047 inch) tall and is only 6.70 (w) -X- 5.60 (l) mm (0.263-X-0.220 inches). (read more)

Datatronics™ - DR79892, DR79893 Flat Wire Inductors

Featuring a "flat wire" design that is coiled and mounted directly to the circuit board to allow efficient heat dissipation, the new DR79892 and DR79893 Flat Wire Inductors fromDatatronic Distribution, Inc., are designed for performance in power supplies, industrial controls and instrumentation applications. (read more)

Datatronics™ - 4256-1003 Dual Databus Interface Transformer

Designed to move data at rapid speed in rugged environments, the low-profile 4256-1003 Series Dual Databus Interface Transformers from Datatronics Romoland, Inc., feature a space-saver surface mount package that is only 3.94 (0.155 in) mm tall for high-density electronic equipment. (read more)

Datatronics™ - CT Series Current Sense Transformers

CT Series Current Sense Transformers manufactured by Datatronics Distribution, Inc., now meet the requirements of European Directive 20002/95/EC governing the manufacture of electronic components (including bobbin materials) and electronic equipment, which requires the use of lead-free solder as well as the elimination of cadmium and mercury. (read more)

Datatronics™ - UL60950-1 Recognized SM501-1 Transformer

Engineers in search of a small surface mount transformer supporting telecom device data and speech applications will find the SM501-1 Telecom Transformer from Datatronic Distribution, Inc., delivers performance, quality and reliability while meeting stringent electrical industry standards. (read more)

Datatronics™ - Ultra-Thin Surface Mount Inductors

The ultra-thin DR365-1 Inductor from Datatronic Distribution, Inc. features a seated height as low as 0.047 inches (1.2 mm) above the printed circuit board depending on the inductance value required by the design. (read more)

Datatronics™ - Datatronics To Exhibit At MD&M Show

Design engineers attending the MD&M Show, Oct 29-30, Minneapolis, MN, with an interest in high voltage electronics will want to visit Booth 1710 to see the latest in magnetic component custom engineered power solutions from Datatronics, which has become a trusted supplier of life-saving electronics in the medical device industry. (read more)

Datatronics™ - Perfect-Layer Coils For High Voltage Electronics

Electronics engineers requiring reliable magnetic components for high voltage designs will find the Perfect-Layer™ Coil Series from Innovative Power, Inc. (IPI), is flexible and ideal for a wide range of applications. (read more)

Datatronics™ - Hi-Temp Transformer Soldering for RoHS Compliance

A new white paper from Datatronic Distribution, Inc. discusses the ways that electronics manufacturers can successfully solder surface mount transformers to their printed circuit boards using high temperature wave solder process profiles and still meet RoHS requirements. (read more)

Datatronics™ - IPI Magnetics Short Form Catalog

Innovative Power Inc. (IPI), a Datatronix company, has published a new IPI Short Form Catalog providing technical information about its custom designed and precision engineered magnetic components and assemblies for electronics applications in the aerospace, industrial controls, instrumentation, heavy-duty equipment, power generation and other markets. (read more)

Datatronics™ - Reliable Three-Phase Transformers

With their advanced performance, rugged construction and superior reliability, the modular IPI Three-Phase Transformer Series from Innovative Power, Inc., delivers superior power management in a wide range of instruments and controls designed for heavy-duty industrial use. (read more)

Datatronics™ - New Datatronics Selection Guide/Short Form Catalog

Design engineers looking for a faster, smarter way to specify and select high-reliability transformers and inductors for electronics equipment applications will find the new Magnetics Selection Guide & Short Form Catalog from Datatronic Distribution, Inc., and Datatronics Romoland, Inc., saves time and eliminates headaches. (read more)

Datatronics™ - Custom Inductor Online Design Tool

Design engineers looking for a faster, smarter way to specify reliable, high-performance custom inductors for a wide range of OEM electronics circuit designs will find the new MagNETics Online Design Tool from Datatronic Distribution, Inc., eliminates headaches, saves time and reduces component cost. (read more)