Digi-Key Corporation - Linear Technology LTM2884 USB Transceivers

The LTM®2884 is a complete galvanically-isolated USB 2.0 compatible μModule® (micromodule) transceiver. An upstream supply powers both sides of the interface through an integrated, isolated DC/DC converter. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Murata AC/DC High Efficiency Power Supplies

The D1U86G-W-460-12-HxxDC is a bulk front-end power supply which meets the needs of systems requiring high-efficiency distributed-power architectures. The output power of this supply is rated at 460 W with one main and one standby output. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - ON Semi Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs)

ON Semiconductor has expanded its high voltage IPM portfolio with the STK55xU3xxx-E family (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Alpha Wire EcoFlex™ Cable at Digi-Key

EcoFlex cables from Alpha Wire are a true engineering breakthrough. EcoFlex cables combine better performance with a minimum environmental impact. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Scheme-it Free Online Schematic Tool - at Digi-Key

Scheme-it is an online schematic and diagramming tool that allows anyone to design and share electronic circuit diagrams. The tool includes a comprehensive electronic symbol library and an integrated Digi-Key component catalog that allows for a wide range of circuit designs. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - PUI Loudspeaker Enclosures – At Digi-Key

PUI Audio introduces a line of optimized, enclosed loudspeaker components. Carefully chosen drive units paired with ABS (94V-0) enclosures provide exceptional sound quality and durability. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Now at Digi-Key – 3M Touchscreen Displays

3M™ Touch Systems incorporates the reliable and durable 3M surface capacitive-touch technology into an array of touch-enabled monitors for use in retail, industrial, healthcare, and transportation applications. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Linear Technology LTC3588-1 and LTC3588-2

Linear Technology's LTC3588-1 and LTC3588-2 integrate a low-loss full-wave bridge rectifier with a high efficiency buck converter to form a complete energy harvesting solution optimized for high output impedance energy sources such as piezoelectric transducers. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Kingbright HELI Series LEDs

With luminous output up to 12,000 mcd and up to 30% cost saving in comparison to packages with similar performance, this series is designed for high-volume and cost-sensitive applications. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Analog Devices New Product Express

Analog Devices and Digi-Key present New Product Express - a fast, easy way to get ADI's newest products. These products are in full production, having passed ADI's quality and reliability testing, and are available from Digi-Key to order today! (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Teledyne LeCroy High Definition Oscilloscopes

Combining Teledyne LeCroy's HD4096 high definition 12-bit technology, with long memory, a compact form factor, 12.1" touch screen display and powerful debug tools, the HDO4000 is the ideal oscilloscope for precise measurements and quick debug. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - STMicroelectronics LSM9DS0 – at Digi-Key

The LSM9DS0 is a system-in-package featuring a 3D digital linear acceleration sensor, digital angular rate sensor, and digital magnetic sensor. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Microchip dsPIC33E DSCs – at Digi-Key

Microchip’s dsPIC33E family of digital signal controllers (DSCs) features a 70 MIPS dsPIC® DSC core with integrated DSP and enhanced on-chip peripherals. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Delta Medical Power Supplies – at Digi-Key

As part of its on-going mission to provide high quality, and reliable power supplies for healthcare and medical applications, Delta Medical Power Solutions is pleased to announce a new series of AC adapter and open-frame models for these applications. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Teledyne LeCroy WaveStation 3000 Generators

The Teledyne LeCroy WaveStation™ 3000 is a high-performance, versatile waveform generator with five standard waveform types, over 40 built-in arbitrary waveforms, a variety of modulation schemes, and two channels on all models. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - FCI High-Speed I/O Connectors and Assemblies

Bandwidth capacity demands driven by rapid growth in data, IP video, Internet, and mobile traffic challenges today’s design engineer to employ cable solutions that deliver both higher data transfer rates and increasing I/O. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Fairchild Motor Control Solutions at Digi-Key

As the demands for energy efficiency, environmental responsibility and meeting government regulations are increasing, the need for highly efficient electronic systems becomes more and more important. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - RECOM Power E Series DC/DC Converters

Modular DC/DC converters were always considered to be more expensive than discrete solutions. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - New at Digi-Key – HARTING har-flexicon

In har-flexicon® the HARTING Technology Group has developed an innovative PCB connector technology for the connection of I/O signals of industrial equipment that satisfies all major requirements. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - 3M Static Control Products

3M Static Control products are used to manage static electricity in electronics assembly areas. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - New at Digi-Key – CUI SMT DC Power Jacks

CUI has increased their offering of surface mount DC power jacks. The large variety allows for more design flexibility. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Silicon Labs Si701x/2x Sensors

The Si701x/2x devices are Silicon Labs' 2nd generation family of relative humidity and temperature sensors. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Seoul 3030 Linear LED Modules

Seoul's 3030 linear LED module was developed specifically for troffer, panel, and backlighting products. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Newhaven 7.0” TFT Capacitive Touch Displays

Newhaven Display International now offers capacitive touch to the 7.0” TFT display line. This new capacitive touch is available on both the economical and MVA 7.0” TFTs. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Available Now at Digi-Key – NXP LPC1500 MCU Family

NXP's LPC1500 motorcontroller family is ARM® Cortex™-M3-based microcontrollers for embedded applications featuring a rich peripheral set with very-low power consumption. The ARM Cortex-M3 is a next-generation core that offers system enhancements such as enhanced debug features and a higher level of support-block integration. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Available Now at Digi-Key – TI NexFET MOSFETs

Excellent performance in a wide variety of power conversion and motor control applications. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - NMB DA Series Fans – at Digi-Key

The NMB series of 40x28 mm and 60x38 mm DC cooling fans have been designed for the server, telecom, and medical applications; where high-reliability, high-efficiency, and compact spaces represent a challenge for any design engineer. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Silicon Labs – IoT Solutions

