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Digi-Key Electronics has promoted these products:

Digi-Key Electronics - SL Power MINT1150 Series

SL Power Electronics announces its latest medically-approved high-efficiency MINT1150 AC/DC power supply. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Pomona 7519A TwistGuard™ Test Leads Set

Pomona Electronics' 7519A TwistGuard test lead set features an adjustable probe tip shroud for use in different measurement environments. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - AVX’s Polymer Solid Electrolytic Capacitors

AVX offers a broad range of conductive polymer solid electrolytic capacitors, targeting general and specific market requirements. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Microchip Real-Time Clocks (I2C & SPI)

Microchip offers a complete range of Real-Time Clock/Calendar (RTCC) products, from basic clocks with minimal features to highly integrated clocks with advanced timekeeping features and non-volatile memory in a single battery-backed device. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - ebm-papst IP68 Rated Fans – at Digi-Key

IP68 rated DC axial and centrifugal fans from ebm-papst range in size from 60 mm to 190 mm and offer the highest protection against harsh environments. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - TE Connectivity Sensor Solutions

TE Connectivity Measurement Specialties (TE) is one of the largest connectivity and sensor companies in the world, with the acquisition of Measurement Specialties (MEAS). (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Harwin M40 Fine Pitch Connectors

Harwin's M40 1 mm fine pitch connectors are used in a wide variety of applications including data/communications, medical, hand-held devices, monitors, and industrial applications. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Aeris Neo Connectivity Platform – at Digi-Key

Aeris is a leader and pioneer in the IoT and M2M industry. Aeris’ network connectivity offering has been tailored specifically to work with the Internet of Things (IoT), helping reduce costs and improve the operational efficiency when deploying and managing devices. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Fairchild Field Stop IGBT Technology at Digi-Key

Fairchild's Field Stop (FS) IGBT technology enables designers to develop highly reliable systems with higher input voltage while offering optimum performance where low conduction and switching losses are essential. The IGBTs feature high current handling capability, positive temperature coefficient, tight parameter distribution and a wide safe operating area. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - TE’s Solar and Wind Energy Solutions, at Digi-Key

With approximately 7,000 engineers deployed globally and superior technical solutions that are specific to the Solar and Wind industries, TE Connectivity (formerly Tyco Electronics) is ready and able to help you tackle your toughest challenges. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Scheme-it Free Online Schematic Tool - at Digi-Key

Scheme-it is an online schematic and diagramming tool that allows anyone to design and share electronic circuit diagrams. The tool includes a comprehensive electronic symbol library and an integrated Digi-Key component catalog that allows for a wide range of circuit designs. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - TE Lighting Solutions Page at

The TE Lighting Solutions page focuses on tackling new designs and converting existing lights to SSL requires new technology and new expertise. Users are able to search for solutions based on products by type, or products by application. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - CUI Level VI External Power Supplies – at Digi-Key

On February 10, 2014, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) published a revision to its EISA 2007 external power supply (EPS) efficiency standard, increasing the minimum efficiency requirements as well as expanding the range of products applicable under the new standard. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Linear Technology LTM4650 µModule Regulator

Linear Technology's LTM4650 is a dual 25 A or single 50 A output switching mode step-down DC/DC μModule (power module) regulator. Included in the package are the switching controllers, power FETs, inductors, and all supporting components. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - PUI Audio SMT-0440 Surface Mount Transducers

PUI Audio, Inc. pushes the envelope of audio transducer design by shaving the size of their already small SMT-0540 transducers down 20% with their new SMT-0440 series surface-mount transducers, adding sound to even smaller devices than ever before. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - HARTING M8/M12 System Cables at Digi-Key

HARTING offers a comprehensive range of ready-to-use, over-molded, M12 D-coded system cables for the quick wiring of Ethernet networks. The same system cables are fully shielded and offered in both PVC and PUR cable jackets. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - PUI Audio Inc. 100mm Lead Microphones

PUI Audio, Inc.’s line of microphones with 100 mm leads help to make product prototyping, PCB design and layout, and assembly tremendously faster than ever before. Additionally, with polarity indicated by color on the halogen-free UL3302 32 AWG wire, accidental reverse polarity connections are virtually eliminated. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Fairchild’s Complete MOSFET Portfolio at Digi-Key

