Douglas Electrical Components - Seals and Feedthroughs for X-ray Tube Builders

Douglas Electrical Components manufactures a broad range of high quality hermetic seals and feedthroughs for X-ray tube builders. Conductor packages and installation geometries vary widely, and all our products are custom designed to meet unique requirements. (read more)

Douglas Electrical Components - Hermetic Feedthroughs for Vacuum Environments

Douglas Electrical Components utilizes our diverse engineering skills, our extensive experience and our creative problem solving to provide custom solutions to vacuum system manufacturers and users throughout the world.. (read more)

Douglas Electrical Components - Jacketseal Feedthrough for Explosion-Proof Rating

Douglas Electrical Components has a long history of working with customers that need to meet explosion-proof ratings. (read more)

Douglas Electrical Components - Sensor & Control Systems Require Sealed Cavities

Douglas Electrical Components annually provides hundreds of thousands of custom components to major sensor and control system manufacturers that require sealed electronics cavities for power or signal lead penetration. (read more)

Douglas Electrical Components - Feedthroughs Cut Assembly Costs Up to 50%

For semiconductor applications, the space available in a vacuum chamber may require square, rectangular or triangular feedthroughs -- shapes easily accommodated with ductile, epoxy-based filler. (read more)

Douglas Electrical Components - Multiple Feedthroughs On Only One Plate

Custom-designed and fabricated portplate assemblies come fully assembled with pre-tested multiple feedthroughs. The plates can house variety of connector densities and counts (read more)

Douglas Electrical Components - Feedthroughs Ideal for Alternative Energy

Douglas Electrical's feedthroughs provide a required technology enabler in many alternative energy applications -- wind turbines, in particular. (read more)

Douglas Electrical Components - Space-Simulation Feedthroughs

Space-simulation facilities, which are expensive to operate and with zero tolerance for failure, depend on Douglas Ductorseal/PotCon feedthroughs. In the high-vacuum, high-solar-radiation, low-temperature environment of outer space, Douglas feedthroughs are absolutely critical. (read more)

Douglas Electrical Components - Domestic Quick-Turn Custom Feedthroughs

Because both our engineers and our production facility are onshore in our state-of-the-art New Jersey location, Douglas is able to design, prototype and manufacture custom feedthrough orders of magnitude faster than our competitors. (read more)

Douglas Electrical Components - StudSeal™ Hermetic Feedthroughs from Douglas

StudSeal™ hermetic feedthroughs are used in vacuum or pressure applications where high current or high voltages penetrate a barrier. These customized connector seals allow for easy specification and mounting and are pretested and shipped to the customer directly (read more)