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Dow Polyurethanes - Efficient PASCAL™ Technology for Appliances

Appliance manufacturers have a new option for meeting tough new energy efficiency requirements. PASCAL™ Technology from Dow is a new patented polyurethane system, processed under new manufacturing conditions, that dramatically increases household appliance energy efficiency performance, without negatively affecting design or productivity. (read more)

Dow Polyurethanes - DURAMOULD™ Polyurethane Systems

DURAMOULD™ Polyurethane Systems for Mould Making and prototyping (read more)

Dow Polyurethanes - Achieve Higher Performance with LM Polyol

VORANOL™ 223-060LM polyol is a newly developed polyether polyol that offers enhanced mechanical performance, abrasion and long-term durability compared to conventional propylene glycol (PPG) systems (PPG+). It enables optimized microphase separation from conventional urethane hard segment chemistries to permit formulation of high-performance polyurethane systems. (read more)

Dow Polyurethanes - Dow Hyperlast Spray and Cast Elastomers

Dow is a leading polyurethane engineering materials supplier to the marine and offshore industry. We offer a broad range of polyurethanes designed especially for the marine, aggressive offshore environment, filters, electrical and more. These Systems are highly durable, resilient, and resistant to abrasion and attack by water.

HYPERLAST™ Polyurethane Systems range... (read more)

Dow Polyurethanes - Polyurethane Components for Coatings

Dow’s polyurethanes chemistry has far-reaching applications in coatings that protect industrial equipment, consumer goods and everything in between. Dow Polyurethanes is a leading global supplier of high-performance polyurethane raw materials such as polyether polyols and aromatic isocyanates used to produce robust coatings that are as protective as they are attractive.

... (read more)

Dow Polyurethanes - Versatile Solutions for Adhesives and Sealants

Dow Polyurethanes provides a wide range of polyurethane materials that enable formulators to develop coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers with exceptional performance for many different applications. Our broad and versatile product portfolio includes materials that allow fast cure, excellent flexibility, superior bond strength and much more. Our products are backed by more than 6... (read more)

Dow Polyurethanes - Polyurethanes for concrete infrastructure repair

The rehabilitation of transportation infrastructure has become increasingly important as aging roads, bridges, and highways see record traffic levels. Public and private infrastructure owners are faced with the daunting task of maintaining existing assets while balancing limited budgets and stakeholder expectations. The Dow Polyurethanes business has developed products designed to provid... (read more)

Dow Polyurethanes - Rigid and Spray Polyurethane Components

Reliability, efficiency and versatility – qualities highly valued by today’s rigid foam manufacturers, both in their products and in their supplier relationships. Dow delivers these and more. With more than 60 years of experience serving the construction, packaging and recreation industries, we are well acquainted with the challenges you face each day in producing high-qualit... (read more)

Dow Polyurethanes - VORASTAR™ 7000 Polyurethane Spray Elastomer System

VORASTAR™ 7000 Polyurethane Spray Elastomer System: Enhanced Protection for Steel and Concrete (read more)

Dow Polyurethanes - Professional Cold Chain and Commercial Appliance

Better yields. More efficient transport. Less spoilage and waste. From the field to the table, our solutions are meeting the need for fresh, tasty and healthy food around the world. Our Dow VORACOR™ polyurethane systems have a wide range of pre-blended blowing agents and are found in refrigerated trucks, walk-in coolers and commercial refrigerators, creating lightweight and thermal... (read more)

Dow Polyurethanes - High Performance Prepolymers

As customers push the limits of performance for their most challenging industrial applications, Dow continues to expand the limits of our line of high-performance coatings, elastomers, adhesives and sealants. Our broad and versatile prepolymer portfolio includes materials that allow fast cure, excellent flexibility, superior bond strength and much more. And with Dow’s backward inte... (read more)

Dow Polyurethanes - Polyurethane Flooring Materials

Adding Comfort and Performance Underfoot

Quality carpeting needs a quality backing for maximum durability, performance and comfort underfoot. Cushioned backing made with Dow ENHANCER™ technology ensures your carpet will look and feel great, while holding up to foot traffic over time. In addition, non-cushioned backing with Dow ENFORCER™ technology is the ideal solution... (read more)

Dow Polyurethanes - Why Dow Polyurethanes?