Fairchild invented trench MOSFETs in the 1990s. Since then they have been perfecting MOSFET technology and manufacturing to develop a large portfolio of thousands of products for any application. Fairchild’s MOSFETs deliver best-in-class performance, high FOM (figure of merit), and pin-to-pin compatibility for ease of use. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - STMicroelectronics 600V MDMesh™ DM2 MOSFETs

STMicroelectronics' latest high-efficiency fast recovery diode MOSFET series featuring very low recovery charge (Qrr) and recovery time (trr) is optimized for high-voltage full-bridge and half-bridge topologies requiring high switching performance. These 500 V, 600 V, and 650 V devices also feature ultra-low Qg, extremely low Coss / Ciss, very low on-state resistanc... (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Maxim Integrated IO-Link™ Devices

Big data is here and users have more sensors and actuators than ever. They need to talk reliably with PLCs with no worries about different kinds of data. That's why IO-Link™ was created. It allows just one industrial data transmission standard for every sensor and actuator. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Murata MTC1 Series Regulated DC/DC Converters

Murata introduces the MTC1 series of 1 W regulated single-output DC-DC converters that comprises a total of six single-output models providing 3.3, 5, or 12 VDC. These miniature isolated devices are available with nominal input voltages of 12 or 24 VDC and accommodate a 2:1 input range around the selected nominal. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - STMicroelectronics BlueNRG-MS at Digi-Key

ST's BlueNRG ultra-low-power network processor addresses Bluetooth low-energy (or Bluetooth LE – BLE) and embeds the entire Bluetooth LE master and slave stack. It offers the best-in-class current consumption, excellent wireless link performance, and an on-chip non-volatile memory that allows an easy and quick upgrade of the firmware, keeping your solution always up-to-date. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Maxim Integrated MAXREFDES89#

Maxim's MAXREFDES89# provides an ideal interface for anyone developing with brushed DC motors. The design is an mbed-compatible, Arduino® form factor shield for the rapid development of brushed, DC motor applications. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Digi International TransPort WR3

The TransPort WR31, with its extremely resilient cellular connection through Digi International’s patented SureLink™, VRRP+ protocol, and dual SIM slots, provides a secure, reliable connection to industrial controllers, process automation equipment, and smart grid assets on third party sites or remote locations. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - CUI Compact AC-DC Power Supplies

Housed in a rugged encapsulated package, CUI’s compact VSK and PBK series AC-DC power supplies are ideally suited for use in low-power ITE, lighting, industrial, and medical applications where design space is at a premium. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - NKK Frameless OLED Pushbutton SmartSwitch™

NKK introduces the elegantly designed frameless OLED SmartSwitch. This high-definition pushbutton has a contrast and resolution of 96 RGB x 64 pixels in a compact frame. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Fairchild Smart Power Stage (SPS) Module Family

Fairchild Semiconductor's smart power stage (SPS) module family is a next-generation, ultra-compact, integrated MOSFET plus driver-power stage solution. This family leverages Fairchild's DrMOS expertise to deliver high-efficiency, high-power density, and high-switching frequency in applications such as synchronous buck DC-DC converters in high-performance computing and telecom. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Maxim Integrated MAXREFDES67# Micro PLC

Maxim Integrated's MAXREFDES67# reference design is a complete universal analog input for industrial applications. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Atmel BTLC1000 Xplained Pro Starter Kit

The Atmel® BTLC1000 Xplained Starter Kit is a hardware platform to evaluate the Atmel ATBTLC1000-MR110CA module with the ARM®Cortex®-M0+ SAML21 Xplained Pro host MCU evaluation board. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - FTDI VM801B Development Platform and Accessories

FTDI's VM801B is a development module for FTDI’s FT801, which is used to develop and demonstrate the functionality of the FT801 Embedded Video Engine, EVE. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Fluke 771 Milliamp Process Clamp Meter at Digi-Key

Measure 4-20 mA signals without breaking the loop with this new, compact clamp meter for PLC and control systems analog I/O. The Fluke 771 has a detachable clamp with extension cable allows you to take measurements in tight locations, and the built-in spot light illuminates hard to see wires in dark enclosures. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Weidmuller B2CF Series Terminal Blocks at Digi-Key

