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Dow Automotive Systems - BETAMATE: Dow Achieves Sustainability Milestone

BETAMATE™ Structural Adhesives have been named Dow’s (NYSE:DOW) third “Breakthrough to World Challenges,” meeting a milestone set by the Company as part of its 2015 Sustainability Goals. A recent recipient of a 2014 R&D 100 Award and two 2014 PACE Awards, BETAMATE Structural Adhesives are used to bond the body structure of automobiles during assembly which ena... (read more)

Dow Automotive Systems - SPECFLEX™ Activ - New PU Foam Solution

Dow Automotive Systems launches first truly amine emission free Polyurethane (PU) foam solution for interior applications

SPECFLEX™ Activ - New PU foam solution without catalysts meeting the most stringent emission targets combined with outstanding properties and process latitude.

Dow Automotive Systems is continuing to pioneer material solutions in aut... (read more)

Dow Automotive Systems - Dow partners with Deep 4 Orange Team

Dow Automotive Systems partnered with the Deep Orange 4 team at Clemson University's International Center for Automotive Research to support future automotive designers/engineers and highlight the broad Dow Automotive Systems portfolio of lightweighting products. (read more)

Dow Automotive Systems - Fusor® 2098 crash durable structural adhesive

Introducing Fusor® 2098 crash durable structural adhesive powered by BETAMATE™ structural adhesive

Two industry leaders, Dow Automotive Systems, a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company, and LORD Corporation, have entered into a commercial agreement to bring a new solution, Fusor® 2098 crash durable structural adhesive, to the North American automoti... (read more)

Dow Automotive Systems - Dow Automotive Systems Named to R&D 100 2014

2014 R&D 100 Award Presented to BETAMATE™ Structural Adhesive (read more)

Dow Automotive Systems - Customized Lightweight Solutions

Crash Durable Bonding Technology Helps Small Body Cavities Add Big Strength

Efficiency and safety. A successful vehicle platform needs plenty of both. And now a new lightweight reinforcement solution from Dow Automotive Systems can bring big performance benefits to vehicle structural components.

New BETAMATE™ lightweight reinforcement (LWR) is an expanda... (read more)

Dow Automotive Systems - New Rubber-to-Substrate Adhesives for Tough Jobs

Dow Automotive Systems offers a wide range of high-performance engineered solutions for bonding elastomers, plastics and flock fibers to a variety of rubber and metal substrates . (read more)

Dow Automotive Systems - Dow Automotive to Launch VORAFORCE 5300

Affordable Lightweighting – Dow Automotive Systems to launch VORAFORCE 5300 ultra fast epoxy resin for structural composite parts in mass production. 90-second cycle times support faster, more affordable lightweighting and enormous potential for parts consolidation. (read more)

Dow Automotive Systems - BETAFORCE™ structural adhesives optimized for BMW

Dow Automotive Systems, a leading global supplier for the automotive, commercial transportation and aftermarket industries, provides OEM customers with customized adhesive solutions that enable bonding of all lightweight materials, including carbon fiber composites. Application areas include compartment solutions for compact electric cars as well as trunk lids.

Composites are gain... (read more)

Dow Automotive Systems - Lightweighting Solutions: VORAFORCE™ 5300

Meeting OEM emissions and fuel efficiency requirements is a difficult challenge when working with materials such as steel or aluminum sheet metal. Significant weight reduction is possible with low density carbon fiber composite components that can function alongside traditional metal components in an efficient hybrid construction. (read more)

Dow Automotive Systems - VIDEO: Leading Lightweight Vehicle Solutions

A new video from Dow Automotive Systems illustrates how vehicle mass and weight reduction help improve fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions. It also addresses the subsequent and biggest challenge for auto makers: how to make lighter weight vehicles affordable to build at high volumes. (read more)

Dow Automotive Systems - BETAFORCE: Enabling Lightweight Design Flexibility

Enabling bonding strength and reliability to more and more materials that contribute to vehicle lightweighting, two-component BETAFORCE™ and BETAMATE™ composite bonding adhesives are based on a novel polymer technology that allows for consistent mechanical properties over an extremely wide temperature range, providing industry-leading temperature stability. (read more)

Dow Automotive Systems - BETAMATE 73305 Epoxy Adhesive

BETAMATE technology provides a high performance bonding solution for a variety of substrates. BETAMATE structural adhesives replace welds and mechanical fasteners and reduce fatigue and failure commonly found around spot welds and fasteners. BETAMATE technology is used in the earliest stage in body design to make it stiffer, safer, lighter and better crash resistant.