Dow Polyurethanes provides customers with much more than just products. For more than 65 years, we've been delivering solutions and value in these important ways:

  • Global reach and local support
    Serving growing needs anywhere around the world.
  • Integrated capabilities
    Exemplifying the versatility of polyurethanes in many different applica...
(read more)
Dow Polyurethanes - Molded Foam Solutions

See below for our variety of options for molded foam


A unique combination of high modified MDI content, available carbodiimide, and liquid state allows ease of handling, ease of processing and maintenance of high physical properties under strenuous wear and environmental conditions

PAPI™ 901

Designed for uses where high... (read more)

Dow Polyurethanes - Making Appliances More Efficient

With soaring energy prices, manufacturers are looking for ways to meet consumer expectations as well as new energy regulations. Dow Polyurethanes offers a wide range of products that can help appliance manufacturers increase insulating properties and energy efficiency. Dow Polyurethanes provides polyols, isocyanates and formulated PU systems for household and commercial refrigerators, fr... (read more)

Dow Polyurethanes - Solutions That Will Make Your Products Stick

Versatile Solutions that Will Make Your Products Stick

Let our broad, versatile polyurethane product portfolio enable you to develop adhesives that stick to all kinds of surfaces, and develop solutions that will make your customers "stick" with you. (read more)

Dow Polyurethanes - VORALAST

VORALAST* Polyurethane Components for expanded microcellular foam, both ester and ether, are used for any type of footwear soling, from leisure to sport. (read more)

Dow Polyurethanes - ENFORCER Sport System for Artificial Turf

Dow’s new ENFORCER™ Sport polyurethane backing system enables turf producers to increase yarn yield and consume less energy during production, while maintaining line speed and productivity. Turf field owners benefit from the system with less thermal stress resulting in an improvement of yarn durability. Tufters utilizing the new system can process polyurethane on existing equ... (read more)

Dow Polyurethanes - VORATRON™ Electrical Encapsulation Systems

In an increasingly wired and connected world, a stable, reliable flow of electricity is needed to power our homes, our businesses, our technology and our lives. Dow VORATRON™ Electrical Encapsulation Systems for power transmission and distribution equipment protect and insulate electrical devices, circuitry and components in highly demanding applications – helping to boost pr... (read more)

Dow Polyurethanes - VORATHERM™ Polyisocyanurate

Market requirements are changing and so should your rigid panel insulation. VORATHERM™ Polyisocyanurate offers excellent insulation properties and is available with different fire-performance levels that can help you achieve a wide range of fire and insulation certifications fast and reliably. (read more)

Dow Polyurethanes - High Functionality Polyols for CASE Applications

VORANOL™ - high functionality specialty polyols for cross-linking in coating, adhesive and elastomer applications. (read more)

Dow Polyurethanes - HYPOL

HYPOL* Hydrophilic Polyurethane Prepolymers are unique reactive liquids characterized by high hydrophilicity and are suitable for the manufacture of foams, gels, coatings and elastomers. (read more)

Dow Polyurethanes - DIPRANE™

DIPRANE™ Polyurethane Elastomers are offered in a range of quasi and full prepolymer systems. DIPRANE Polyurethane Elastomers enable engineers and processors an opportunity to utilize the versatility of polyurethane chemistry. (read more)

Dow Polyurethanes - Powerful Polyurethane Solutions for Electronics

Dow provides powerful solutions for a wide range of electronic and electrical applications, backed by the consistency and reliability that are crucial in this competitive industry. It starts with our strong commitment to quality control, helping provide greater assurance of product purity.

With a deep understanding of polyurethane chemistry, we offer a broad and versatile portfoli... (read more)

Dow Polyurethanes - Polyurethane Insulation for Efficient Buildings

The changing needs of the building industry are driving demand for construction materials that contribute to the energy efficiency of buildings, help reduce their carbon footprints, and meet more stringent fire performance regulations. Metal panels insulated with Dow VORATHERM™ polyisocyanurate and VORACOR™ polyurethane systems for insulated panels and boards bring excellent... (read more)

Dow Polyurethanes - VORASIL™ Silane Modified Polymer

VORASIL™ Silane Modified Polymers are a family of moisture-curable hybrid polymers comprised of polyurethane backbone and silane end groups. When using VORASIL Silane Modified Polymers, adhesive and sealant manufacturers can change backbones to achieve different targeted performance results – and achieve silicone-like performance without the high-end silicone cost.