Weidmüller's B2CF series terminal blocks are established standards for connecting signals and are leading the pack. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Hirose Connectors for Medical Applications

Hirose Electric's diverse line-up of connectors for medical applications offers solutions for numerous medical devices. Choose from rectangular, high-speed I/O, RF/coaxial, mezzanine, board-to-board, wire-to-board, circular and power connectors, FPC/FFC, micro USB, coaxial switch, and Wi-Fi module connectors. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Pomona 5677B Deluxe Test Lead Kit at Digi-Key

Pomona Electronics' 5677B Model features two test lead banana-plug assemblies, with two extra large and medium sized alligator clip sets, two test lead couplers, two retractable tip probe sets, two spade lug adapters, two IC test probe tip adapters, two mini-grabber and mini-pincer test lead sets, replacement probe tips, modular test probe set, and a four-fold nylon pouch. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Intersil ISL8117 PWM Controller at Digi-Key

Intersil's ISL8117 is a synchronous buck controller to generate POL voltage rails and bias voltage rails for a wide variety of applications in industrial and general-purpose segments. Its wide input- and output-voltage range makes it suitable for telecommunication and aftermarket automotive applications. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - ISSI 20 W Class-D Audio Amps at Digi-Key

ISSI's high-performance digital and analog input Class-D power amplifiers target consumer and professional audio applications such as sound bars, HDTVs, media docking stations, and radio equipment. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - ON Semiconductor MatrixCam™ Video Development Kit

The ON Semiconductor MatrixCam video development kit (VDK) is a smart, low-power, 1080P camera solution that streams video over Wi-Fi and Ethernet. It has been developed specifically to encourage greater video adoption for IoT products, enabling faster time-to-market for IoT developers. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - t-Global S606C Thermal Compound at Digi-Key

S606C is t-Global’s highest performing thermal grease. It has a thermal conductivity of 5 W/mk, extremely low-outgassing and the thermal impedance is suitable for applications where the thinnest possible bond line is required at optimum performance and price. The product is ideally suited for cooling the most demanding of LED and electronic applications. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Mentor Graphics Designer Schematic™ & Layout™

Mentor Graphics Designer Schematic and Designer Layout provides the engineer with professional, low-cost tools to produce PCB designs. Designer products are available as annual subscriptions to reduce the cost of entry. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Murata MGJ Series at Digi-Key

The MGJ2 series of 2 W high isolation dual output DC/DC converters from Murata Power Solutions are suitable for powering high-side and low-side gate drives in bridge circuits using insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) and MOSFETs. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Conec's RJ45-IP67 Industrial Connector System

Conec's RJ45 connector is the most used interface in data communications. In Ethernet networks, this proven connector assures quick, secure communications between all devices connected in a network. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Bud Industries PTQ Series NEMA Boxes

BUD Industries’ PTQ series are high-impact-resistant boxes, made of gray polycarbonate (PC) resin 10% glass fiber filled. A molded hinge cover enclosure provides a rated IP-67 (TUV), and meets NEMA 1, 2, 4, 4x, and type 6 specifications. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - XP Power EPL225 Series at Digi-Key

XP Power announces the EPL225 series of high-efficiency, open-frame AC-DC power supplies approved for industrial, IT and medical applications. The series comprises seven single-output models that offer a range of standard output voltages from 12 VDC to 48 VDC. A secondary 12 VDC / 0.5 A fan output is provided across the range. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Fluke 190 Series II ScopeMeter at Digi-Key

Fluke Electronics introduces the first high-performance portable oscilloscopes with two or four independently insulated input channels, an IP51 dust and dripwater proof rating and a CAT III 1000 V/CAT IV 600 V safety rating. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - t-Global GP2000 Tube Thermal Interface Material

GP2000 thermally-conductive tubes are manufactured from high-grade conductive silicone and designed for use with clip-mounted plastic power packages that require both thermal conductivity and electrical isolation. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - CUI Buzzers and Audio Alerts

CUI’s comprehensive line of magnetic and piezo buzzers are used across many major industries as a means for audible identification or alert. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Wurth WE-MAPI SMD Shielded Power Inductor

The innovative design in detail for best coplanarity, highest reliability, highest current handling, lowest AC losses, best EMI performance, and for perfect robustness. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - CUI AMT Encoders – Available at Digi-Key