BETAMATE 7330... (read more)

Dow Automotive Systems - High-performance Cavity-sealing Solutions

BETAFOAM™ Renue two-part polyurethane from Dow Automotive Systems, made with 25% renewable-based material, provides improved acoustical performance of one to five decibels and minimizes resonance build-up while sealing vehicle cavities. They are light weight and create a potential mass savings of up to 30% versus previous generations of BETAFOAM. (read more)

Dow Automotive Systems - BETAMATE™ polyurethane structural adhesives

Providing high-performance adhesive to aluminum, steel and other materials, BETAMATE™ polyurethane structural adhesives replace welds and mechanical fasteners, helping improve vehicle durability, reduce weight and reduce manufacturing costs. (read more)

Dow Automotive Systems - Reduce Weight and CO2 Emissions with BETAMATE

Providing high performance adhesion to a vast range of materials, BETAMATE™ structural adhesives can help improve vehicle durability and reduce weight while providing cost savings. BETAMATE structural adhesives replace welds and mechanical fasteners, helping reduce fatigue and failure commonly found around spot welds and fasteners.


  • Contrib...
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Dow Automotive Systems - Low VOC, Solvent-Free BETATECH Plus

Elastic adhesive/sealants –solvent free, extrudable sealers with exceptional primerless adhesion and overpaint-ability. (read more)

Dow Automotive Systems - Total Solutions for Commercial Transportation

Dow Automotive Systems provides total solutions to improve the durability, corrosion improvement, light-weight and safety requirements of the commercial vehicle manufacturers with the best effective cost. (read more)

Dow Automotive Systems - ENGAGE polyolefin elastomers

ENGAGE polyolefin elastomers offer the flexibility and toughness of synthetic rubber with the processability of plastics and are often used to modify other materials for impact resistance or improved low-temperature performance. Since its development, ENGAGE has become the modifier of choice for automotive TPO (thermoplastic olefins) applications as well as auto interior components and i... (read more)

Dow Automotive Systems - BETALINK™ Polyurethane Adhesives

Permanent Bonding Solution Requires No Drilling, Keeps Material Costs Low

BETALINK™ one- and two-component polyurethane adhesives can be applied to a number of semistructural bonding and sealing applications with the minimal amount of surface preparation required. The adhesives are excellent for gap filling and vibration dampening on applications with multiple substrates.

... (read more)
Dow Automotive Systems - High-Strength Solution for Trailer Flooring

UPM and Dow Automotive Systems present pioneering solution for fully bonded plywood trailer floors

UPM and Dow Automotive Systems will present an innovative, new solution for mounting floors to trailer bodies. Using the WISA® Bonded Floor Solution, a combination of WISA® plywood flooring and BETAMATE™ adhesives - which were developed exclusively for this solut... (read more)

Dow Automotive Systems - MOR-AD™ and BETAMELT™ Interior Bonding Solutions

Increasing demand for comfort, quality and appeal in the automotive interior segments as well as economical and environmental aspects are the key drivers to replace current material offerings. MOR-AD™ & BETAMELT™ reactive hot melt adhesives can help to join a vast range and difficult to bond substrate combinations, improve the joint performance and optimize process... (read more)

Dow Automotive Systems - Fast Safe Drive-Away Times Now Up To 50% Faster

The fast safe drive-away times of Dow Automotive Systems' industry-leading BETASEAL™ U-400HV and BETASEAL™ U-418HV conventional cure, glass-bonding adhesives, are now 25 to 50 percent faster, depending upon temperature and humidity conditions. Our product safe drive-way times:

  • Return vehicles to your customers more quickly
  • Increase your daily prod...
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Dow Automotive Systems - Commercial Transportation Solutions

Dow Automotive Systems offers mutlifunctional solutions for the manufacture and repair of bus, truck, rail, recreation, industrial, emergency and agricultural vehicles. Comprised of elastic and structural bonding adhesives, sealers and acoustical/structural foams, solutions offer high strength, fatigue and crash resistance; improved NVH performance; and better fuel efficiency through wei... (read more)

Dow Automotive Systems - Lightweighting: Mass Reduction for Mass Production

Meeting mandated carbon dioxide emissions and fuel efficiency requirements is a difficult challenge when working with traditional materials such as steel or aluminum sheet metal. Significant vehicle weight reduction can be achieved with many solutions from Dow Automotive Systems, including structural adhesives, foams and composite technologies. (read more)