VOR... (read more)

Dow Polyurethanes - Achieve Wide Hardness Range with Single PU System

The HYPERLAST™ 301 polyurethane system delivers improved mechanical properties and dynamic performance compared to regular PPG-based elastomers while achieving superior processing. Available for sampling, the HYPERLAST 301 system demonstrates good stress-strain properties, excellent tear strength and outstanding abrasion resistance. These performance enhancements, in addition to pr... (read more)

Dow Polyurethanes - VORANOL™ 425XL Mannich Polyol

Greater Formulating Flexibility with New VORANOL™ 425XL Mannich Polyol.

VORANOL™ 425XL is a low viscosity Mannich polyol that offers exceptional formulating flexibility – enabling production of a wide range of low- to high-density foams. It is autocatalytic, provides superior dimensional stability and strength, and promotes cold surface adhesion. The “L... (read more)

Dow Polyurethanes - ISONATE™ 128 Modified MDI

ISONATE™ 128 Modified MDI for Energy Savings and Productivity Improvement in High Performance Polyurethanes

ISONATE™ 128 Modified MDI is a stable, liquid, two-functional isocyanate that offers energy and cost savings, as well as easier handling for the elastomer and industrial polyurethane markets.

Dow designed ISONATE 128 to balance the need for ease of process... (read more)

Dow Polyurethanes - TRAFFIDECK™ Waterproofing and Anti-Slip Surfacing

TRAFFIDECK™ Waterproofing and Anti-Slip Surfacing Systems provide a combination of ease of use, fast installation and durable performance. Quick cure times allow treated decks to be returned to service within a few hours of coating, offering specifiers and installers a distinct alternative to traditional waterproofing products and methods.

TRAFFIDECK Systems’ features... (read more)

Dow Polyurethanes - VORAPEL™ Moisture and Chemical Repellant Polyols

Protecting pipes and tanks from the effects of water damage can lengthen the lifespan of expensive equipment and extend capital investments. Dow Polyurethanes has created VORAPEL™ Moisture and Chemical Repellant Polyols, a novel new family of hydrophobic polyols for applications that require increased moisture and chemical resistance, including infrastructure, secondary containment... (read more)

Dow Polyurethanes - High-Performance VORASURF™ 504 Surfactant

VORASURF™ 504 Surfactant is a highly efficient, non-silicone organic surfactant that enables enhanced energy efficiency in polyurethane (PUR) and polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam insulation systems. Typical applications for the product include foam core laminate, pour-in-place insulation and spray insulation polyol blends. Compatible with polyester and polyether polyol formulations, VOR... (read more)

Dow Polyurethanes - Insulated Entry and Garage Door Materials

Polyurethane foam used in lightweight insulated entry and garage doors helps reduce energy costs and maintain indoor temperatures.

The versatility of these rigid polyurethane foams, along with its insulation properties, structural strength, and adhesion performance, make it a popular choice for applications where fill is needed for a variety of different-shaped cavities or structu... (read more)

Dow Polyurethanes - Reliable, Accurate Polyurethane Foam Dispensing

Dow Polyurethanes is helping manufacturers increase production of high-performance polyurethane doors while keeping investments low. As demand for new energy and cost-efficient doors increases, Dow is showcasing how the one-of-a-kind DELTA THERM™ Eliminator Dispensing Gun can provide cost effective solutions at IDAExpo 2016, April 27-30, 2016 in Las Vegas.

Compact and lightw... (read more)

Dow Polyurethanes - VORAFORCE™ Composite Systems

Providing an excellent alternative to traditional materials like aluminum, polyester and epoxy, the VORAFORCE™ TP 1200 series polyurethane system from Dow can help fabricators deliver highstrength, corrosion-resistant structural components.

The VORAFORCE TP 1200 series is a formulated blend of VORAFORCE™ TP 1260 polyol and VORAFORCE 1200 isocyanate. Its novel makeup al... (read more)

Dow Polyurethanes - Create Exceptionally Durable Polymer Concrete

Polymer concrete, a composite that uses polymeric resin to bind mineral aggregates such as stone or sand, is becoming an increasingly popular choice in a range of infrastructure applications. Now, the HYPERLAST™ LU 1011/ HYPERLAST™ LP 5046 polyurethane binder system from Dow can enhance polymer concrete durability, flexibility and impact resistance, enabling greater structura... (read more)

Dow Polyurethanes - Coatings for Infrastructure Protection

Dow recently introduced our latest innovations focused on you: VORASTAR™ 7000 polyurethane spray elastomer system and VORASPEC™ 58 toughened epoxy binder. These high-performance solutions blend improved processing and excellent mechanical properties to provide enhanced polyurethane and epoxy surface protection systems for infrastructure used in the harshest environments.