CUI's AMT Series is a range of rugged, high accuracy modular encoders available in
incremental, absolute, and commutation versions . Thanks to its innovative design, the
AMT Series is not susceptible to contaminants such as dirt, dust, and oil that typically plague
encoders in industrial environments. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - CHERRY Energy Harvesting Products

In today's increasingly connected world, there is a strong demand for easy and flexible data transmission with low-energy consumption. CHERRY's innovative wireless and battery-less energy harvesting technology provides effective solutions in a variety of environments and applications. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - GE Digital Pico SlimLynx™ Open Frame Power Modules

GE's 12 A digital Pico SlimLynx open frame power modules are non-isolated DC/DC converters that can deliver up to 12 A of output current. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Ohmite FC4L Series Chip Resistors at Digi-Key

Ohmite extends its FC4L series with this 4-terminal Kelvin-type FC4L derivative in 2 watt and 5 watt package sizes. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Bud JBH NEMA 1 Boxes with Screw Cover at Digi-Key

BUD Industries' heavy duty steel boxes are well suited for a variety of junction, pull-box, and many other electrical applications. These boxes have a hinged cover with slotted-head quarter-turn cam lock. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Teledyne LeCroy WaveJet Touch Oscilloscopes

The WaveJet Touch from Teledyne LeCroy provides the performance, features, and touch-screen user interface to simplify operation and shorten debug time. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - ebm-papst 3250J Series Fans at Digi-Key

ebm-papst’s proven 3200J S-Force series of fans run at high speeds to maintain performance against high system resistance. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Delta Medical Power Supplies – at Digi-Key

As part of its on-going mission to provide high quality, and reliable power supplies for healthcare and medical applications, Delta Medical Power Solutions is pleased to announce a new series of AC adapter and open-frame models for these applications. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - C&K KXT Series Switches – In Stock at Digi-Key

Surface-mount KXT series switches have an ultra-low board-mounted profile of just 0.58 mm. C&K Components has developed an ultra-low-profile, top-actuated surface-mount switch for use in applications that require ultra-miniature components, including wearable electronics, hearing aids, ear buds, mobile phones, and other portable electronics. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Ohmite ARCOL HS Series

Ohmite's ARCOL HS series aluminum housed resistors are manufactured in line with the requirements of MIL 18546 and IEC 115. The HS series is designed for direct heatsink mounting with thermal compound to achieve maximum performance. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Teledyne Lecroy WaveSurfer 3000 Oscilloscope

WaveSurfer 3000 oscilloscopes feature an advanced user interface with touch screen simplicity to shorten debug time. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - ST Micro 32-bit STM32 F7 Series MCU

STMicroelectronics' STM32 F7 series MCU features an ARM Cortex-M7 core, operates at frequencies up to 200 MHz, and uses a 6-stage superscalar pipeline and Floating Point Unit (FPU) to produce up to 1000 CoreMarks. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Linear Technology LTM4644 DC/DC ?Module Regulator

The LTM®4644 from Linear Technology is a quad DC/DC step-down μModule® (micromodule) regulator with 4 A per output. Outputs can be paralleled in an array for up to 16 A capability. Included in the package are the switching controllers, power FETs, inductors, and support components. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Silicon Labs BT121 Bluetooth Module at Digi-Key

Silicon Labs' BT121 is a Bluetooth Smart Ready module targeted for applications that require both Bluetooth Smart and Classic connectivity. It can connect to legacy devices that only support Bluetooth SPP or Apple iAP2 profiles as well to devices that support Bluetooth Smart. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Available Now at Digi-Key – Fluke Connect™

Fluke Electronics has the largest suite of connected tools in the world. Fluke Connect™ the best way to stay in contact with your team without leaving the field. See the tools that save you time and increase your productivity. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - NMB SA and SB Series Axial Fans at Digi-Key

NMB Technologies' SA and SB series DC axial fans are designed with a single phase motor technology to achieve a lower power consumption than current fans in the market today. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Honeywell RTP Series at Digi-Key Corporation

Honeywell's RTP series, rotary position sensors take non-contact sensing to the next level by separating the magnet from the sensor body. The absence of the actuator shaft removes the wear and tear on the bearings caused by radial forces. The choice of a bare or housed magnet is available. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - t-Global TG-LH-EE-90 Thermal Epoxy at Digi-Key

