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Det-Tronics has promoted these products/services:

Det-Tronics - Award-Winning FlexSonic® Acoustic Gas Detector
  • Globally approved and Certified SIL 2 Capable for all gas types
  • Explosion-proof 316 stainless steel housing
  • Superior false alarm discrimination
  • Minimum maintenance required
  • No routine calibration required
  • Not affected by poisoning
  • Fail-safe operation
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Det-Tronics - SIL2 Compliant EQP Fire and Gas Safety Controller

Det-Tronics Adds Ethernet Connectivity to Industry-Leading Fire and Gas-Safety System Controller (read more)

Det-Tronics - Eclipse Goes Above Gas Detection!
  • Compliant to ANSI/ISA-12.13.01:2000
  • SIL-2 Certification
  • Life-safety performance approved to ATEX EN60079-29-1, FM 6310/6320, and CSA 22.2 No. 152
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Det-Tronics - Don't get burned by flames you can't see

The X3302 brings state-of-the-art flame detection to the difficult task of detecting invisible hydrogen flames. (read more)

Det-Tronics - X3302 Multispectrum IR Hydrogen Flame Detector

Detector Electronics Corporation (Det-Tronics®), a world leader in industrial fire detection, gas detection, and hazard mitigation systems, announced today that its X3302 Multispectrum Infrared Hydrogen Flame Detector is certified as Safety Integrity Level 2 (SIL 2) capable by exida, a globally-recognized certification agency. Det-Tronics is part of UTC Climate, Controls

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Det-Tronics - Volumetric (PIRVOL) IR Gas Monitor

The model PIRVOL IR gas monitor is designed to monitor hydrocarbon vapors in the range of 0-100% by volume, and is ideally suited for oil and gas wellhead mud-logging, hydrocarbon processing, and other extractive sampling applications. The PIRVOL provides superior life-cycle costs over destructive hot-wire measurements such as thermal conductivity and catalytic element sensors. In additi... (read more)

Det-Tronics - FlexVu® Universal Display Control Unit

The FlexVu Universal Display is a life-safety display unit that provides non-intrusive calibration, local event logging, and third-party performance certifications. This display/communicator reduces spare-parts inventory by operating with industrial communication protocols such as HART and Modbus and by working with a wide spectrum of toxic and combustible gas sensors and other 4–2... (read more)

Det-Tronics - PM-5MPX Dual Spectrum IR Flame Detector

The Det-Tronics PM-5MPX Dual Spectrum IR flame detector is optimized for the rigorous semiconductor fabrication industry. It is ideal for the detection of hydrogen, siline, and typical materials used in electronics manufacturing. The detector incorporates unique Dual Spectrum infrared sensor technology, which establishes a new standard in flame detection and false alarm immunity. The hou... (read more)

Det-Tronics - PointWatch Eclipse® Hydrocarbon Gas Detector

Above Gas Detection to Life-Safety Control

The PointWatch Eclipse® Model PIRECL IR Hydrocarbon Gas Detector is our most rugged stainless steel, point infrared gas detector. It is approved to be factory calibrated to detect methane, propane, ethylene, and butane.

The Eclipse goes above gas detection to life-safety control. Thanks to its onboard relays and t... (read more)

Det-Tronics - Detect Gas Leaks and Oxygen Depletion

The Det-Tronics GT3000 line of electrochemical fixed-point toxic-gas detectors provides continuous monitoring of the atmosphere for potentially hazardous toxic gas leaks or oxygen depletion. (read more)

Det-Tronics - For Analysis Of Hydrocarbon Vapor Concentration.

The PIRDuct is 6 times more sensitive to combustible gas than a conventional IR point detectors, and optimizes detection in applications where air stratification can occur (read more)

Det-Tronics - Combine Fire & Gas Detection & Notification

Easy upgrade path for older fire panels and safety PLCs, allowing the safety system to expand to combine both fire and gas detection and notification in one system. (read more)

Det-Tronics - Detect Methane, Propane, Ethylene, & Butane.

The Eclipse goes above gas detection to life-safety control. Thanks to its onboard relays and tri-colored LED indicator, the Eclipse has earned ANSI/ISA approval (ANSI/ISA-12.13.01: 2000) to annunciate and initiate life-safety executive control functions. (read more)

Det-Tronics - View Flame Hazards Remotely

Functional and Immediate View of Flames

When combined with a flame detector, the xWatch camera enables the operator to immediately view the monitored area in real time, accurately assess the risk, and react appropriately. (read more)

Det-Tronics - One Safety System For The Entire Facility!

The EQP system immediately identifies the location or address of any device in alarm. (read more)

Det-Tronics - Fast, Reliable, Repeatable H2S Gas Detection

The Det-Tronics Nanotechnology Metal Oxide Semiconductor (NTMOS) gas detector delivers fast and repeatable H2S detection in extreme temperature and humidity applications where electrochemical sensing technologies are not preferred.

The NTMOS H2S detector uses the latest nanotechnology to ensure accuracy, reliability, and repeatability.

The sensing elem... (read more)

Det-Tronics - Det-Tronics Obtains FM Approval to NFPA 72: 2010

Det-Tronics' EQP System (including gas detection) is the first to achieve third-party certification to NFPA 72: 2010 as certified by FM Approvals, the nationally recognized testing laboratory. (read more)

Det-Tronics - Addressable Smoke and Heat Module

Det-Tronics Addressable Smoke and Heat (ASH) Module is an interface device that manages inputs/outputs between the Eagle Quantum Premier® (EQP) Safety System and devices in non-hazardous areas, such as living quarters and control rooms. (read more)

Det-Tronics - Fire and Gas Safety System Brochure

Brochure describes Det-Tronics' Eagle Quantum Premier (EQP) system: a configurable, distributed, intelligent system flexible enough to provide flame and gas detection with alarm signaling, notification, extinguishing agent release, and deluge operation. Components are integrated on a reliable, fault-tolerant digital network. The system has hazardous location ratings and great functionality. (read more)

Det-Tronics - HART-Enabled Detectors

Det-Tronics' Adds to Line of Detectors that Communicates via the HART Protocol

Enhancement simplifies information management and predictive maintenance.

Detector Electronics Corporation (Det-Tronics) recently added HART functionality to its X9800, X2200, and X5200 flame detectors. Now all of Det-Tronics' X-Series flame detectors and many of its gas detectors ... (read more)

Det-Tronics - GT3000 Toxic Gas Detector

The GT3000 toxic gas detector family is a group of electrochemical fixed-point detectors that provides non-intrusive calibration, communication via 4-20 mA and HART protocol, the ability to swap sensors without de-classifying hazardous areas, and third-party performance certifications ( (read more)

Det-Tronics - Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Detector

Det-Tronics Introduces Ultra-Fast Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Gas Detector. NTMOS sensor uses nanotechnology in a Metal Oxide Semiconductor (MOS) sensor to save lives. (read more)

Det-Tronics - Industrial xWatch® Camera and Surveillance System

Det-Tronics provides a full range of solutions to monitor hazards, events, and activities. Options enable users to:

  • Immediately view industrial hazards remotely via a configurable IP address
  • Accurately detect hazards by integrating the explosion-proof camera with a flame detector
  • Record and review incidents for event analysis
  • Integrate surveil... (read more)
Det-Tronics - X9800 IR Flame Detector

The evolution continues with the new X9800 IR Flame Detector. Approved to FM 3260 (2000), the X9800 meets the most stringent requirements worldwide with advanced detection capabilities and immunity to extraneous sources, combined with a superior mechanical design. (read more)