(read more)
Dow Polyurethanes - Tough Enough for the Hardest Conditions

Bridges and roads provide essential connections, and their safety and integrity are vital. Polyurethane sealants are well established in industrial and infrastructure markets. Dow VORAMER™ MN 2314, a partially-formulated, polyurethane prepolymer, is compatible with traditional concrete additives used to create one-component sealants. (read more)

Dow Polyurethanes - Dow Expands Portfolio of MDI-based Products

Four new enhanced product offerings now available for consumer comfort, infrastructure, coatings and adhesive markets (read more)

Dow Polyurethanes - VORASPEC™ 58 Toughened Epoxy Binder

VORASPEC™ 58 Toughened Epoxy Binder: Tougher Protection for Your Formulations (read more)

Dow Polyurethanes - VORATHERM™ Halogen-Free Flame Retardant Technology

VORATHERM™ Halogen-Free Flame Retardant Technology Can Help Enable Top Euroclass Fire Rating

Building on its strength in material science, Dow introduces to the European construction marketplace the unique VORATHERM™ CN 100 series featuring a halogen-free flame retardant technology and up to B-s1, d0 Euroclass fire-rating. By using this polyisocyanurate (... (read more)

Dow Polyurethanes - Dow VORALAST™ Systems: Are You Ready, Boots?

Are You Ready, Boots? Chiruca® Outdoor Shoes Are a Gentle Step Ahead with Dow VORALAST™ Systems (read more)

Dow Polyurethanes - Cutting-edge Composite Solutions from Dow

Dow’s leadership in material science and the unique combination of epoxy and polyurethane chemistry together with the DowAksa joint venture for carbon fiber and derivatives enables efficient fabrication of stronger, lightweight and more durable composites.

Automotive: Mass Reduction for Mass Production

Dow Automotive will be demonstrating its concept of ‘... (read more)

Dow Polyurethanes - VORANOL™ 3010 Conventional Foam

A glycerine-initiated, nominal 3000 molecular weight heteropolymer triol. A BHT-free product that is used in the commercial manufacture of a wide range of flexible polyurethane slabstock foams.


  • A general purpose polyol used worldwide in the commercial manufacture of a wide range of flexible polyurethane slabstock foams. BHTfree.
  • Typically used
(read more)
Dow Polyurethanes - Providing Powerful Polyurethane Solutions

Dow provides powerful solutions for a wide range of electronic and electrical applications, backed by the consistency and reliability that are crucial in this competitive industry. It starts with our strong commitment to quality control, helping provide greater assurance of product purity.

With a deep understanding of polyurethane chemistry, we offer a broad and versatile portfoli... (read more)

Dow Polyurethanes - Choose the Product That’s Right for You

Dow offers a number of basic and high-performance polyols and isocyanates, including TDIs and MDIs for a wide variety of applications, including adhesives, appliances, building and construction, coatings, elastomers, furniture and bedding, packaging and sealants.

This guide offers an easy-to-use tool for comparing product features and benefits. Use it to help you select the option... (read more)

Dow Polyurethanes - High-Performance Polyols and Isocyanates

Consistency and reliability. You get both when you work with Dow Polyurethanes.

It starts with our strong commitment to quality control – helping provide greater assurance of product purity.

But it also comes from a deep dedication to our customers. We understand the challenges you face each day in producing high-quality products while balancing performance, economics... (read more)

Dow Polyurethanes - Coating, Adhesive, Sealant and Elastomer Solutions

As a global leader in polyurethane chemistry and formulated systems, Dow solutions help customers bring a higher level of safety, quality, and productivity into their homes, vehicles and public infrastructure.

We have been helping customers turn inspiration into innovation for more than 65 years with breakthrough chemistry for differentiated products, such as:

(read more)
Dow Polyurethanes - Versatile, Efficient Rigid Foam Solutions

Polyols and isocyanates for construction, packaging and recreation applications.

Reliability, efficiency and versatility – qualities highly valued by today’s rigid foam manufacturers, both in their products and in their supplier relationships. Dow Polyurethanes delivers these and more. With more than 60 years of experience serving the construction, packag... (read more)

Dow Polyurethanes - Building Solutions for Energy Efficiency

Dow Polyurethanes provides a broad portfolio of solutions that help make buildings and homes more comfortable, attractive and energy efficient. We offer conventional and high-performance polyurethanes for adhesives, sealants, paints, and coatings; rigid and flexible foam insulation; interior trim and cushioning solutions, and much more. We also offer environmentally friendly low-VOC and... (read more)