TG-LH-EE-90 series products from t-Global are one-part, white, epoxy-based adhesive developed specifically for fiber optic electronic applications. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Newhaven Display Slim OLED Displays

Newhaven Display International, Inc., known for their cost-effective and high-quality displays, announces the first line of slim-character OLEDs. These OLEDs bring to Newhaven Display’s vast product line a more affordable OLED option that is half the thickness and twice the contrast. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Trinamic TMC5130 Stepper Motion Control ICs

The TMC5130 successfully combines several Trinamic technology innovations into a single device that also achieves a maximum for motor voltage and current specs in a monolithic motion controller with integrated MOSFET drivers. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - ebm-papst 3300N Series Fans – at Digi-Key

Modern fans are the best means of expelling waste heat from compact devices. Properties such as reliability, robustness and a long service life are top priorities, particularly in IT technology applications, solar inverters and frequency converters, but also in medical technology. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - ON Semi High Efficiency MOSFETs from Digi-Key

On Semiconductor expands its broad portfolio of power MOSFETs with new, high-efficiency, single N-channel devices targeted at data networking, telecommunications, and industrial applications. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - CREE CXA2 LED Arrays

Cree's XLamp CXA2 LED arrays are members of the second generation of the CXA family that deliver up to 33% higher-efficacy than the first generation in the same LES. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - TE Connectivity High Speed Pluggable I/O

Pluggable I/O interfaces offer significant advantages as a high-speed I/O interconnect. Along with a standard equipment I/O interface and the flexibility of pluggable modules, TE’s High-Speed Pluggable I/O products include options for fiber and copper links, as well as various data rates and protocols. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - XP Power EML30 Series Power Supplies at Digi-Key

XP Power announces the expansion of the EML series of single-output ultra-compact AC-DC power supplies designed for use in medical applications. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Amphenol Commercial Modular Jacks at Digi-Key

Amphenol Commercial Products (ACP) offers a full range of Modular Jacks in high performance, standard and ruggedized IP-rated versions. Performance ranges from 10 Mpbs up to and beyond 1 Gbps for modular jacks with integrated magnetics along with optional LEDs and durability according to industry standards. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - STMicroelectronics’ STripFET F7 Series MOSFETs

ST’s STripFET F7 series of low-voltage MOSFETs feature an enhanced trench-gate structure that lowers device on-state resistance while also reducing internal capacitances and gate charge for faster and more efficient switching. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Bud Industries PIP Series NEMA Enclosures

The PIP series NEMA 4X enclosures offer high-impact resistance gray polycarbonate (PC) resin 10% glass-fiber-filled molded enclosures rated IP67 (TUV) and meet NEMA 1, 2, 4, 4X type 6 specifications. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Murata NXE1 Series DC/DC Converter

Murata Power Solutions has introduced the NXE1 series of low-cost 1 W DC/DC converters measuring only 12.7 mm x 10.4 mm x 4.8 mm. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Check out the newest products from Digi-Key

Check out the latest new product offerings from Digi-Key Electronics on our redesigned Product Highlights page. The Product Highlight page features refined search results by Product Type, Supplier, Function, Industry and Resource Type. Results can also be sorted by a specific or range of dates. New products from top suppliers added daily! (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Sunon PF Series with Tachometer and PWM

With the rise in thermal control demands, Sunon has released a selection of their most powerful and efficient PF series DC fans with standard 4-wire pulse-width modulation (PWM) input and tachometer output functions. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Analog Devices ADA4177 Op Amps – at Digi-Key

Analog Devices, Inc. has introduced the industry’s first and most robust operational amplifier that integrates input protection against signal excursions of 32 V beyond the supply rails, and 70-dB of rejection for electro-magnetic interference (EMI) above 1 GHz. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - STM32 Nucleo and X-Nucleo Expansion Boards

The STM32 Nucleo boards provide an affordable and flexible way for users to try out new ideas and build prototypes with any STM32 microcontroller line, choosing from the various combinations of performance, power consumption, and features. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - infineon ICL5101 Controller IC for LED Driver

The LED driver IC ICL5101 integrates a half-bridge controller with a PFC stage in a single package. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Linear Technology LTC6950 1.4 GHz PLL