Silicon Laboratories provides next generation technology to help IoT customers with their designs. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Texas Instruments Wireless Connectivity

Differentiate your designs with the right wireless connectivity solutions. TI delivers the industry's broadest portfolio of wireless connectivity products, technologies and solutions. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Atmel SAM4S Series Microcontrollers – at Digi-Key

Based on the powerful ARM® Cortex™-M4 processor, the Atmel SAM4S series extends the Atmel Cortex-M portfolio. Devices are pin-to-pin and software compatible with current SAM3 Cortex-M3 processor-based microcontrollers (MCUs), offering a smooth upwards migration path for performance and memory size. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - t-Global XLi98 Ceramic Heat Spreader – at Digi-Key

The XLi98(C) is a ceramic heat spreader from t-Global that is supplied with a thermally conductive adhesive tape for ease of attachment. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Bourns Surge Protective Devices

Bourns® Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) are designed to protect sensitive equipment from damage caused by lightning and electrical transient surges. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - New at Digi-Key – Cree XLamp CXA Solutions

Cree’s CXA LED arrays deliver high lumen output and efficacy in a family of single components. They are chip-on-board components, eliminating the need for reflow. The arrays deliver system-level performance to over 10,000 lumens and can be used in GU10s and commercial downlights or outdoor area and high-bay lighting. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Freescale Xtrinsic™ Sensing Solutions

Freescale's Xtrinsic™ sensing solutions go far beyond a sensor translating a signal – it's enabling greater levels of sensing context and intelligence. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Linear Technology LTM4649 uModule Regulator

The LTM4649 is a 10A step-down μModule® regulator with high operating efficiency and low temperature rise in a 9mm x 15mm x 4.92mm BGA (ball grid array) package. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - New at Digi-Key – Hamlin Hall-Effect Sensors

Hamlin, Inc. and Digi-Key offer expanding line of sensors with unlimited life, fast operation. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Infineon Battery-Powered Application Solutions

Infineon's OptiMOS Power MOSFETs are ideal for designs MOSFETs with high current capability, lowest on-resistance, industry-leading thermal performance, and outstanding product and performance quality. Applications include battery-powered drives, high-current applications such as forklifts, e-bikes and scooters, and power tools. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Now at Digi-Key – Allegro Position Sensor ICs

Allegro MicroSystems, LLC has developed a line of fully-integrated Hall-Effect digital position sensor ICs that detect changes in magnetic flux density, allowing them to distinguish movement and position. These contactless sensing solutions require few external components and can withstand the hostile operating conditions of automotive applications. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - New at Digi-Key – Amphenol Helios H4 Connectors

Amphenol Industrial's low power loss, 4 mm Helios H4 connectors for photovoltaic systems feature a locking design that meets NEC 2008 standards. Additionally, Amphenol's improved gasket materials enhance reliability for long-term use in any environment. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - KEMET Expanded Product Selection Guide

Building on a 50-year plus tradition, KEMET Corporation moves beyond capacitors to broaden their technology solution offering. The KEMET Expanded Product Selection Guide is your one-stop resource for the newest and most innovative products from KEMET. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Molex KK® RPC Interconnect Solutions

Molex’s KK® connector system can be designed into a variety of power and signal applications. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - ADI ADuM144x Low-Power Digital Isolators

Analog Devices introduces the ADuM144x family, the industry's lowest-power, quad-channel digital isolators. With ADI's iCoupler technology, they can be powered by as little as 1 μW of power, lower than optocouplers and other digital isolators. The ADuM144x are ideal for industrial and instrumentation systems such as 4-20 mA current loops, remote sensors, and green systems, such as bat... (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - NMB IP54 Series AC Industrial Fans

NMB offers a series of weather-resistant (oil and dust proof), long-life AC fan motors for products used in harsh environments such as machine tools and inverters. They are well suited for products used outdoors such as solar light generation systems and chargers for electric vehicles. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - NMB High Power Cooling Fans

NMB's R and F series high power cooling fans remove the need to choose between high performance and increased efficiency to achieve better value and lower operating costs for your applications. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - New at Digi-Key – Aries Correct-A-Chip Adapters

Aries Electronics, Inc. Correct-A-Chip® adapters allow additional design possibilities as technological innovations continue and designers will need to evolve with these changes, just as the Correct-A-Chip® adapters have evolved. Virtually any device, regardless of termination style, can be incorporated into a Correct-A-Chip® package and used... (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Now at Digi-Key – Emerson NPT40-M Series

Emerson's NPT40-M series of open-frame AC-DC power supplies features both ITE and medical safety approvals. All models have triple output voltages in a compact open-frame design, measuring just 2 x 4 inches, with a height of 1 inch. The series is ideally suited for use in ITE and light industrial systems. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - New at Digi-Key – PUI Piezo Benders

PUI Audio features piezo benders equipped with 100 mm lead wires. Many engineers and electronic enthusiasts know the challenge of hand soldering to a piezo bender and how easy it can be to damage the components. PUI offers leaded versions in several sizes and variations as standard off-the-shelf products. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Lumex – Extreme-Temperature LCD Modules

Lumex’s high/low-temperature custom LCD modules are specifically designed for products required to function under the most strenuous conditions. Lumex’s unique off-the-shelf LCD high/low-temperature modules provide up to 50% savings in technology costs, and 70-80% power reduction over other traditional display technologies. (read more)

Digi-Key Corporation - Fairchild Semiconductor LED Lighting Solutions

Designers of LED lighting applications need to simplify design complexity and increase energy efficiency in limited PCB space. That is why Fairchild Semiconductor offers a total solution portfolio for low-, mid-, and high-power designs. (read more)