The LTC6950 is a low-phase noise integer-N frequency synthesizer core with clock distribution. The LTC6950 delivers the low-phase noise clock signals demanded in high-frequency, high-resolution data acquisition systems. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - NXP PCF85263 CMOS Real-Time Clock

NXP's PCF85263A is a CMOS Real-Time Clock (RTC) and calendar optimized for low-power consumption and with automatic switching to battery on main power loss. The RTC can also be configured as a stop-watch (elapsed time counter). (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Pressure Sensors from Honeywell

No matter the need, Honeywell Sensing and Control (S&C) has the microstructure, pressure sensor solution. Our sensing element design consists of four piezoresistors on a chemically-etched silicon diaphragm. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - GE Digital MegaDLynx™ Power Modules

GE Energy's Digital MegaDLynx™ power modules are non-isolated DC-DC converters that can deliver up to 40 A of output current. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Digi-Key EDA & Design Tools

No matter where you are in the design cycle, Digi-Key has the right tool to help you meet your design challenges head-on. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Teledyne LeCroy WaveSurfer 10 Oscilloscope

The WaveSurfer 10 combines the MAUI advanced user interface with powerful waveform processing, in addition to advanced math, measurement and debug tools, to quickly analyze and find the root cause of problems. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - XP Power I Series at Digi-Key

XP Power offers the I series of low-power, isolated, DC/DC converters. The series, now comprising of several families, offers a range of industry-standard mounting options including SIP, DIP and SMT with single and dual outputs. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Teledyne LeCroy HDO4000 at Digi-Key

Combining Teledyne LeCroy's HD4096 high definition 12-bit technology, with long memory, a compact form factor, 12.1" touch screen display and powerful debug tools, the HDO4000 is the ideal oscilloscope for precise measurements and quick debug. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Maxim MAXREFDES24EVSYS Kit at Digi-Key

The MAXREFDES24EVSYS design accelerator kit allows users to quickly demonstrate and evaluate the functionality of Maxim Integrated’s 4-channel analog output (AO) reference design (MAXREFDES24) without the need for a bench power supply, digital multimeter, or Xilinx development kit. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Infineon Light Electric Vehicle Solution

Infineon is offering highest power density and system efficiency for electric vehicle applications, with a comprehensive portfolio to address a broad range of battery-powered motor control applications. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Fairchild FL7734 PWM Controller at Digi-Key

Fairchild's FL7734 is a highly-integrated PWM controller with advanced Primary-Side-Regulation (PSR) technique to minimize components for low-power LED lighting solutions. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Delta GE Series Filters at Digi-Key

Delta’s GE series was developed for devices that need a high-level of EMI suppression such as in electrical, test and measurement, office automation, and data-communication equipment applications. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Measurement Specialties TSYS02D at Digi-Key

The TSYS02D provides factory-calibrated data corresponding to the measured temperature. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - TE Connectivity NECTOR M System

The NECTOR M power system offers flexibility in lighting luminaire designs and can be seamlessly integrated into existing or new construction. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Fairchild Gate Drivers at Digi-Key

Low-side (LS) drivers are building blocks for applications driving power MOSFETs in a clamped inductive load – driving MOSFETs, in secondary synchronous rectifier, and pulse/gate drive transformers. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Cree XP-L Series High-Density Class LEDs

The XLamp® XP-L LED is the first commercially-available single-die LED to deliver breakthrough efficacy of up to 200 lm/W at 350 mA. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - TRINAMIC TMC5062 Stepper Controller-Driver ICs

TMC5062 stepper controller-driver IC is a powerful system-on-a-chip, integrating sophisticated ramp-generators and two power stages plus best-in-class diagnostics and protection in a tiny 7 x 7 mm² QFN package. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - PUI Audio Lead-Wire Speakers

PUI Audio features a selection of off-the-shelf speakers equipped with 6" lead wires attached. (read more)

Digi-Key Electronics - Murata SPM15/25 Series DC/DC Converters

The SPM15/25 series isolated DC/DC converters represent the next generation in Industrial Potted Module Technology. Featuring a full 15 W and 25 W output in one square inch of board area, the SPM15/25 series isolated DC/DC converter family offers efficient regulated DC power for printed circuit board mounting. (read more)

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